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Dawn tilted her head to one side, and bent to pick up...
Fri Jul 31, 2015 13:35

...her towel and shake it out. "It looks a tiny bit like the ones that always stopped outside my middle school, actually. that a clown in the window? We have clowns in the PPC?"

  • “Of course.”Desdendelle, Fri Jul 31 13:32
    Des gently helped Dawn up. “I’m kinda excited, to be honest. Never had proper ice cream in ages. Wonder who’s running the parlour?” He smiled at her and pointed at the van. “Man, this sure brings... more
    • Dawn tilted her head to one side, and bent to pick up... — DawnFire, Fri Jul 31 13:35
      • “Yes, yes we do.”Desdendelle, Fri Jul 31 13:43
        He offered her his hand. “Come, let us get delicious ice-cream. Tea-flavoured ice-cream!”
        • Dawn laughed, and took it.DawnFire, Fri Jul 31 13:46
          "Tea-flavored ice cream? You're obsessed. You're completely obsessed. Although actually," she added as they began to walk, "I have had green tea ice cream several times. It was delicious. So you may... more
          • Des laughed happily.Desdendelle, Fri Jul 31 13:54
            “I was actually joking,” he said. “I might like tea but I’m not the Librarian. I was actually looking forward for a nice Solero for a change. Haven’t had one in forever and a day.”
            • Dawn's smile was bright and happy.DawnFire, Fri Jul 31 14:01
              "I have no clue what you're talking about, but that sounds awesome. Oh! Maybe they have those watermelon popsicle things! I loved those as a kid. I hope they've got them." She frowned suddenly.... more
              • “The Librarian is obsessive.”Desdendelle, Tue Aug 4 10:54
                Des snorted. “He’s got this riddle he wastes way too much time on.” He chuckled. “He’s got nothing to do with ice-cream, tea-flavoured or otherwise, although green tea-flavoured ice-cream is a Thing, ... more
                • "Ah," Dawn said.DawnFire, Tue Aug 4 11:02
                  She grinned. "And it is a Thing. A delicious Thing. When it's done properly, anyway--the best version I've had was more of a sherbet. Sorbet. Whatever it is, I can never remember which one is the... more
                  • “Sorbet,” Des said.Desdendelle, Tue Aug 4 11:18
                    “I’d think that the proper way would be with no sugar. Like tea and unlike you — you’re the sweetest thing around.” He grinned widely.
                    • She swung their linked hands back and forth. "Funnily enough," she said, "I agree with you this time. The best version I've had wasn't very sweet. Although," she added, letting go of her braid to... more
                      • Des chuckled.Desdendelle, Tue Aug 4 11:36
                        “Now ‘scuse me while I go fish my mind outta the gutter, love,” he said.
                        • Dawn blinked at him. "Gutter?"DawnFire, Tue Aug 4 11:40
                          She thought for a minute, and then slowly went red again. "Well, alright, then," she said finally. "Better than cannibalism, at any rate."
                          • Des blinked.Desdendelle, Tue Aug 4 11:41
                            “... Let’s find something else to talk about, shall we?” he asked. “This is getting awkward real fast.”
                            • Dawn laughed. "Just a little."DawnFire, Tue Aug 4 11:45
                              "Something else, something Tea? The queue? What we had for breakfast, assuming you actually had breakfast and I can remember when breakfast was? I don't know, I--I'm a little stuck on the... more
                              • “Oh, I know the feeling.”Desdendelle, Tue Aug 4 12:13
                                Des chuckled. “It’s like when someone tells you to not thing about pink elephants. Hm, pink elephants…” He started to hum.
                                • Dawn raised both eyebrows at him.DawnFire, Tue Aug 4 12:16
                                  "You know a song about pink elephants? Really?"
                                  • “Of course!”Desdendelle, Tue Aug 4 12:19
                                    He started singing under his breath: “Pilim vrudim, pilim vrudim betahaluka…”
                                    • "Huh."DawnFire, Tue Aug 4 12:34
                                      Dawn shrugged. "I don't know that one. Might have to learn it for the next time a Suefic mentions something along the lines of 'don't think of pink elephants'...though mainly this is just reminding... more
                                      • “Oh well.”Desdendelle, Tue Aug 4 12:41
                                        Des shrugged. “Wonder what’s — wait, why aren’t we at the queue?” He blinked. “Looks like we might have wandered away, eheh.”
                                        • Dawn looked around, blinked, and snickered.DawnFire, Tue Aug 4 12:48
                                          "I guess we have. It doesn't seem to have grown, though, so nothing's lost. To the queue?"
                                          • Des chuckled.Desdendelle, Tue Aug 4 12:57
                                            “Would milady do me the honour?” he asked, mock-seriously, and waved imperiously at the ice-cream van.
                                            • Dawn grinned.DawnFire, Tue Aug 4 13:07
                                              "But of course, milord," she said, and offered her arm. "If milord so pleases?"
                                              • Des snorted.Desdendelle, Tue Aug 4 13:13
                                                “Milord?” He took Dawn’s hand and walked with her back to the queue. “Pf, me, a lord? Preposterous. My dad’s a humble high-tech worker and my mom’s a student. About as common an ancestry as there is. ... more
                                                • Dawn shrugged.DawnFire, Tue Aug 4 13:18
                                                  "My parents are a teacher-writer and a photographer. Doesn't mean I can't be a lady. Just the...recently ennobled sort, I suppose." She grinned. "I've even got the Emelan-style dresses to go with the ... more
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