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A very wet and very cross-looking Sphinx appeared.
Thu Jul 30, 2015 10:30

She was holding her umbrella in her teeth, her soaked clay tablet under one of her wings. She put the umbrella down behind the two agents, shook the water out of her fur like an animal, and sat down next to them, pouting.

"I thought you could use some shade," she said. "I'd dry myself off, but I'm not an outdoors person. I heard you mentioned something along the lines of magic, and I was interested, so here I am."

  • "We're joining!"Matt Cipher, Wed Jul 29 11:57
    VJ declared to her partner, as she was pulling him towards the people who were gathering. "Never thought of you playing volleybay," William said, slipping from the girl's grasp. "Who said anything... more
    • A very wet and very cross-looking Sphinx appeared. — SkarmorySilver, Thu Jul 30 10:30
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