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The Reader frowned, tugging lightly at the hem of...
Fri Jul 31, 2015 13:15

...her white t-shirt and staring at the water.

It wasn't that she'd never been on a beach before. Gallifrey had had them before the Time War; so did badfics. But she'd never been to one for leisure time in this regeneration, much less in her previous one, and she hadn't been much of one for beaches in her first regeneration.

Well, she decided, she was just going to have to operate off what she knew, and watch what the other agents did, and try to ignore that the last time she had swum for pleasure it had been Lan who pulled her in--

  • Valon blinked a few times. "Um... Kala? Darling? Care to explain why I'm in trunks, under a parasol, and on a pristine anime beach? The last thing I remember was you trying on..." He turned to his... more
    • Little late, butCaddy-Shack, Mon Aug 3 00:28
      Next to the lapping waves on the beach, a trio of large beach umbrellas are planted firmly into the ground, angled together so as to provide a wide area of shade. Under the combined canopy, Maria... more
    • The Reader frowned, tugging lightly at the hem of... — DawnFire, Fri Jul 31 13:15
      • "Noyance, you're not wearing that."SeaTurtle, Fri Jul 31 13:46
        The Guardsman looked down at his clothing. "What? It's not inappropriate or anything. Shorts, shirt, webbing, equipment-- what's wrong?" He idly twiddled with his laser screwdriver. "I have the right ... more
        • The Reader stared after her, frowning.DawnFire, Fri Jul 31 13:56
          "...Naya?" Yes, that was definitely Naya. The mental presence--what she had caught of it, anyway--was right. She must be in disguise. Slowly, the Reader grinned. "Naya!" she called, and ran after the ... more
          • "Bwuh?"SeaTurtle, Fri Jul 31 14:06
            Naya tried to turn around mid-sprint to look at her interlocutor but only succeeded in tripping over her own legs. She fell flat on her face mere centimetres away from the water. Before she could... more
            • ...she couldn't quite contain her smile. "Hi. You, uh, you're...Time Lord today? Human? Something?" Don't tell her she looks nice wet. Don't tell she looks nice wet... "You, er, you look--you look... more
              • "Yeah. Moron doesn't know when to stop working."SeaTurtle, Fri Jul 31 15:30
                Naya glared at her partner, who was busy deploying the solar panels and hooking up power cords to machinery inside his RC though the portal. "Look at him: he's shoved all of his tools in his... more
                • "Er," the Reader said.DawnFire, Sun Aug 2 10:29
                  Her eyes had widened when Naya mentioned that her face was, well, her face, but now she blinked and tried to stop staring. "Well, er, I mean--No? Yes? Maybe? Rassilon's nonexistent beard." She... more
                  • Naya's grin widened. SeaTurtle, Sun Aug 2 10:39
                    "I'm... what exactly? Very, very pretty?" she suggested, flipping her hair over her shoulder. "I know. I usually have that effect on people. Now, that being said..." Naya looked at the Reader. "You... more
                    • The Reader's blush deepened.DawnFire, Sun Aug 2 10:42
                      "I--er--thank you." She smiled at Naya's feet, then realized that was ridiculous and looked up at her face. At her true face. "And...yes, you are. You--you're beautiful, Naya."
                      • "Damn right I am," said the disguised quarian.SeaTurtle, Sun Aug 2 11:01
                        "So, did you come here alone? Where's Kozar?" asked Naya. "Is he stomping around this beach somewhere? 'Cause I have a really hard time imagining him relaxing. From the little I've seen of him, he's... more
                        • The Reader smiled slowly, her blush fading.DawnFire, Tue Aug 4 12:46
                          "Kozar's sitting somewhere, I think," she said. "Probably with sand in his armor by now--he wouldn't take it off. He's probably hoping for an invasion of some sort. As for the water--" Her smile... more
                          • "Let's go," said Naya. SeaTurtle, Tue Aug 4 22:37
                            "But, um... Not any further than a few metres from shore. I can't actually swim, see. A lifetime of living on a spaceship does that to people." Naya took a few steps towards the water and let the... more
                            • "Emiran! Emiranlanoamar!"Iximaz, Wed Aug 5 21:24
                              Rina came sprinting up to the Guardsman and threw her arms around his waist. "Hi! I didn't expect to see you here!" She peeled her face away from the other Time Lord's chest to grin at Terabyte. "Hi, ... more
                              • The Guardsman stumbled backwards...SeaTurtle, Thu Aug 6 15:35
                                ...windmilling his arms as he tried to simultaneously regain his balance and not fall on his solar panel array. "Dives! How many times have I told you-- no flying tackleglomps! Come on! I was working ... more
                                • "Oops, sorry."Iximaz, Thu Aug 6 15:53
                                  Rina took a step backwards, looking sheepish. "Good to see you too, Emiran, and no, I've not been working any harder than the Flowers make me--" At TB's announcement, she whipped around to stare at... more
                                  • "Well, it's complicated," said the Guardsman.SeaTurtle, Thu Aug 6 17:47
                                    "It received two major upgrades in its home continuum. One upgrade gave it true sentience and individuality, the other gave it the essence of life or something. TB wants to check the data it's... more
                                    • "That's, um, that's interesting."Iximaz, Thu Aug 6 18:00
                                      Rina kept glancing out at the water curiously. "So, Naya and the Reader," she murmured. "Never would've guessed..." She shook her head and focused on the Guardsman. "So, you're out here too, huh?... more
                                      • "The sun is really nice."SeaTurtle, Thu Aug 6 19:06
                                        "It sure beats having your jaw broken by your own foot which had been ripped off by a warrior!Sue. Good god, she was about this high," he raised a hand up to his midriff, "and was as strong as an... more
                                        • She swallowed several times, trying to find the right words. "Are--are you okay? Are you sure you don't need to go back to Medical? I mean, if you're pulling... stuff--" She winced. "--out of your... more
                                          • "Nah, I'm good."SeaTurtle, Thu Aug 6 19:51
                                            "Trust me, it'll take a lot more to finish me off than a boot in my teeth. Medical has a Medi Gun that can heal pretty much anything that isn't death-- and even then." He picked at his teeth some... more
                                            • "If you say so..."Iximaz, Thu Aug 6 19:53
                                              Rina shuddered. "Anyway, other than the teeth thing, how've you been? I've been doing alright, I guess." Surreptitiously, she tugged the sleeve of her swimsuit further down her arm.
                                              • "Feelin' fine."SeaTurtle, Thu Aug 6 20:00
                                                "Same old, same old. Like me!" he said, smiling. "After I finish testing that solar power thing, I wouldn't mind sitting on the beach like that guy over there and just relaxing," he said, pointing at ... more
                                                • "Oh, he's in disguise."Iximaz, Thu Aug 6 20:03
                                                  Rina turned and pointed up the beach, where a handsome young man was splashing in the waves. "That's him." She smiled. "It's nice to see him having fun."
                                                  • "So I see."SeaTurtle, Thu Aug 6 20:09
                                                    "I should talk to him: I haven't got much time face-to-face with him-- and he's your partner! I should fix that." He turned back to Rina. "D'you think he'd mind terribly if I went over there and... more
                                                    • "Yeah, let's go say hi!"Iximaz, Thu Aug 6 20:14
                                                      Rina grabbed the Guardsman's hand and began pulling him across the beach. "Zeb! Zeb, c'mon! There's someone I want you to meet!"
