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"Er," the Reader said.
Sun Aug 2, 2015 10:29

Her eyes had widened when Naya mentioned that her face was, well, her face, but now she blinked and tried to stop staring. "Well, er, I mean--No? Yes? Maybe? Rassilon's nonexistent beard." She grimaced and tore her eyes away, still blushing. ", looking. I haven't seen your face before, and--er--you're--I, I mean--"

  • "Yeah. Moron doesn't know when to stop working."SeaTurtle, Fri Jul 31 15:30
    Naya glared at her partner, who was busy deploying the solar panels and hooking up power cords to machinery inside his RC though the portal. "Look at him: he's shoved all of his tools in his... more
    • "Er," the Reader said. — DawnFire, Sun Aug 2 10:29
      • Naya's grin widened. SeaTurtle, Sun Aug 2 10:39
        "I'm... what exactly? Very, very pretty?" she suggested, flipping her hair over her shoulder. "I know. I usually have that effect on people. Now, that being said..." Naya looked at the Reader. "You... more
        • The Reader's blush deepened.DawnFire, Sun Aug 2 10:42
          "I--er--thank you." She smiled at Naya's feet, then realized that was ridiculous and looked up at her face. At her true face. "And...yes, you are. You--you're beautiful, Naya."
          • "Damn right I am," said the disguised quarian.SeaTurtle, Sun Aug 2 11:01
            "So, did you come here alone? Where's Kozar?" asked Naya. "Is he stomping around this beach somewhere? 'Cause I have a really hard time imagining him relaxing. From the little I've seen of him, he's... more
            • The Reader smiled slowly, her blush fading.DawnFire, Tue Aug 4 12:46
              "Kozar's sitting somewhere, I think," she said. "Probably with sand in his armor by now--he wouldn't take it off. He's probably hoping for an invasion of some sort. As for the water--" Her smile... more
              • "Let's go," said Naya. SeaTurtle, Tue Aug 4 22:37
                "But, um... Not any further than a few metres from shore. I can't actually swim, see. A lifetime of living on a spaceship does that to people." Naya took a few steps towards the water and let the... more
                • "Emiran! Emiranlanoamar!"Iximaz, Wed Aug 5 21:24
                  Rina came sprinting up to the Guardsman and threw her arms around his waist. "Hi! I didn't expect to see you here!" She peeled her face away from the other Time Lord's chest to grin at Terabyte. "Hi, ... more
                  • The Guardsman stumbled backwards...SeaTurtle, Thu Aug 6 15:35
                    ...windmilling his arms as he tried to simultaneously regain his balance and not fall on his solar panel array. "Dives! How many times have I told you-- no flying tackleglomps! Come on! I was working ... more
                    • "Oops, sorry."Iximaz, Thu Aug 6 15:53
                      Rina took a step backwards, looking sheepish. "Good to see you too, Emiran, and no, I've not been working any harder than the Flowers make me--" At TB's announcement, she whipped around to stare at... more
                      • "Well, it's complicated," said the Guardsman.SeaTurtle, Thu Aug 6 17:47
                        "It received two major upgrades in its home continuum. One upgrade gave it true sentience and individuality, the other gave it the essence of life or something. TB wants to check the data it's... more
                        • "That's, um, that's interesting."Iximaz, Thu Aug 6 18:00
                          Rina kept glancing out at the water curiously. "So, Naya and the Reader," she murmured. "Never would've guessed..." She shook her head and focused on the Guardsman. "So, you're out here too, huh?... more
                          • "The sun is really nice."SeaTurtle, Thu Aug 6 19:06
                            "It sure beats having your jaw broken by your own foot which had been ripped off by a warrior!Sue. Good god, she was about this high," he raised a hand up to his midriff, "and was as strong as an... more
                            • She swallowed several times, trying to find the right words. "Are--are you okay? Are you sure you don't need to go back to Medical? I mean, if you're pulling... stuff--" She winced. "--out of your... more
                              • "Nah, I'm good."SeaTurtle, Thu Aug 6 19:51
                                "Trust me, it'll take a lot more to finish me off than a boot in my teeth. Medical has a Medi Gun that can heal pretty much anything that isn't death-- and even then." He picked at his teeth some... more
                                • "If you say so..."Iximaz, Thu Aug 6 19:53
                                  Rina shuddered. "Anyway, other than the teeth thing, how've you been? I've been doing alright, I guess." Surreptitiously, she tugged the sleeve of her swimsuit further down her arm.
                                  • "Feelin' fine."SeaTurtle, Thu Aug 6 20:00
                                    "Same old, same old. Like me!" he said, smiling. "After I finish testing that solar power thing, I wouldn't mind sitting on the beach like that guy over there and just relaxing," he said, pointing at ... more
                                    • "Oh, he's in disguise."Iximaz, Thu Aug 6 20:03
                                      Rina turned and pointed up the beach, where a handsome young man was splashing in the waves. "That's him." She smiled. "It's nice to see him having fun."
