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Re: "She is a kraken."
Wed Jul 29, 2015 02:48

"Yes. That would be what we in the business call a pune, or play on words.

"Monster Musume, huh? I've heard of it, but I don't really go for harem comedies. Good on them for hooking up. It's nice to see things work out for people.

"What about you, in terms of home continuum? I'm getting a bit of a Vulcan vibe, but you don't have the ears for it."

  • "She is a kraken."Voyd, Wed Jul 29 02:38
    "Her home continuum is Monster Musume . I do believe I know of another agent native to that continuum... and there she is, with her mate." This time, he pointed out Kala. "Regardless, more players... more
    • Re: "She is a kraken." — Tira, Wed Jul 29 02:48
      • "Secret of Mana."Voyd, Wed Jul 29 02:52
        "This is not my true shape, though I have grown excessively comfortable with it. I am a duplicate of the Mantis Ant, the first boss. Also, what is a Vulcan? I am afraid that my interests are mostly... more
        • Natasha blinked, dumbfounded.Tira, Wed Jul 29 02:59
          "Okay, there's 'mostly focused on fantasy' and then there's 'never even heard of Star Trek.'" She shook her head. "Kids these days don't even know the classics. Well, I mean I mostly know because one ... more
          • "It is a fantasy series by Square Enix."Voyd, Wed Jul 29 03:06
            "It is similar in style to Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. The game cartridge I called home was annihilated by an improperly performed glitch. I am the only survivor of that iteration of the World... more
            • "Ah."Tira, Wed Jul 29 03:16
              "Rough luck, there. At least you made it out okay. I'm from a badfic, personally. Fate/Zero, which I doubt is in your wheelhouse. Not even the group who recruited me knew anything about it. "Acid... more
              • "Got a question."Iximaz, Wed Jul 29 10:41
                Rina raised her hand. "What about abilities we can't control? I've got better reflexes than a human, and I haven't figured out how to shut that down yet." "You can do that?" Zeb asked, surprised.... more
                • "Meh, that's probably fine."Tira, Wed Jul 29 11:14
                  "Not everyone here is human, after all. Pretty much anything short of acid breath is good, as far as I'm concerned."
                  • Chakkik looked around.Voyd, Wed Jul 29 12:06
                    "Are there any other potential players in the immediate vicinity?" He held up a hand to shield his eyes from the sun. "Hmm... one would think that this search would be simple. This place is populated ... more
                    • Natalie saw Chakikk and hailed him...Silenthunder, Thu Jul 30 07:57
                      …walking over with a smile on her face. "Hey, Chak!" She lowered her voice. "Look, I know we started off on the wrong foot, but maybe we could make it up a little by some friendly competition? I'm... more
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