                                                      • ...under his breath as Rina towed him along. "You could've just pointed and we would've walked over there but no, it had to be hand-pulling. Of course."
                                                        • "Sorry," she said, not sounding very apologetic. Zeb noticed them and came bounding out of the waves to meet them. "Hey, Rina, what's up?" he asked, shaking his head to get the water out of his ears. ... more
                                                          • "Yessir, yet another Gallifreyan in HQ."SeaTurtle, Fri Aug 7 07:33
                                                            "If we keep falling into HQ at this rate, half of the planet is going to be here before next the season is over! Anyways, I'm Emiranlanoamar. If you want to avoid pronouncing the vowel soup, just... more
                                                            • Zeb grinned.Iximaz, Fri Aug 7 11:29
                                                              "Ooh, yeah, Rina's told me a lot about you!" he said, holding out a hand. "I'm her partner, Zeb. It's nice to meet you at last, Mister Guardsman." He grinned.
                                                              • The Guardsman shook the offered hand.SeaTurtle, Fri Aug 7 14:13
                                                                "Pleased to meet you, sir. Rina has also told me a lot about you too: you're one of those Pokey-men, right? Like an electric lion thing. A... Luxury? Laxray? Sorry, I'm rubbish at taxonomy. Mechanics ... more
                                                                • Zeb nodded eagerly.Iximaz, Fri Aug 7 14:18
                                                                  "A Luxray, sir. Um..." He looked around for the bag he'd brought, which was sitting further up the beach with their towels. "One moment." He darted over, grabbed the D.O.R.K.S., dropped his disguise, ... more
                            • ...into the water. "I've never tried it in this regeneration, and I didn't do it much in my others. I think I can keep my head above water, maybe." She shrugged. "Staying close to the shore sounds... more
                              • "Yup. Let's do that."SeaTurtle, Wed Aug 5 20:59
                                The disguised quarian was thigh-deep in water now. "Man, I wish I could swim. I would try to get lessons or something but apparently the HQ pool is and isn't a thing at the same time." After a little ... more
                                • "Flying, huh?"DawnFire, Fri Aug 7 23:29
                                  Tentatively, the Reader slipped into the water. "Oh, it's nice. Warm." She pushed off, attempting to swim, and got a face full of water and her own hair for her trouble. She promptly stood up,... more
                                  • "Um, hey, guys?"Iximaz, Fri Aug 7 23:48
                                    Rina waded out to meet Naya and the Reader; the water barely came up to her waist. She looked down and trailed her fingers through the water. "Hi, Reader. Naya. Emiran wants me to tell you to not get ... more
                                    • "Is he still worried about that?" said Naya.SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 00:04
                                      "Tell him that he's a big worrywart and that I'm a grown lady. I'm fine." Naya emphasized the point by sculling around for a bit. "It's gonna take a lot more than a wave to pull me under. Besides,... more
                                      • The Reader...DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 00:18
                                        ...stilled momentarily at the contact, and went somewhat pink in the face as she draped her own arm over Naya's shoulders. "That's right, I will. I can use my respiratory bypass if it comes down to... more
                                        • Rina looked at the two women and grinned.Iximaz, Sat Aug 8 00:26
                                          "I'll make sure to let him know." She shook her head. "Honestly, the water's barely shallow enough to wade in, I don't know what his problem is..." She pushed off and began swimming into deeper... more
                                          • Naya waved goodbye.SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 15:37
                                            "She speaks the truth!" exclaimed the quarian, continuing to bob in the waves. "I am in shallow water. Emiran is making a fuss over absolutely nothing again." Almost immediately as she said that, a... more
                                            • "Nay--Naya?"DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 15:57
                                              The Reader stared after her, horrified. "*Naya*!" The Time Lady dove after her, switching to the respiratory bypass after about two seconds. Unfortunately, between the current dragging Naya away and... more
                                              • On the beach... SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 16:23
                                                ...the Guardsman swore explosively as Naya, then the Reader were pulled underwater. "Terabyte!" he yelled. "They've gone under! Portal, now!" From inside the RC, the geth pointed its Omni-tool onto... more
                                                • The Reader recovered first.DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 16:35
                                                  "Naya," she coughed, and rolled to her knees. "Naya?" Please be alright, pleasepleasebealright, cone on, say something, breathe, blink, anything-- She leaned over the quarian, trying not to give in... more
                                                  • "I got Naya. TB, take care of the Reader."SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 18:43
                                                    The Guardsman and TB slid next to the two women. Terabyte put a hand on the Reader's shoulders. " Ma'am, please let Emiranlanoamar take over. He is trained in first aid, " said the geth agent.... more
                                                    • ...but now she stepped forward quickly to hover by Naya and the Guardsman. "Naya--Naya, you, you're alright now?" She reached out to place a trembling hand on the quarian's shoulder. Both of them... more
                                                      • Naya loosened her grip around the Guardsman...SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 22:56
                                                        ...enough to turn her head to look at the Reader. "Yeah, 'm fine," she mumbled. "You... you went in for me. I saw you." She reached back and touched the Reader's hand. "Don't ever do that again. You... more
                                                        • The Reader shook her head...DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 23:37
                                                          ...and wrapped her fingers around Naya's. "You can't expect me not to try to save you," she pointed out, as mildly as she could manage. "And anyway, I've got the respiratory bypass. I'm a bit harder... more
                                                          • At her words...SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 23:57
                                                            ...Naya slowly let go of the Guardsman and stared at the Reader in shock. She then wordlessly leaned over and held the Reader tightly, resting her head on the Time Lady's shoulder. "Reader..." she... more
                                                            • Slowly, she shook her head. "Since--since somewhere along the way, I'm not entirely sure. I just--" She swallowed hard, and pressed her face against Naya's hair for several moments. "It's there, and... more
                                                              • "No."SeaTurtle, Sun Aug 9 00:35
                                                                "No, don't say that I don't feel that way," said Naya. "Reader... I like you. A lot. Hell, I think I might even love you. I don't know. I'm just..." She sighed. "Thanks. I'm glad you're watching my... more
    • This was the life: blue skies, hot sun, plenty of sand, and no Sue to chase through any of it. There was even water; she had gleefully splashed in up to her knees, and then splashed back out in... more
      • Someone poked Dawn's arm.Desdendelle, Fri Jul 31 13:16
        “Shakhar Shakhar Shakhar wake up there’s ice-cream,” Des said in his best small child voice. “Seriously, we’re in the beach (which I really hate but whatever), let’s go have fun! There’s time to doze ... more
        • Dawn yawned and opened her eyes.DawnFire, Fri Jul 31 13:28
          "H'lo," she said, smiling and reaching up to bat at his hand. "Ice cream, huh? This place really does have everything." Her smile became a grin. "Even you, apparently. Help me up?" She tangled their... more
          • “Of course.”Desdendelle, Fri Jul 31 13:32
            Des gently helped Dawn up. “I’m kinda excited, to be honest. Never had proper ice cream in ages. Wonder who’s running the parlour?” He smiled at her and pointed at the van. “Man, this sure brings... more
            • ...her towel and shake it out. "It looks a tiny bit like the ones that always stopped outside my middle school, actually. that a clown in the window? We have clowns in the PPC?"