                                      • "So I see."SeaTurtle, Thu Aug 6 20:09
                                        "I should talk to him: I haven't got much time face-to-face with him-- and he's your partner! I should fix that." He turned back to Rina. "D'you think he'd mind terribly if I went over there and... more
                                        • "Yeah, let's go say hi!"Iximaz, Thu Aug 6 20:14
                                          Rina grabbed the Guardsman's hand and began pulling him across the beach. "Zeb! Zeb, c'mon! There's someone I want you to meet!"
                                          • ...under his breath as Rina towed him along. "You could've just pointed and we would've walked over there but no, it had to be hand-pulling. Of course."
                                            • "Sorry," she said, not sounding very apologetic. Zeb noticed them and came bounding out of the waves to meet them. "Hey, Rina, what's up?" he asked, shaking his head to get the water out of his ears. ... more
                                              • "Yessir, yet another Gallifreyan in HQ."SeaTurtle, Fri Aug 7 07:33
                                                "If we keep falling into HQ at this rate, half of the planet is going to be here before next the season is over! Anyways, I'm Emiranlanoamar. If you want to avoid pronouncing the vowel soup, just... more
                                                • Zeb grinned.Iximaz, Fri Aug 7 11:29
                                                  "Ooh, yeah, Rina's told me a lot about you!" he said, holding out a hand. "I'm her partner, Zeb. It's nice to meet you at last, Mister Guardsman." He grinned.
                                                  • The Guardsman shook the offered hand.SeaTurtle, Fri Aug 7 14:13
                                                    "Pleased to meet you, sir. Rina has also told me a lot about you too: you're one of those Pokey-men, right? Like an electric lion thing. A... Luxury? Laxray? Sorry, I'm rubbish at taxonomy. Mechanics ... more
                                                    • Zeb nodded eagerly.Iximaz, Fri Aug 7 14:18
                                                      "A Luxray, sir. Um..." He looked around for the bag he'd brought, which was sitting further up the beach with their towels. "One moment." He darted over, grabbed the D.O.R.K.S., dropped his disguise, ... more
                                                      • "Ah. So I see."SeaTurtle, Fri Aug 7 15:04
                                                        "Well, that certainly is different from most of HQ's agents. That's a nice set of chompers, by the way. And claws. And that badass mane-- wait. You're just showing off, aren't you," said the... more
                                                        • "Well, I'm, er, not trying to," he said, embarrassed. Rina ran a hand through Zeb's mane, grinning when the static trapped in his fur tickled her fingers. "Don't be modest, you really are something." ... more
                                                          • The Guardsman laughed.SeaTurtle, Fri Aug 7 15:45
                                                            "Bloody hard days, okay pay, and no respect. Someone has got to do it, though. I mean, with some of HQ's agents locked up in fighting Sues on their home turf and loads more busy doing admin work, HQ... more
                                                            • Zeb swallowed.Iximaz, Fri Aug 7 15:53
                                                              "That... wow, that doesn't sound very safe." He shook his head. "I'm glad I'm in an Action department, not much bad stuff ever happens in there." Rina coughed. "I said not much!" Zeb protested.
                                                              • "What, apart from the slow erosion of sanity?"SeaTurtle, Fri Aug 7 16:33
                                                                The Guardsman shook his head. "Heh, we all have it bad here. I suppose we just have to stick together and try to drag each other along." He shrugged and looked at the Reader and Naya splashing around ... more
                                                                • "Oh, yes, the water is lovely."Iximaz, Fri Aug 7 16:36
                                                                  Zeb shook himself, spraying water everywhere for emphasis. "I'm afraid I only know how to swim in this form, though Rina said she could teach me." "Oh, yeah," Rina said, nodding. "I've been swimming... more
                • ...into the water. "I've never tried it in this regeneration, and I didn't do it much in my others. I think I can keep my head above water, maybe." She shrugged. "Staying close to the shore sounds... more
                  • "Yup. Let's do that."SeaTurtle, Wed Aug 5 20:59
                    The disguised quarian was thigh-deep in water now. "Man, I wish I could swim. I would try to get lessons or something but apparently the HQ pool is and isn't a thing at the same time." After a little ... more
                    • "Flying, huh?"DawnFire, Fri Aug 7 23:29
                      Tentatively, the Reader slipped into the water. "Oh, it's nice. Warm." She pushed off, attempting to swim, and got a face full of water and her own hair for her trouble. She promptly stood up,... more
                      • "Um, hey, guys?"Iximaz, Fri Aug 7 23:48
                        Rina waded out to meet Naya and the Reader; the water barely came up to her waist. She looked down and trailed her fingers through the water. "Hi, Reader. Naya. Emiran wants me to tell you to not get ... more
                        • "Is he still worried about that?" said Naya.SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 00:04
                          "Tell him that he's a big worrywart and that I'm a grown lady. I'm fine." Naya emphasized the point by sculling around for a bit. "It's gonna take a lot more than a wave to pull me under. Besides,... more
