The Guardsman laughed.
Fri Aug 7, 2015 15:45

"Bloody hard days, okay pay, and no respect. Someone has got to do it, though. I mean, with some of HQ's agents locked up in fighting Sues on their home turf and loads more busy doing admin work, HQ needs a defence force. Plotholes plus murderous creatures equals really bad times; hell, I almost got taken over by a neural parasite the other day. I'm not even sure if medical can fix that without cloning and psychografts. And that's not even covering what agents to do each other." He paused to scratch his nose. "A week ago, we arrested a guy who was illegally cooking up Bleeprin in his kitchen. It was poor quality stuff and cut with god knows what-- but he was selling it cheap and people were buying it." The Guardsman sighed. "And then there's the murderers but I don't wanna talk about that. Let's just say that with the weapons available and the general level of sanity in this place, people get creative."

  • "Well, I'm, er, not trying to," he said, embarrassed. Rina ran a hand through Zeb's mane, grinning when the static trapped in his fur tickled her fingers. "Don't be modest, you really are something." ... more
    • The Guardsman laughed. — SeaTurtle, Fri Aug 7 15:45
      • Zeb swallowed.Iximaz, Fri Aug 7 15:53
        "That... wow, that doesn't sound very safe." He shook his head. "I'm glad I'm in an Action department, not much bad stuff ever happens in there." Rina coughed. "I said not much!" Zeb protested.
        • "What, apart from the slow erosion of sanity?"SeaTurtle, Fri Aug 7 16:33
          The Guardsman shook his head. "Heh, we all have it bad here. I suppose we just have to stick together and try to drag each other along." He shrugged and looked at the Reader and Naya splashing around ... more
          • "Oh, yes, the water is lovely."Iximaz, Fri Aug 7 16:36
            Zeb shook himself, spraying water everywhere for emphasis. "I'm afraid I only know how to swim in this form, though Rina said she could teach me." "Oh, yeah," Rina said, nodding. "I've been swimming... more
            • The Guardsman looked at the water...SeaTurtle, Fri Aug 7 23:04
              ...and then shook his head. "Thanks, but if you haven't noticed, I've got all of my gear with me here," he said, picking at his webbing. "Besides, I've got to go and finish calibrating the solar... more
              • "Aw, okay."Iximaz, Fri Aug 7 23:23
                Rina dug her toes into the sand, then looked out at the water. "Yeah, sure, I can go get Naya. No problem." She gave the Guardsman a quick, one-armed hug before jogging to the water's edge and... more
                • "Hm? Oh, go ahead, son."SeaTurtle, Fri Aug 7 23:28
                  "Don't let me keep you!" he said. "A pleasure meeting you too, Zeb. You seem like a pretty decent guy: I've got a gut feeling that Rina is in good... paws with you around to help her. Have a good... more
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