              • “Yes, yes we do.”Desdendelle, Fri Jul 31 13:43
                He offered her his hand. “Come, let us get delicious ice-cream. Tea-flavoured ice-cream!”
                • Dawn laughed, and took it.DawnFire, Fri Jul 31 13:46
                  "Tea-flavored ice cream? You're obsessed. You're completely obsessed. Although actually," she added as they began to walk, "I have had green tea ice cream several times. It was delicious. So you may... more
                  • Des laughed happily.Desdendelle, Fri Jul 31 13:54
                    “I was actually joking,” he said. “I might like tea but I’m not the Librarian. I was actually looking forward for a nice Solero for a change. Haven’t had one in forever and a day.”
                    • Dawn's smile was bright and happy.DawnFire, Fri Jul 31 14:01
                      "I have no clue what you're talking about, but that sounds awesome. Oh! Maybe they have those watermelon popsicle things! I loved those as a kid. I hope they've got them." She frowned suddenly.... more
                      • “The Librarian is obsessive.”Desdendelle, Tue Aug 4 10:54
                        Des snorted. “He’s got this riddle he wastes way too much time on.” He chuckled. “He’s got nothing to do with ice-cream, tea-flavoured or otherwise, although green tea-flavoured ice-cream is a Thing, ... more
                        • "Ah," Dawn said.DawnFire, Tue Aug 4 11:02
                          She grinned. "And it is a Thing. A delicious Thing. When it's done properly, anyway--the best version I've had was more of a sherbet. Sorbet. Whatever it is, I can never remember which one is the... more
                          • “Sorbet,” Des said.Desdendelle, Tue Aug 4 11:18
                            “I’d think that the proper way would be with no sugar. Like tea and unlike you — you’re the sweetest thing around.” He grinned widely.
                            • She swung their linked hands back and forth. "Funnily enough," she said, "I agree with you this time. The best version I've had wasn't very sweet. Although," she added, letting go of her braid to... more
                              • Des chuckled.Desdendelle, Tue Aug 4 11:36
                                “Now ‘scuse me while I go fish my mind outta the gutter, love,” he said.
                                • Dawn blinked at him. "Gutter?"DawnFire, Tue Aug 4 11:40
                                  She thought for a minute, and then slowly went red again. "Well, alright, then," she said finally. "Better than cannibalism, at any rate."
                                  • Des blinked.Desdendelle, Tue Aug 4 11:41
                                    “... Let’s find something else to talk about, shall we?” he asked. “This is getting awkward real fast.”
                                    • Dawn laughed. "Just a little."DawnFire, Tue Aug 4 11:45
                                      "Something else, something Tea? The queue? What we had for breakfast, assuming you actually had breakfast and I can remember when breakfast was? I don't know, I--I'm a little stuck on the... more
                                      • “Oh, I know the feeling.”Desdendelle, Tue Aug 4 12:13
                                        Des chuckled. “It’s like when someone tells you to not thing about pink elephants. Hm, pink elephants…” He started to hum.
                                        • Dawn raised both eyebrows at him.DawnFire, Tue Aug 4 12:16
                                          "You know a song about pink elephants? Really?"
                                          • “Of course!”Desdendelle, Tue Aug 4 12:19
                                            He started singing under his breath: “Pilim vrudim, pilim vrudim betahaluka…”
                                            • "Huh."DawnFire, Tue Aug 4 12:34
                                              Dawn shrugged. "I don't know that one. Might have to learn it for the next time a Suefic mentions something along the lines of 'don't think of pink elephants'...though mainly this is just reminding... more
                                              • “Oh well.”Desdendelle, Tue Aug 4 12:41
                                                Des shrugged. “Wonder what’s — wait, why aren’t we at the queue?” He blinked. “Looks like we might have wandered away, eheh.”
                                                • Dawn looked around, blinked, and snickered.DawnFire, Tue Aug 4 12:48
                                                  "I guess we have. It doesn't seem to have grown, though, so nothing's lost. To the queue?"
                                                  • Des chuckled.Desdendelle, Tue Aug 4 12:57
                                                    “Would milady do me the honour?” he asked, mock-seriously, and waved imperiously at the ice-cream van.
                                                    • Dawn grinned.DawnFire, Tue Aug 4 13:07
                                                      "But of course, milord," she said, and offered her arm. "If milord so pleases?"
                                                      • Des snorted.Desdendelle, Tue Aug 4 13:13
                                                        “Milord?” He took Dawn’s hand and walked with her back to the queue. “Pf, me, a lord? Preposterous. My dad’s a humble high-tech worker and my mom’s a student. About as common an ancestry as there is. ... more
                                                        • Dawn shrugged.DawnFire, Tue Aug 4 13:18
                                                          "My parents are a teacher-writer and a photographer. Doesn't mean I can't be a lady. Just the...recently ennobled sort, I suppose." She grinned. "I've even got the Emelan-style dresses to go with the ... more
    • Suddenly, there was a sound!Scapegrace, Wed Jul 29 19:31
      A sound known across the multiverse. The sound of summer. The sound you spent all those long, sunny days waiting, begging to hear. This sound. The ice cream van powered onto the sand as if the driver ... more
      • Two people approached the van.Desdendelle, Fri Jul 31 14:06
        “It’s this tropical fruit-flavoured ice cream they sell in various places in Israel,” Des was telling Dawn. “You can find it practically everywhere. As to the Librarian, well, he’s obsessed with a... more
        • "Oh, that stuff?"DawnFire, Fri Jul 31 14:09
          Dawn grimaced. "If it's what I'm thinking of, I...don't have a high opinion of it. But that's me. And what do you mean, he never eats ice cream? Really, never? No wonder he's so grouchy."
          • “Well…” Des said.Desdendelle, Fri Jul 31 14:19
            “I’ve never seen him eat any and he didn’t raid the fridge, either. But nevermind that, there is ice-cream to be had! Though, like everything, there’s a queue. Why does it have to involve queues.” He ... more
            • Dawn shrugged, blushing.DawnFire, Fri Jul 31 14:24
              "Queues it is," she said. "At least this one's short, huh? Oh, there should be a queue for badfics," she added, tangling and untangling their fingers as she spoke. "Not one where the badfics queue up ... more
              • Des snorted.Desdendelle, Fri Jul 31 14:27
                “While it might be fun, most badfic won’t be fixed, then.” Des smiled and ruffled Dawn’s hair with his free hand. “It would be awesome, no doubt, but we won’t be doing our jobs.”
                • "Nonono," Dawn said.DawnFire, Sun Aug 2 10:05
                  She caught the hand that had ruffled her hair, and leaned in for a quick kiss before she continued talking. "That's not what I meant. It's that there would be so many of us that we'd outnumber the... more
                  • [Back in the queue!]Desdendelle, Tue Aug 4 13:21
                    “Sou ka.” Des rubbed his chin with his free hand. “I hate dressing up. It’s, by rule, uncomfortable. ‘sides, I look silly in formal dress. I much prefer my coat.”
                    • Dawn grinned, and patted his shoulder.DawnFire, Tue Aug 4 13:23
                      "It's a nice coat. But you always look nice."
                      • Des smiled, a bit embarrassed.Desdendelle, Tue Aug 4 13:26
                        “You too. You look wonderful. You make my heart race every time I see you.” He covered his mouth with a hand, then giggled. “Look at me, spewing clichés like a broken hose.”
