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Natasha let out a low whistle.
Wed Jul 29, 2015 02:06

"She looks pretty tough. As far as advantages go, I think being taller than the net might be a bit of a stretch. Does she have some kind of shrinker to let her get around HQ more easily? And yeah, we need more than two people to make it good."

At his second remark, she snorted. "Yes, I am in fact a woman. And you're not bad looking, but I've seen my share of pretty boys. I'm not going to drool like a fangirl, if that's what you mean. Now, if you're worried about other kinds of advantages..." She shrugged, purposefully showing off her rather undersized bikini. "That's all part of the fun."

((Chakkik's not exactly her type. Not unless he gets a trench coat, a gun, a somewhat lax moral code, and strong paternal instincts, anyways. Natasha has a very specific (arche)type, it just also happens to be a ridiculously common one.

And I know Chakkik doesn't go for women (or humans), but Natasha doesn't, so she's teasing him a bit.))

  • Chakkik grinned savagely.Voyd, Wed Jul 29 01:51
    "I am a fast learner." He cracked his knuckles a few times. "I assume that more participants are required, and I also assume that my partner would present an unfair advantage." He pointed out the... more
    • "Wait, someone say volleyball?"Iximaz, Wed Jul 29 02:06
      Rina approached, dragging a somewhat-reluctant Zeb behind her. "I used to be pretty good at that—at least, my first body was. Not sure about this one, but what better way to find out?" "I've never... more
      • "Sure, no problem."Tira, Wed Jul 29 02:32
        "Always good to get more people. Two on two isn't quite enough to make it really good, though." She paused. "You're... Rina and Zeb, right? I'm Natasha. Nice to meet you."
    • Natasha let out a low whistle. — Anonymous, Wed Jul 29 02:06
      • ((Well...))Voyd, Wed Jul 29 02:12
        ((Eventually, Chakkik's mind develops to appreciate mammalian forms. His own, for instance. He later comes to accept it. This Chakkik is further along in the future.)) Chakkik blinked. "I do not... more
        • Natasha rolled her eyes slightly.Anonymous, Wed Jul 29 02:30
          "What I mean, Mr. Spock, is that if you want to show off for the other team, feel free. And that goes no matter which team you play for," she added. "Who knows, we might get some guys to join up."... more
          • "She is a kraken."Voyd, Wed Jul 29 02:38
            "Her home continuum is Monster Musume . I do believe I know of another agent native to that continuum... and there she is, with her mate." This time, he pointed out Kala. "Regardless, more players... more
            • Re: "She is a kraken."Tira, Wed Jul 29 02:48
              "Yes. That would be what we in the business call a pune, or play on words. " Monster Musume , huh? I've heard of it, but I don't really go for harem comedies. Good on them for hooking up. It's nice... more
              • "Secret of Mana."Voyd, Wed Jul 29 02:52
                "This is not my true shape, though I have grown excessively comfortable with it. I am a duplicate of the Mantis Ant, the first boss. Also, what is a Vulcan? I am afraid that my interests are mostly... more
                • Natasha blinked, dumbfounded.Tira, Wed Jul 29 02:59
                  "Okay, there's 'mostly focused on fantasy' and then there's 'never even heard of Star Trek.'" She shook her head. "Kids these days don't even know the classics. Well, I mean I mostly know because one ... more
                  • "It is a fantasy series by Square Enix."Voyd, Wed Jul 29 03:06
                    "It is similar in style to Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. The game cartridge I called home was annihilated by an improperly performed glitch. I am the only survivor of that iteration of the World... more
                    • "Ah."Tira, Wed Jul 29 03:16
                      "Rough luck, there. At least you made it out okay. I'm from a badfic, personally. Fate/Zero, which I doubt is in your wheelhouse. Not even the group who recruited me knew anything about it. "Acid... more
                      • "Got a question."Iximaz, Wed Jul 29 10:41
                        Rina raised her hand. "What about abilities we can't control? I've got better reflexes than a human, and I haven't figured out how to shut that down yet." "You can do that?" Zeb asked, surprised.... more
                        • "Meh, that's probably fine."Tira, Wed Jul 29 11:14
                          "Not everyone here is human, after all. Pretty much anything short of acid breath is good, as far as I'm concerned."
                          • Chakkik looked around.Voyd, Wed Jul 29 12:06
                            "Are there any other potential players in the immediate vicinity?" He held up a hand to shield his eyes from the sun. "Hmm... one would think that this search would be simple. This place is populated ... more
                            • Natalie saw Chakikk and hailed him...Silenthunder, Thu Jul 30 07:57
                              …walking over with a smile on her face. "Hey, Chak!" She lowered her voice. "Look, I know we started off on the wrong foot, but maybe we could make it up a little by some friendly competition? I'm... more
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