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"Oh, we take payment in anything!" Wobbles said.
Thu Jul 30, 2015 18:34

"Shiny things, interesting stuff, books, Suvian artifacts. Tech has to go to my driver because, ehe, I can't touch it, but we take that too! Doesn't matter though, because I gotta make ice-cream sammiches!" The clown dropped down from the roof and there was the distinct sound of a pulley arrangement being prodded into life. A small hatch opened, its accompanying ping belying its provenance as a repurposed microwave door, and Wobbles hopped back into view, wielding the ice-cream sandwiches, both of which sported a flake sticking out of one side.

"Pay whatever you think it's worth!"

  • A man and a woman...SeaTurtle, Thu Jul 30 16:53
    ...approached the ice cream van. The man was tall, blond, and dressed in black board shorts and flip-flops. A red towel was slung over his shoulder. The woman wore a long light blue sundress and... more
    • "Oh, we take payment in anything!" Wobbles said. — Scapegrace, Thu Jul 30 18:34
      • "Well, let's see..."SeaTurtle, Thu Jul 30 22:57
        Harris dumped the meager contents of his wallet into the palm of his hand and started sifting through assorted pieces of currency with a finger. "Two Danish kroner... a pure silver... more
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