                        • Dawn grinned at him.DawnFire, Wed Aug 5 16:36
                          "Want me to spout a couple, even things out?" she asked. "I'm sure I could think of some. You make me think in cliches sometimes."
                          • “Oh yes.”Desdendelle, Wed Aug 5 16:38
                            Des chuckled. “By all means. My ego needs to get bigger. Wait, was that sarcastic or not? No? Yes? Ahh Shakhar help I confuse myself. Help help I’m being repressed.” He waved his free hand around.
                            • ...putting her arms around his neck. "Well, then. You make my heart skip a beat. I could get lost in your eyes--frequently do. In a room full of people, I only see you." She began grinning... more
                              • For a moment, Des kept a straight face.Desdendelle, Wed Aug 5 17:16
                                Then he burst out laughing. He laughed and laughed and laughed until his sides hurt and tears were streaming from his eyes. “Oh, Shakhar, you’re simply wonderful .”
                                • Dawn grinned, her cheeks going red.DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 11:18
                                  "Th-thanks," she said. "Glad I amuse you." She hesitated, then wiped away some of the tears of laughter. Her other arm stayed where it was.
                                  • Des blushed.Desdendelle, Sat Aug 8 11:21
                                    Well, no, ‘blushed’ is an understatement. His face turned red and so did his ears. He stared at Dawn, his mouth slightly open.
                                    • Dawn's grin faded slowly.DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 11:33
                                      She swallowed and stared back, her face going even redder.
                                      • Des seemed to be in shock.Desdendelle, Sat Aug 8 11:36
                                        He leaned in just this little bit, blushing even harder.
                                        • Dawn's blush deepened.DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 11:55
                                          Trying to quash a small, nervous smile, she leaned in as well, slowly moving close enough that they were breathing the same air and their view of each others' eyes began to blur.
                                          • Des froze.Desdendelle, Sat Aug 8 11:57
                                            For a moment, anyway; he gave a barely-perceptible shrug and leaned further, planting his lips on Dawn’s.
                                            • Dawn froze for a moment as well...DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 12:11
                                              ...and then relaxed. She let her eyes close as the kiss continued, tentatively resting one hand lightly against the side of Des' neck.
                                              • Des broke the kiss...Desdendelle, Sat Aug 8 12:13
                                                … after what seemed like infinity to him, though it was but a short moment. “Wow,” was all he managed afterwards.
                                                • Dawn smiled dreamily at him.DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 12:16
                                                  "Yeah," she said quietly. "Wow."
                                                  • Slowly, Des raised his hand.Desdendelle, Sat Aug 8 12:29
                                                    He awkwardly ran it through Dawn’s hair. “That was wonderful,” he whispered.
                                                    • Dawn leaned cautiously into the touch.DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 13:00
                                                      "It was," she agreed. Her thumb brushed lightly against his skin. "We--we should do that more often, really."
                                                      • Des smiled widely.Desdendelle, Sat Aug 8 13:01
                                                        “Oh, yes. Oh, most definitely yes,” he said. “That was awesome. Just like you are.”
                                                        • ...smiled back. "You're pretty good with the compliments. I think I'll keep you." She paused, and went completely red. "I mean--um--"
                                                          • Des chuckled.Desdendelle, Sat Aug 8 13:19
                                                            “That’s it, I’m taking you home with me,” he said with a chuckle. “You’re so lovely and cute and awesome I must have you.”
                                                            • Dawn laughed, blushing harder.DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 14:23
                                                              "Aw, shucks," she managed. "I'm not--you're--" She shook her head and leaned in to kiss him again, her movements careful and a little nervous. "That's cute," she said when her mouth was free again.... more
                                                              • Des grinned like an idiot.Desdendelle, Sat Aug 8 14:26
                                                                “‘s weird, y’know,” he murmured after a while. “Nobody said anything.” He leaned in for another kiss.
      • A man and a woman...SeaTurtle, Thu Jul 30 16:53
        ...approached the ice cream van. The man was tall, blond, and dressed in black board shorts and flip-flops. A red towel was slung over his shoulder. The woman wore a long light blue sundress and... more
        • "Oh, we take payment in anything!" Wobbles said.Scapegrace, Thu Jul 30 18:34
          "Shiny things, interesting stuff, books, Suvian artifacts. Tech has to go to my driver because, ehe, I can't touch it, but we take that too! Doesn't matter though, because I gotta make ice-cream... more
          • "Well, let's see..."SeaTurtle, Thu Jul 30 22:57
            Harris dumped the meager contents of his wallet into the palm of his hand and started sifting through assorted pieces of currency with a finger. "Two Danish kroner... a pure silver... more
    • Beach RP Playlist (OOC subthread)Voyd, Wed Jul 29 11:07
      So I was wondering what music would be fitting for this RP. See, I only know three songs about beaches: Pacific Coast Party (Smash Mouth) When the Sun Goes Down (Kenny Chesney and Uncle Kracker) Toes ... more
      • Hm, let's see...Desdendelle, Wed Jul 29 14:07
        - Sand Theme from Heroes of Might and Magic III . - Water Theme from Heroes of Might and Magic III . - Sand Theme from Heroes of Might and Magic V . - Cove Town Theme from Heroes of Might and Magic... more
        • And a few more!SkarmorySilver, Thu Jul 30 10:49
          - Poppin' Planks from Donkey Kong Country Returns - Blowhole Bound from Donkey Kong Country Returns - Aquatic Ambience Returns from Donkey Kong Country Returns ; version from Donkey Kong Country:... more
    • "Badump! PPC Beach Volleyball Tourney!"Tira, Wed Jul 29 01:06
      It had taken Natasha an hour of digging through Headquarters, another half-hour of setup, and judicious application of Reinforcement magic, but she had finally done it. A rather battered-looking... more
      • "Me! Me!" Miguel called, running towards the net.eatpraylove, Thu Jul 30 23:53
        He hadn't exactly gotten a chance to play volleyball, but he knew he loved the beach, and no anime beach trip was complete without at least one game. Chris, Ami, and Violet struggled to keep up... more
        • (Continued from these three posts .) The vampire (who was carrying a black parasol and still giving the demon girl a rather cross look every once in a while) was relating a story to the... more
          • "Holy crap, you're tall..."eatpraylove, Sun Aug 2 15:10
            "I mean, yeah, my partners"--he indicated Chris, Ami, and Violet--"and I want to enter the tournament. I'm Miguel, by the way. The guy in the hat is Chris, the unicorn is Ami, and the angel is... more
      • A great bow wave swept towards the coast...SkarmorySilver, Thu Jul 30 10:25
        ...scattering more than a few bystanders as it erupted out of the waves. It looked like a two-headed sea monster at first, but on closer inspection, it was actually one creature riding on top of... more
      • "We're joining!"Matt Cipher, Wed Jul 29 11:57
        VJ declared to her partner, as she was pulling him towards the people who were gathering. "Never thought of you playing volleybay," William said, slipping from the girl's grasp. "Who said anything... more
        • A very wet and very cross-looking Sphinx appeared.SkarmorySilver, Thu Jul 30 10:30
          She was holding her umbrella in her teeth, her soaked clay tablet under one of her wings. She put the umbrella down behind the two agents, shook the water out of her fur like an animal, and sat down... more
      • Chakkik stepped onto the scene.Voyd, Wed Jul 29 01:20
        He was still wearing only his breeches, though they'd been cut off below the knee. "What is this? Some form of ritual?" ((The only games Chakkik has played are of the video variety. League of... more
        • Natasha smirked.Tira, Wed Jul 29 01:37
          "Beach volleyball, kid. It's pretty simple. You've got two teams, and you hit the ball back and forth over the net. If it touches the ground on your side, the other team scores a point. First team to ... more
          • Chakkik grinned savagely.Voyd, Wed Jul 29 01:51
            "I am a fast learner." He cracked his knuckles a few times. "I assume that more participants are required, and I also assume that my partner would present an unfair advantage." He pointed out the... more
            • "Wait, someone say volleyball?"Iximaz, Wed Jul 29 02:06
              Rina approached, dragging a somewhat-reluctant Zeb behind her. "I used to be pretty good at that—at least, my first body was. Not sure about this one, but what better way to find out?" "I've never... more
              • "Sure, no problem."Tira, Wed Jul 29 02:32
                "Always good to get more people. Two on two isn't quite enough to make it really good, though." She paused. "You're... Rina and Zeb, right? I'm Natasha. Nice to meet you."
