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Dawn looked around, blinked, and snickered.
Tue Aug 4, 2015 12:48

"I guess we have. It doesn't seem to have grown, though, so nothing's lost. To the queue?"

  • “Oh well.”Desdendelle, Tue Aug 4 12:41
    Des shrugged. “Wonder what’s — wait, why aren’t we at the queue?” He blinked. “Looks like we might have wandered away, eheh.”
    • Dawn looked around, blinked, and snickered. — DawnFire, Tue Aug 4 12:48
      • Des chuckled.Desdendelle, Tue Aug 4 12:57
        “Would milady do me the honour?” he asked, mock-seriously, and waved imperiously at the ice-cream van.
        • Dawn grinned.DawnFire, Tue Aug 4 13:07
          "But of course, milord," she said, and offered her arm. "If milord so pleases?"
          • Des snorted.Desdendelle, Tue Aug 4 13:13
            “Milord?” He took Dawn’s hand and walked with her back to the queue. “Pf, me, a lord? Preposterous. My dad’s a humble high-tech worker and my mom’s a student. About as common an ancestry as there is. ... more
            • Dawn shrugged.DawnFire, Tue Aug 4 13:18
              "My parents are a teacher-writer and a photographer. Doesn't mean I can't be a lady. Just the...recently ennobled sort, I suppose." She grinned. "I've even got the Emelan-style dresses to go with the ... more
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