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"Oops, sorry."
Thu Aug 6, 2015 15:53

Rina took a step backwards, looking sheepish. "Good to see you too, Emiran, and no, I've not been working any harder than the Flowers make me--"

At TB's announcement, she whipped around to stare at him. "Say what?"

  • The Guardsman stumbled backwards...SeaTurtle, Thu Aug 6 15:35
    ...windmilling his arms as he tried to simultaneously regain his balance and not fall on his solar panel array. "Dives! How many times have I told you-- no flying tackleglomps! Come on! I was working ... more
    • "Oops, sorry." — Iximaz, Thu Aug 6 15:53
      • "Well, it's complicated," said the Guardsman.SeaTurtle, Thu Aug 6 17:47
        "It received two major upgrades in its home continuum. One upgrade gave it true sentience and individuality, the other gave it the essence of life or something. TB wants to check the data it's... more
        • "That's, um, that's interesting."Iximaz, Thu Aug 6 18:00
          Rina kept glancing out at the water curiously. "So, Naya and the Reader," she murmured. "Never would've guessed..." She shook her head and focused on the Guardsman. "So, you're out here too, huh?... more
          • "The sun is really nice."SeaTurtle, Thu Aug 6 19:06
            "It sure beats having your jaw broken by your own foot which had been ripped off by a warrior!Sue. Good god, she was about this high," he raised a hand up to his midriff, "and was as strong as an... more
            • She swallowed several times, trying to find the right words. "Are--are you okay? Are you sure you don't need to go back to Medical? I mean, if you're pulling... stuff--" She winced. "--out of your... more
              • "Nah, I'm good."SeaTurtle, Thu Aug 6 19:51
                "Trust me, it'll take a lot more to finish me off than a boot in my teeth. Medical has a Medi Gun that can heal pretty much anything that isn't death-- and even then." He picked at his teeth some... more
                • "If you say so..."Iximaz, Thu Aug 6 19:53
                  Rina shuddered. "Anyway, other than the teeth thing, how've you been? I've been doing alright, I guess." Surreptitiously, she tugged the sleeve of her swimsuit further down her arm.
                  • "Feelin' fine."SeaTurtle, Thu Aug 6 20:00
                    "Same old, same old. Like me!" he said, smiling. "After I finish testing that solar power thing, I wouldn't mind sitting on the beach like that guy over there and just relaxing," he said, pointing at ... more
                    • "Oh, he's in disguise."Iximaz, Thu Aug 6 20:03
                      Rina turned and pointed up the beach, where a handsome young man was splashing in the waves. "That's him." She smiled. "It's nice to see him having fun."
                      • "So I see."SeaTurtle, Thu Aug 6 20:09
                        "I should talk to him: I haven't got much time face-to-face with him-- and he's your partner! I should fix that." He turned back to Rina. "D'you think he'd mind terribly if I went over there and... more
                        • "Yeah, let's go say hi!"Iximaz, Thu Aug 6 20:14
                          Rina grabbed the Guardsman's hand and began pulling him across the beach. "Zeb! Zeb, c'mon! There's someone I want you to meet!"
                          • ...under his breath as Rina towed him along. "You could've just pointed and we would've walked over there but no, it had to be hand-pulling. Of course."
                            • "Sorry," she said, not sounding very apologetic. Zeb noticed them and came bounding out of the waves to meet them. "Hey, Rina, what's up?" he asked, shaking his head to get the water out of his ears. ... more
                              • "Yessir, yet another Gallifreyan in HQ."SeaTurtle, Fri Aug 7 07:33
                                "If we keep falling into HQ at this rate, half of the planet is going to be here before next the season is over! Anyways, I'm Emiranlanoamar. If you want to avoid pronouncing the vowel soup, just... more
                                • Zeb grinned.Iximaz, Fri Aug 7 11:29
                                  "Ooh, yeah, Rina's told me a lot about you!" he said, holding out a hand. "I'm her partner, Zeb. It's nice to meet you at last, Mister Guardsman." He grinned.
                                  • The Guardsman shook the offered hand.SeaTurtle, Fri Aug 7 14:13
                                    "Pleased to meet you, sir. Rina has also told me a lot about you too: you're one of those Pokey-men, right? Like an electric lion thing. A... Luxury? Laxray? Sorry, I'm rubbish at taxonomy. Mechanics ... more
                                    • Zeb nodded eagerly.Iximaz, Fri Aug 7 14:18
                                      "A Luxray, sir. Um..." He looked around for the bag he'd brought, which was sitting further up the beach with their towels. "One moment." He darted over, grabbed the D.O.R.K.S., dropped his disguise, ... more
                                      • "Ah. So I see."SeaTurtle, Fri Aug 7 15:04
                                        "Well, that certainly is different from most of HQ's agents. That's a nice set of chompers, by the way. And claws. And that badass mane-- wait. You're just showing off, aren't you," said the... more
                                        • "Well, I'm, er, not trying to," he said, embarrassed. Rina ran a hand through Zeb's mane, grinning when the static trapped in his fur tickled her fingers. "Don't be modest, you really are something." ... more
                                          • The Guardsman laughed.SeaTurtle, Fri Aug 7 15:45
                                            "Bloody hard days, okay pay, and no respect. Someone has got to do it, though. I mean, with some of HQ's agents locked up in fighting Sues on their home turf and loads more busy doing admin work, HQ... more
                                            • Zeb swallowed.Iximaz, Fri Aug 7 15:53
                                              "That... wow, that doesn't sound very safe." He shook his head. "I'm glad I'm in an Action department, not much bad stuff ever happens in there." Rina coughed. "I said not much!" Zeb protested.
                                              • "What, apart from the slow erosion of sanity?"SeaTurtle, Fri Aug 7 16:33
                                                The Guardsman shook his head. "Heh, we all have it bad here. I suppose we just have to stick together and try to drag each other along." He shrugged and looked at the Reader and Naya splashing around ... more
                                                • "Oh, yes, the water is lovely."Iximaz, Fri Aug 7 16:36
                                                  Zeb shook himself, spraying water everywhere for emphasis. "I'm afraid I only know how to swim in this form, though Rina said she could teach me." "Oh, yeah," Rina said, nodding. "I've been swimming... more
                                                  • The Guardsman looked at the water...SeaTurtle, Fri Aug 7 23:04
                                                    ...and then shook his head. "Thanks, but if you haven't noticed, I've got all of my gear with me here," he said, picking at his webbing. "Besides, I've got to go and finish calibrating the solar... more
                                                    • "Aw, okay."Iximaz, Fri Aug 7 23:23
                                                      Rina dug her toes into the sand, then looked out at the water. "Yeah, sure, I can go get Naya. No problem." She gave the Guardsman a quick, one-armed hug before jogging to the water's edge and... more
                                                      • "Hm? Oh, go ahead, son."SeaTurtle, Fri Aug 7 23:28
                                                        "Don't let me keep you!" he said. "A pleasure meeting you too, Zeb. You seem like a pretty decent guy: I've got a gut feeling that Rina is in good... paws with you around to help her. Have a good... more
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