            • Natasha let out a low whistle.Anonymous, Wed Jul 29 02:06
              "She looks pretty tough. As far as advantages go, I think being taller than the net might be a bit of a stretch. Does she have some kind of shrinker to let her get around HQ more easily? And yeah, we ... more
              • ((Well...))Voyd, Wed Jul 29 02:12
                ((Eventually, Chakkik's mind develops to appreciate mammalian forms. His own, for instance. He later comes to accept it. This Chakkik is further along in the future.)) Chakkik blinked. "I do not... more
                • Natasha rolled her eyes slightly.Anonymous, Wed Jul 29 02:30
                  "What I mean, Mr. Spock, is that if you want to show off for the other team, feel free. And that goes no matter which team you play for," she added. "Who knows, we might get some guys to join up."... more
                  • "She is a kraken."Voyd, Wed Jul 29 02:38
                    "Her home continuum is Monster Musume . I do believe I know of another agent native to that continuum... and there she is, with her mate." This time, he pointed out Kala. "Regardless, more players... more
                    • Re: "She is a kraken."Tira, Wed Jul 29 02:48
                      "Yes. That would be what we in the business call a pune, or play on words. " Monster Musume , huh? I've heard of it, but I don't really go for harem comedies. Good on them for hooking up. It's nice... more
                      • "Secret of Mana."Voyd, Wed Jul 29 02:52
                        "This is not my true shape, though I have grown excessively comfortable with it. I am a duplicate of the Mantis Ant, the first boss. Also, what is a Vulcan? I am afraid that my interests are mostly... more
                        • Natasha blinked, dumbfounded.Tira, Wed Jul 29 02:59
                          "Okay, there's 'mostly focused on fantasy' and then there's 'never even heard of Star Trek.'" She shook her head. "Kids these days don't even know the classics. Well, I mean I mostly know because one ... more
                          • "It is a fantasy series by Square Enix."Voyd, Wed Jul 29 03:06
                            "It is similar in style to Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. The game cartridge I called home was annihilated by an improperly performed glitch. I am the only survivor of that iteration of the World... more
                            • "Ah."Tira, Wed Jul 29 03:16
                              "Rough luck, there. At least you made it out okay. I'm from a badfic, personally. Fate/Zero, which I doubt is in your wheelhouse. Not even the group who recruited me knew anything about it. "Acid... more
                              • "Got a question."Iximaz, Wed Jul 29 10:41
                                Rina raised her hand. "What about abilities we can't control? I've got better reflexes than a human, and I haven't figured out how to shut that down yet." "You can do that?" Zeb asked, surprised.... more
                                • "Meh, that's probably fine."Tira, Wed Jul 29 11:14
                                  "Not everyone here is human, after all. Pretty much anything short of acid breath is good, as far as I'm concerned."
                                  • Chakkik looked around.Voyd, Wed Jul 29 12:06
                                    "Are there any other potential players in the immediate vicinity?" He held up a hand to shield his eyes from the sun. "Hmm... one would think that this search would be simple. This place is populated ... more
                                    • Natalie saw Chakikk and hailed him...Silenthunder, Thu Jul 30 07:57
                                      …walking over with a smile on her face. "Hey, Chak!" She lowered her voice. "Look, I know we started off on the wrong foot, but maybe we could make it up a little by some friendly competition? I'm... more
    • It seemed to Alloy that Ginger's swimsuit...TheShyIon, Tue Jul 28 21:41
      ...was designed more for strutting around the beach than it was for swimming in. Not that Alloy had any particular desire to swim; Ginger had attempted to drag her into the water earlier, and Alloy... more
      • ((Mind if I pop in? :D ))Iximaz, Tue Jul 28 22:15
        Rina glanced around, her scowl changing to a grin when she spotted the two girls. "Hey, Zeb," she said, "I'm gonna go say hi to some people, alright?" "Alright, I'll catch you later," he replied.... more
        • ((Not at all!))TheShyIon, Wed Jul 29 23:40
          Ginger grinned back. "Well, speak of the... well, the Sue you killed. Whatever -- do you know if there's anywhere to grab food around here?" She sidled towards Rina, grabbing at Alloy's book as she... more
          • "Good to see you too!"Iximaz, Wed Jul 29 23:45
            Rina sat next to Alloy, smiling at her. "Sorry, Ginger, I've only been here a few minutes. I've got as much idea as you do. So." She stretched her legs out in front of her. "How've you guys been?"
            • Ginger scowled. "Ponies."TheShyIon, Sat Aug 8 12:10
              Alloy attempted to dry her hair with a small towel, but only succeeded in tearing off a strip of paper. "Yes, 'ponies' would describe it quite well. Alternatively, 'OOC Discord, multiple Sues." She... more
              • "Oof, that sounds rough."Iximaz, Sat Aug 8 19:50
                Rina grimaced sympathetically. "You didn't OD on the Bleep, did you? Because my old partner did once and she was loopier than a bucket of eels in a ferris wheel. That was not fun in the slightest."... more
                • "The blak was the worst part." Ginger added, flatly, "She freaked out."
