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They were soon joined by a few more people. And a T. rex.
Fri Jul 31, 2015 10:00

(Continued from these three posts.)

The vampire (who was carrying a black parasol and still giving the demon girl a rather cross look every once in a while) was relating a story to the rainbow-haired boy and the blue-haired girl about how he and his partner had tried to hijack the War Rig that the Furiosa replacement had been driving. They'd gotten to the point where they'd blown up the canyon when Lapis noticed the others for the first time.

"A fellow Pokemon trainer!" she cried, before rushing over to the group. "And an angel as well! Hey, hey!"

Rayner watched her go. "Nice to see she's making new friends," he said.

"I thought it was just the two of them," said E.V.L. "And her partners are busy elsewhere. But maybe that could change out here soon enough."

Meanwhile, Miguel had reached Suta by this point, who was still looming over the volleyball field. She looked down at the little human and asked, "Hey there! You playing as well?"

  • "Me! Me!" Miguel called, running towards the net.eatpraylove, Thu Jul 30 23:53
    He hadn't exactly gotten a chance to play volleyball, but he knew he loved the beach, and no anime beach trip was complete without at least one game. Chris, Ami, and Violet struggled to keep up... more
    • They were soon joined by a few more people. And a T. rex. — SkarmorySilver, Fri Jul 31 10:00
      • "Holy crap, you're tall..."eatpraylove, Sun Aug 2 15:10
        "I mean, yeah, my partners"--he indicated Chris, Ami, and Violet--"and I want to enter the tournament. I'm Miguel, by the way. The guy in the hat is Chris, the unicorn is Ami, and the angel is... more
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