"Aw, okay."
Fri Aug 7, 2015 23:23

Rina dug her toes into the sand, then looked out at the water. "Yeah, sure, I can go get Naya. No problem." She gave the Guardsman a quick, one-armed hug before jogging to the water's edge and jumping in.

Zeb looked up the beach to where Tacitus was sitting. "Um, Mister Guardsman, if you don't mind, I'd like to go talk to someone else. Not that it wasn't nice meeting you," he added hastily. "Because it was. Nice meeting you, I mean. But I've been wanting to say hello for a while now, and..."

  • The Guardsman looked at the water...SeaTurtle, Fri Aug 7 23:04
    ...and then shook his head. "Thanks, but if you haven't noticed, I've got all of my gear with me here," he said, picking at his webbing. "Besides, I've got to go and finish calibrating the solar... more
    • "Aw, okay." — Iximaz, Fri Aug 7 23:23
      • "Hm? Oh, go ahead, son."SeaTurtle, Fri Aug 7 23:28
        "Don't let me keep you!" he said. "A pleasure meeting you too, Zeb. You seem like a pretty decent guy: I've got a gut feeling that Rina is in good... paws with you around to help her. Have a good... more
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