                  • "That sounds horrible."Iximaz, Sat Aug 8 20:38
                    Rina made a face. "If it makes you feel any better, at least it's not like the time my partner and I had to blow up an entire canon location and all the replacements in it." She grinned. "Admittedly, ... more
    • (BEACH PARTY FOR EVERYBODY! YAY!!)SkarmorySilver, Tue Jul 28 21:29
      (Yes, all of my agents and other characters will be present! Including the secondary characters, too. I'll be setting up four different RP starters as soon as possible. Feel free to respond to any... more
      • Feratu was resting in the shade of a tree...SkarmorySilver, Tue Jul 28 22:05
        ...when he felt something move underneath his trunks-clad rear. The rustling of the tree overhead gave him a moment's warning, and with reflexes worthy of his canon counterpart, he raised a hand to... more
      • They'd just returned from a little, uh, private sojourn in a more isolated stretch of the coast. The two groups had only met just today, but the Homs and the angel had already become fast friends.... more
        • "Hi there!"Voyd, Tue Jul 28 22:26
          Stephanie approached the four people cheerfully, her "legs" coiling and uncoiling below her. "Hi, Cupid! Hi, Sarah! Ooh, who are you two?" Once she reached the group, Stephanie leaned down to give... more
          • Backslash turned as red as the Monado...SkarmorySilver, Thu Jul 30 10:38
            ...while Cupid had his "drooling pervy idiot" face on. Sarah instantly realized what the two of them were staring at, and nudged her partner in the ribs. "Cupid, her eyes are up there," she said,... more
            • Stephanie turned to look at Sarah.Voyd, Thu Jul 30 12:02
              "My eyes? I'm a kraken, I have cuttlefish eyes." Her attention returned to Backslash, and she seemed oblivious to his staring. "You are just too cute! " With that, a large number of her limbs... more
              • Everyone stared at Steph and Backslash.SkarmorySilver, Thu Jul 30 13:07
                Sarah facepalmed, Cupid had a look of utmost betrayal on his face, and Whitney's expression looked a little TOO calm. Backslash ended up getting a face full of marshmallow hell, his only response... more
                • The kraken looked at Whitney...Voyd, Thu Jul 30 13:56
                  ... and fearfully let go of Backslash. "Eep! I'm sorry! Scary lady!" Stephanie's eyes began to water, and she instinctively reached for a nearby source of comfort... which just so happened to be... more
                  • Sarah and Cupid both glared at Whitney...SkarmorySilver , Thu Jul 30 20:58
                    ...who instantly dropped her Header, looking embarrassed and ashamed. "I'm so sorry," she said, raising her hands in a gesture of surrender. "I jumped to conclusions there. It won't happen again."... more
                    • Stephanie nodded and relaxed.Voyd, Thu Jul 30 21:58
                      "I do like hugging people... but not scary people..." She started to tense up again, but Cupid's attention calmed her. "Mmm... that feels nice... not niiice nice, but..." She started leaning more... more
                      • Cupid rubbed his forehead with an embarrassed laugh.SkarmorySilver , Thu Jul 30 22:46
                        "She's always like this, isn’t she?" He asked, at which Sarah merely shrugged. "Do you want me to wake her up?" asked Backslash. "I'd rather not, to be honest," said Whitney. "You’ve already made her ... more
      • "Hey there, Lapis!" said Rayner. "How are you today?"SkarmorySilver, Tue Jul 28 21:43
        "I'm feeling great!" the blue-haired girl replied in excitement, before looking down at her sea-blue one-piece bathing suit. "This looks good on me, does it?" "You're really cute in that," he... more
      • A feathery head peeked out from behind a sand dune...SkarmorySilver, Tue Jul 28 21:39
        ...baring a sharp-toothed grimace. But the subadult Deinonychus wasn't ferocious at all today. Actually, he was more afraid than anything. Beyond the dune that Ripper was using as a hiding place, a... more
    • Riaa stretched out her arms as she and Lana walked down onto the sand. "Ahh, what a nice day," she said happily, adjusting the soft blue shirt that served as a sundress. Lana smiled. "Glad you're... more
      • Kala noticed Riaa and waved her down.Voyd, Tue Jul 28 16:42
        "Hey, Riaa! Long time no see!" Valon looked in the direction she was. "Wait, aren't those the two..." "... that I was with during the Rose cleanup, yes. Riaa's the one who taught me how to walk."
        • Re: Kala noticed Riaa and waved her down.firemagic, Tue Jul 28 18:40
          "Hello again, Kala," Riaa said cheerfully. She offered her hand to Valon. "So, this is your partner? Nice to meet you." Lana nodded in greeting. "Hello."
          • Valon grinned.Voyd, Tue Jul 28 18:48
            "Hey, weren't you two with the wolf guy? Nice to met you properly! I'm Valon Vance." He gladly took Riaa's hand. "Valon's not just my partner anymore, Riaa." Kala smiled at the drider and wrapped one ... more
            • Lana shruggedfiremagic, Tue Jul 28 20:31
              "Narav? Well, he's my partner, yeah. He stayed home today, though. Something about tundra-adapted winter coats not mixing with the seashore," Lana explained. Riaa smiled at Kala hugging Valon. "Oh?... more
              • Valon's cheeks turned tomato-red.Voyd, Tue Jul 28 20:36
                "Uh... yeah... I'll remember that." Kala let go of Valon and scuttled back into the sunlight. "Regardless, neither of us can swim, and Valon can't stand direct sunlight. He's just hanging out in the... more
                • Riaa noddedfiremagic, Wed Jul 29 00:05
                  "Mm, yeah. I can swim, but it's never very fun. And sunlight is very nice," Riaa said, setting down an oddly-shaped cushion and leaning against it with six of her eyes closed. The remaining two... more
                  • "I completely agree."Voyd, Wed Jul 29 00:42
                    Valon leaned back against the parasol pole. "I grew up surrounded by trees and mountains. I've never gotten used to a flat horizon." Kala turned her head curiously toward her partner. "You know,... more
    • "I refuse to participate in your frivolity."Anonymous, Tue Jul 28 16:28
      A tall, blond man stood a good thirty feet from the water, fully dressed in leather armor, a tunic and a heavy yellow cloak. The fact that he was shining with sweat didn't seem to bother him. "Aw,... more
      • Introducing... someone!Desdendelle, Tue Jul 28 17:49
        A tall, obviously Elven woman strode out of a portal. As is usual for most Elves, her face had high cheekbones, an aquiline nose, a pointed chin and thin eyebrows that seemed perfectly shaped for... more
        • "Mmm?"Voyd, Tue Jul 28 17:57
          Chakkik turned to the Elf. "... oh, another human." Chakkik's face was dripping with sweat. "What is this moisture on my hide? It does not matter. I have no need to relocate; I was standing here... more
          • The Dunmer rolled her eyes...Desdendelle, Tue Jul 28 18:07
            ...and got up. She walked to where Stephanie and Chakkik were standing. “My name is Nilera. I am a Dunmer from Solstheim,” she told Stephanie before going stand right below Chakkik. “At ATTENTION,... more
            • Chakkik turned to face her slowly.Voyd, Tue Jul 28 18:13
              His expression was blank. "I am no soldier. You have no authority here... urgh, I feel weak... what is this?" Stephanie's eyes widened. "Chakkik, that's heatstroke! You're wearing too much, you're... more
              • The Dunmer blinked.Desdendelle, Tue Jul 28 19:21
                Nilera opened her mouth to shout some more at Chakkik, but instead she positioned herself to catch him. “Get his clothes off him!” she told Stephanie.
