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"Holy crap, you're tall..."
Sun Aug 2, 2015 15:10

"I mean, yeah, my partners"--he indicated Chris, Ami, and Violet--"and I want to enter the tournament. I'm Miguel, by the way. The guy in the hat is Chris, the unicorn is Ami, and the angel is Violet. Who do I talk to to get us registered as a team?"

Meanwhile, Chris had no idea how to talk to the blue-haired girl. Did he ask about her prosthetic arm? What her partners had needed to blow up a canyon for?

"Hi, I'm Chris. Good to meet you. What's your team? I've got Meganium, a Mareep, and technically a Delibird. I hope I can catch a Gyarados or a Vulpix someday."

That would do, he supposed.

"You must be Cupid and Sarah's new partner," said Violet to the vaguely familiar girl. "I'm glad he's got someone else to keep him under control. Gods know he needs that. How long have you had blue hair?"

"What happened to your arm?" Ami asked, indicating the prosthetic with a hoof.

Chris gave her a warning look.

"What? I'm curious!"

"Yeah, but you don't just ask people why they have a prosthetic arm!" he replied. "That's seriously rude!"

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    • "Holy crap, you're tall..." — eatpraylove, Sun Aug 2 15:10
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