The kraken looked at Whitney...
Thu Jul 30, 2015 13:56

... and fearfully let go of Backslash. "Eep! I'm sorry! Scary lady!" Stephanie's eyes began to water, and she instinctively reached for a nearby source of comfort... which just so happened to be Cupid.

((Threats of violence scare the poor girl. If it's persistent, she starts crying.))

  • Everyone stared at Steph and Backslash.SkarmorySilver, Thu Jul 30 13:07
    Sarah facepalmed, Cupid had a look of utmost betrayal on his face, and Whitney's expression looked a little TOO calm. Backslash ended up getting a face full of marshmallow hell, his only response... more
    • The kraken looked at Whitney... — Voyd, Thu Jul 30 13:56
      • Sarah and Cupid both glared at Whitney...SkarmorySilver , Thu Jul 30 20:58
        ...who instantly dropped her Header, looking embarrassed and ashamed. "I'm so sorry," she said, raising her hands in a gesture of surrender. "I jumped to conclusions there. It won't happen again."... more
        • Stephanie nodded and relaxed.Voyd, Thu Jul 30 21:58
          "I do like hugging people... but not scary people..." She started to tense up again, but Cupid's attention calmed her. "Mmm... that feels nice... not niiice nice, but..." She started leaning more... more
          • Cupid rubbed his forehead with an embarrassed laugh.SkarmorySilver , Thu Jul 30 22:46
            "She's always like this, isnít she?" He asked, at which Sarah merely shrugged. "Do you want me to wake her up?" asked Backslash. "I'd rather not, to be honest," said Whitney. "Youíve already made her ... more
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