                • "Do... not... touch... me..."Voyd, Tue Jul 28 19:36
                  Stephanie hurried to her partner as he fell toward Nirela. "Sorry, Chakkik, but I tried to warn you!" Ignoring her partner's feeble protests, she unfastened his cloak and simply broke the straps... more
                  • Chakkik sat down on the sand.Voyd, Tue Jul 28 22:18
                    "I suppose my pride is a small price to pay for this comfort. This place is blessed by the Elemental Spirits." He gestured airily at the scenery. "Sylphid provides this calming breeze, Gnome has... more
                    • The Dunmer rolled her eyes.Desdendelle, Thu Jul 30 14:16
                      She went back to her coat, picked it up and gave it a good shake. She returned to Chakkik and spread it beside him. Lying down on it, she looked at the disguised Mantis Ant. “What possessed you to go ... more
                      • "I thought that dressing as normal would reinforce that I did not wish to join this... pointless venture. I am only here at all because my partner begged me to bring her, and I have no wish to leave... more
                        • Nilera nodded.Desdendelle, Thu Jul 30 15:07
                          “Such loyalty is admirable,” she said, “but it was the height of idiocy. Surely you knew it was hot here?” The Dunmer poked the sand with a finger. “Hm, reminds me of home,” she muttered. “This place ... more
                          • "I did not."Voyd, Thu Jul 30 15:30
                            "I was unaware that humans do not tolerate extreme temperatures. I still do not know all of the biological limitations of this form. And no, before you ask. I will not revert to my natural shape. I... more
                            • Nilera raised an eyebrow.Desdendelle, Thu Jul 30 16:31
                              “Oh?” she said, surprised. “You are not a humanoid, then? Some sort of exo-skeletal creature?” The Dunmer absentmindedly scratched circles in the sand with her finger. “What, exactly, might you be?”... more
                              • "A Mantis Ant."Voyd, Thu Jul 30 17:27
                                "An earth-elemental creature from the World of Mana. The first 'boss' enemy of the second game, Secret of Mana. Nine feet of yellow carapace. I am often cited as one of the game's flaws; that I am... more
                                • “I… see.”Desdendelle, Thu Jul 30 19:47
                                  So I should bring my bow, then, Nilera mused. “Now that you’re here, though…” she said aloud, “why not enjoy yourself? Off-time is so rare in the PPC.”
                                  • "I suppose."Voyd, Thu Jul 30 19:53
                                    "Most of my spare time is spent either playing League of Legends or prying my partner's limbs off of me. If she looks like she is about to fall asleep, I recommend keeping a healthy distance." He... more
                                    • Nirela eyed the volleyball net.Desdendelle, Thu Jul 30 21:04
                                      The Dunmer shrugged. “I would not know,” she said, playing with a lock of her relatively-short hair. “I never paid much attention to human rituals; I always had more soldiers to train, back at home,... more
    • Sitting by the water's edge...Iximaz, Tue Jul 28 15:50
      was a bony teenage girl with braided red hair, wearing a long-sleeved swimsuit and board shorts. Beside her was a lean, rather handsome young man with dark gray hair and yellow eyes, dressed in a... more
      • "Would you stop already!?"Matt Cipher, Tue Jul 28 16:02
        William growled, trying to prevent her partner from laughing her ass off. He then noticed two people, sitting near the water. "Hey, VJ," he said, nudging the girl with his foot, "are they..." VJ... more
        • "Yeah, that's us."Iximaz, Tue Jul 28 16:05
          "Hello!" Zeb gave a little wave. "...I'm sorry, have we met before?" Rina asked slowly. "Only, I don't recognize you."
          • "Technically not..."Matt Cipher, Tue Jul 28 16:11
            VJ said, "Although I used to send you guys a bunch of missions. I'm VJ, former Spy from the DoI, currently a new transfer to the DMS." Pointing her thumb at the man, she said, "And the lump of fun... more
            • "Oh, don't worry about it!"Iximaz, Tue Jul 28 16:14
              Zeb grinned up at William. "I'm still a rookie, too! I've only been an agent for three months. You'll get the hang of things soon enough." Rina, however, was scowling. "You're not the one who gave us ... more
              • "It's not being a rookie which annoys me," he whispered, slightly leaning towards Zeb, "It's the fact that VJ boasts about it so much." Hearing the name of the infamous badfic, VJ went pale. Sure,... more
                • "No worries."Iximaz, Tue Jul 28 16:28
                  "She should get over it soon," Zeb reassured William. "Rina was a bit short with me when I first joined. Your partner should get over it soon." ((Hey, dude, it's considered Uncool to have your... more
                  • ((Consider it done... *slap* Bad Cipher!)) Matt Cipher, Tue Jul 28 16:47
                    "So, we just thought to drop by and say 'hi'," VJ smiled. She then sat with her legs crossed next to Rina. "We are kinda... fans of your work, if you can say that." She tugged a strand of hair behind ... more
                    • "W-what?"Iximaz, Tue Jul 28 16:50
                      Zeb sat bolt upright, eyes wide. "Fans? Of us?" Rina snorted. "Oh, that's a good one. Pull the other one, will you?" She rolled her eyes.
                      • "We are!"Matt Cipher, Tue Jul 28 16:59
                        VJ said, staring at Rina intensly. She tried her best to convince the fellow assassin that she was one of her idols. "You won't believe how many times I've read your mission reports... ALL OF THEM!"... more
                        • "What's there to be impressed by?"Iximaz, Tue Jul 28 17:10
                          "We go in, we do our job, and leave. And occasionally we massively screw things up." Rina turned away. "Ah..." Zeb rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. "Sorry about that..."
                          • "But..."Matt Cipher, Tue Jul 28 17:22
                            VJ tried to say something but she was stopped by William, who put his hand on her shoulder and just shook his head. "Ms. Dives," he said, facing Rina, "this kid here was working her arse off in the... more
                            • "Randa?"Iximaz, Tue Jul 28 17:59
                              Rina laughed. "Oh, man, that's a good one. You know she quit after about a year, right? Transferred to Bad Slash. She told me she was quite happy she moved when she did--didn't want to deal with the... more
                              • William clutched his fingers on his knee.Matt Cipher, Tue Jul 28 18:12
                                Seeing this, his partner just sighed. "I guess the hint was subtle enough." VJ slowly stood up, sweeping some sand from her legs. Her expression was now a mixture of sadness and humility "I'm sorry... more
                                • "Bye."Iximaz, Tue Jul 28 18:24
                                  Zeb waved, then frowned at Rina. "That wasn't very nice." "Don't care," she said curtly, drawing circles in the sand with her finger. ((Can you tell she's not exactly normal anymore? ^^;))
                                  • ((Oh yes!))Matt Cipher, Tue Jul 28 18:31
                                    ((It's getting worse~ And I assume, you want to keep her that way. Who knows, maybe Third Rina will be more friendly. If not, well... William has spells which, while cannot cure insanity completely,... more
    • Further up the beach... SeaTurtle, Tue Jul 28 15:14
      ...near the tree line, a blue-rimmed portal opened and let through two people: a young man with a backpack and a Zorua. The former hauled a beach chair and a plastic cooler behind him while the... more
      • Zeb, who tried and failed to skid to a stop, accidentally collided head-on with Gaspard. "OhmygoodnessI'msosorryIwasn'ttryingtogosofastareyouokay?" Zeb said frantically, scrambling backwards and... more
        • Gaspard stared up at the sky...SeaTurtle, Fri Aug 7 23:58
          ...too dazed to hear what Zeb had to say. Of course it had to happen. He brought it on himself with all of that meticulous planning and effort. Nothing escaped the Ironic Overpower-- especially not... more
          • "Mother of Mew, I'm so sorry!"Iximaz, Sat Aug 8 00:00
            Zeb shuffled his paws in the sand. "I was just coming over to say hello to Tacitus and I couldn't slow down in time. You're not hurt, are you?"
            • Gaspard just gurgled where he lay.SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 00:10
              Tacitus jotted down a message for Zeb. "Ah, Zeb. If you came for information, I am on holiday right now. And don't worry about Sir over here. He's surprisingly resilient." The Zorua padded back to... more
              • "Sorry, Tacitus, give me a moment."Iximaz, Sat Aug 8 00:15
                Zeb nosed at Gaspard. "Please, say something. I'd hate to have to take you to Medical... ohhh, this is all my fault..."