                          • The Reader...DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 00:18
                            ...stilled momentarily at the contact, and went somewhat pink in the face as she draped her own arm over Naya's shoulders. "That's right, I will. I can use my respiratory bypass if it comes down to... more
                            • Rina looked at the two women and grinned.Iximaz, Sat Aug 8 00:26
                              "I'll make sure to let him know." She shook her head. "Honestly, the water's barely shallow enough to wade in, I don't know what his problem is..." She pushed off and began swimming into deeper... more
                              • Naya waved goodbye.SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 15:37
                                "She speaks the truth!" exclaimed the quarian, continuing to bob in the waves. "I am in shallow water. Emiran is making a fuss over absolutely nothing again." Almost immediately as she said that, a... more
                                • "Nay--Naya?"DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 15:57
                                  The Reader stared after her, horrified. "*Naya*!" The Time Lady dove after her, switching to the respiratory bypass after about two seconds. Unfortunately, between the current dragging Naya away and... more
                                  • On the beach... SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 16:23
                                    ...the Guardsman swore explosively as Naya, then the Reader were pulled underwater. "Terabyte!" he yelled. "They've gone under! Portal, now!" From inside the RC, the geth pointed its Omni-tool onto... more
                                    • The Reader recovered first.DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 16:35
                                      "Naya," she coughed, and rolled to her knees. "Naya?" Please be alright, pleasepleasebealright, cone on, say something, breathe, blink, anything-- She leaned over the quarian, trying not to give in... more
                                      • "I got Naya. TB, take care of the Reader."SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 18:43
                                        The Guardsman and TB slid next to the two women. Terabyte put a hand on the Reader's shoulders. " Ma'am, please let Emiranlanoamar take over. He is trained in first aid, " said the geth agent.... more
                                        • ...but now she stepped forward quickly to hover by Naya and the Guardsman. "Naya--Naya, you, you're alright now?" She reached out to place a trembling hand on the quarian's shoulder. Both of them... more
                                          • Naya loosened her grip around the Guardsman...SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 22:56
                                            ...enough to turn her head to look at the Reader. "Yeah, 'm fine," she mumbled. "You... you went in for me. I saw you." She reached back and touched the Reader's hand. "Don't ever do that again. You... more
                                            • The Reader shook her head...DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 23:37
                                              ...and wrapped her fingers around Naya's. "You can't expect me not to try to save you," she pointed out, as mildly as she could manage. "And anyway, I've got the respiratory bypass. I'm a bit harder... more
                                              • At her words...SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 23:57
                                                ...Naya slowly let go of the Guardsman and stared at the Reader in shock. She then wordlessly leaned over and held the Reader tightly, resting her head on the Time Lady's shoulder. "Reader..." she... more
                                                • Slowly, she shook her head. "Since--since somewhere along the way, I'm not entirely sure. I just--" She swallowed hard, and pressed her face against Naya's hair for several moments. "It's there, and... more
                                                  • "No."SeaTurtle, Sun Aug 9 00:35
                                                    "No, don't say that I don't feel that way," said Naya. "Reader... I like you. A lot. Hell, I think I might even love you. I don't know. I'm just..." She sighed. "Thanks. I'm glad you're watching my... more
                                                    • The Reader held her even more tightly...DawnFire, Wed Aug 12 17:01
                                                      ...leaning her own head on Naya's shoulder. "I'll always watch your back," she said. Her voice was soft, meant for Naya's ears alone, futile as that probably was. "I--" She hesitated. "I don't quite... more
                                                      • "Reader..." Naya whispered.SeaTurtle, Wed Aug 12 19:50
                                                        "Don't say things like that. You're not... just... it's like..." The disguised quarian sighed. "Screw it. I'm not good at big speeches like Emiran over there and I don't have Terabyte's ability to... more
                                                        • "Naya. Naya!"DawnFire, Wed Aug 12 20:25
                                                          The Reader pulled Naya off the Guardsman, turning her until they faced each other. "Leave him alone and listen to me for a minute." She took a breath, slid her hands up Naya's arms until they rested... more
                                                          • "Reader, listen to me."SeaTurtle, Wed Aug 12 21:27
                                                            Naya cradled the Time lady's face with her hands. "D'you think I haven't thought about this already? I've been mulling over this for a long time, you know. The more I think about it, the more I'm... more
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