                • Gaspard made a noise...SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 15:32
                  ...that, with a little bit of imagination, could've been interpreted as "I'm fine." Tacitus nudged Zeb and presented him with another note. "See? Right as rain. Now, what do you want? I'm on... more
                  • "Oh, right!"Iximaz, Sat Aug 8 19:48
                    Zeb spared Gaspard another nervous glance before looking at the Zorua. "I wanted to say hello, you know, see how you were doing. I didn't mean to run into your friend. I'm awfully sorry about that."
                    • Tacitus shrugged.SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 20:35
                      "Mistakes happen. That one was not fatal. He'll live." He lifted his pen and looked pensively at a corner of the page before adding: "And Sir is not my friend. He is merely a benefactor. 'Friends'... more
                      • Zeb's ears flattened and his tail drooped.Iximaz, Sat Aug 8 20:39
                        "But... I thought... aren't we friends?"
                        • Tacitus raised his eyebrows.SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 20:42
                          "I am the service provider. You are a client. Why do you care about me so much? Is this a ploy? What do you want?" Tacitus looked at Zeb and narrowed his eyes.
                          • "It's just..."Anonymous, Sat Aug 8 20:44
                            "Well..." Zeb sighed. "I mean, there aren't a whole lot of Pokémon agents here, you know? And you seem nice. I like talking to you." His ears perked up hopefully.
                            • ...almost as if he was laughing. Fumbling with the pen he held in his mouth, he scribbled: "Not a lot of Pokémon agents, no. And all of them hate me, too. Owen, Buck, Victoria, Maxwell... probably... more
                              • Zeb tilted his head.Iximaz, Sat Aug 8 21:25
                                "But... I thought you just..." He shrugged, his tail swishing in the sand. "I never thought of you as a bad person..."
                                • Tacitus' laughing fit intensified. SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 22:40
                                  He was barely able to hold the pen steady in his mouth now. He took a few moments to collect himself and then put pen to paper again. "You are so naive. Hilariously so. You never suspect that someone ... more
                                  • "Rina? Hurt me?"Iximaz, Sat Aug 8 22:43
                                    Zeb shook his head, his jaw setting. "She wouldn't. Never. Not in a million years. You're wrong!"
                                    • Tacitus' face settled into a smirk.SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 22:44
                                      "And that is why it will hurt you so much."
                                      • Zeb shook his head.Iximaz, Sat Aug 8 22:52
                                        "You're wrong. Maybe you don't have someone like her. But she's good, she's--" He swallowed ad shook his head again. "You're wrong," he repeated, with much more conviction.
                                        • Tacitus grinned.SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 22:57
                                          It was an unpleasant smile-- all teeth and no warmth. "Of course I don't have anyone like her. I have no one. I've never had anyone. I don't even know my own mother."
                                          • "Well..."Iximaz, Sat Aug 8 22:58
                                            Zeb gave Tacitus a long, sombre look. "You've got me."
                                            • Tacitus laughed so hard he spat his pen out.SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 23:05
                                              The Zorua padded around the beach mat, laughing hysterically. Occasionally, he would calm down and glance at Zeb before erupting in a fresh fit of laughter. From his supine position in the sand,... more
                                              • "But..."Iximaz, Sat Aug 8 23:13
                                                Zeb looked from Gaspard to Tacitus, hurt. "But... it's not like that..." he protested.
                                                • "Hey, don't look at me."SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 23:20
                                                  "I wouldn't know either," mumbled Gaspard as he let his head flop back into the sand. By then, Tacitus had recovered from his laughing fit and found his pen. "Go on," he wrote with a smirk. "Use the... more
                                                  • Zeb's tail fell even further.Iximaz, Sat Aug 8 23:32
                                                    "I'll... I'll just be going, then," he mumbled. He turned away and began trudging back toward the water.
                                                    • Gaspard propped himself up on his elbows...SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 23:48
                                                      ...and watched Zeb walk away. "Tacitus, what the hell did you say to him?" he asked. In response, the Zorua simply shrugged and pushed his notebook towards his colleague before returning to his... more
                                                      • "What do you want," he said dejectedly.
                                                        • Tacitus handed him a note. SeaTurtle, Sun Aug 9 00:05
                                                          "I am ordered to apologize to you for my words and actions. I would be lying if I said I didn't mean any of it, but I see greatness in you, Zeb. We need you to shrug off that naiveté and become... more
                                                          • Zeb shook his head. "Apologies don't count unless you mean it. You can't be forced to do something like that. It's gotta be sincere."
                                                            • The Zorua rolled his eyes.SeaTurtle, Sun Aug 9 10:42
                                                              He wrote another note. "Fine. You got me. Words are cheap, you're right-- they build lies. What I meant to say is this: you are too trusting for your own good. People can and will walk all over you... more
                                                              • Zeb sighed.Iximaz, Sun Aug 9 10:52
                                                                "What was it Rina said? 'Better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all'? Something like that."
      • Re: Further up the beach... Tira, Tue Jul 28 15:25
        Aaron too had wandered away from the main area of the beach, though more out of a desire to explore than anything else. As he approach Gaspard's beach chair, the familiar Nuka-Cola bottle caught his... more
        • Gaspard looked up from his reading...SeaTurtle, Tue Jul 28 15:38
          ...closing his book on his right index finger to mark his place. "Fallout? No, sir. I'm just a fan... and so is Tacitus here." He nodded towards the Zorua who was still greedily lapping up the soft... more
          • (Reposted because the title vanished)Tira, Tue Jul 28 15:58
            "Sure, if you don't mind," Aaron replied. "I don't exactly miss the food from back home, but I haven't had a Nuka-Cola in ages. "My name's Aaron Hunter, by the way. DMS. How about you?"
          • Tira, Tue Jul 28 15:50
            "Sure, if you don't mind," Aaron replied. "I don't exactly miss the food from back home, but I haven't had a Nuka-Cola in ages. "My name's Aaron Hunter, by the way. DMS. How about you?"
            • Gaspard opened the cooler...SeaTurtle, Tue Jul 28 16:02
              ...and handed Aaron a bottle and a bottle opener. "Pleased to meet you, sir. I'm Gaspard De Grasse, Intelligence. That's Tacitus-- also DoI. He's, er, mute. Hence his little writing notebook he uses... more
              • Aaron took the bottle...Tira, Tue Jul 28 17:26
                ...though he passed on the opener, wrenching the top off himself. "Thanks." He took a quick swig and sat down. "Um, well, I'm just a semi-fic blip, so my backstory's kind of vague. Most of my... more
                • "No one of importance."SeaTurtle, Tue Jul 28 19:42
                  "Born and raised in World One. Did nothing interesting until I arrived here. Now I grind out reports in a big room with hundreds of others exactly like me." Gaspard leaned back in his chair. "Your... more
                  • "I don't know much about World One, actually - my partner's a badfic recruit from some modern fantasy anime, so I can't exactly take her word for things." "Yeah. Like I said, my backstory wasn't very ... more
                    • "Um..."SeaTurtle, Wed Jul 29 06:38
                      Gaspard scratched his head. "No, I'm pretty sure I've never met any characters in the Capital Wasteland who go by that name. Those two are Attack on Titan protagonists, though-- I know that. Are you, ... more
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