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"Um, hey, guys?"
Fri Aug 7, 2015 23:48

Rina waded out to meet Naya and the Reader; the water barely came up to her waist. She looked down and trailed her fingers through the water. "Hi, Reader. Naya. Emiran wants me to tell you to not get too far from shore."

  • "Flying, huh?"DawnFire, Fri Aug 7 23:29
    Tentatively, the Reader slipped into the water. "Oh, it's nice. Warm." She pushed off, attempting to swim, and got a face full of water and her own hair for her trouble. She promptly stood up,... more
    • "Um, hey, guys?" — Iximaz, Fri Aug 7 23:48
      • "Is he still worried about that?" said Naya.SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 00:04
        "Tell him that he's a big worrywart and that I'm a grown lady. I'm fine." Naya emphasized the point by sculling around for a bit. "It's gonna take a lot more than a wave to pull me under. Besides,... more
        • The Reader...DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 00:18
          ...stilled momentarily at the contact, and went somewhat pink in the face as she draped her own arm over Naya's shoulders. "That's right, I will. I can use my respiratory bypass if it comes down to... more
          • Rina looked at the two women and grinned.Iximaz, Sat Aug 8 00:26
            "I'll make sure to let him know." She shook her head. "Honestly, the water's barely shallow enough to wade in, I don't know what his problem is..." She pushed off and began swimming into deeper... more
            • Naya waved goodbye.SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 15:37
              "She speaks the truth!" exclaimed the quarian, continuing to bob in the waves. "I am in shallow water. Emiran is making a fuss over absolutely nothing again." Almost immediately as she said that, a... more
              • "Nay--Naya?"DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 15:57
                The Reader stared after her, horrified. "*Naya*!" The Time Lady dove after her, switching to the respiratory bypass after about two seconds. Unfortunately, between the current dragging Naya away and... more
                • On the beach... SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 16:23
                  ...the Guardsman swore explosively as Naya, then the Reader were pulled underwater. "Terabyte!" he yelled. "They've gone under! Portal, now!" From inside the RC, the geth pointed its Omni-tool onto... more
                  • The Reader recovered first.DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 16:35
                    "Naya," she coughed, and rolled to her knees. "Naya?" Please be alright, pleasepleasebealright, cone on, say something, breathe, blink, anything-- She leaned over the quarian, trying not to give in... more
                    • "I got Naya. TB, take care of the Reader."SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 18:43
                      The Guardsman and TB slid next to the two women. Terabyte put a hand on the Reader's shoulders. " Ma'am, please let Emiranlanoamar take over. He is trained in first aid, " said the geth agent.... more
                      • ...but now she stepped forward quickly to hover by Naya and the Guardsman. "Naya--Naya, you, you're alright now?" She reached out to place a trembling hand on the quarian's shoulder. Both of them... more
                        • Naya loosened her grip around the Guardsman...SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 22:56
                          ...enough to turn her head to look at the Reader. "Yeah, 'm fine," she mumbled. "You... you went in for me. I saw you." She reached back and touched the Reader's hand. "Don't ever do that again. You... more
                          • The Reader shook her head...DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 23:37
                            ...and wrapped her fingers around Naya's. "You can't expect me not to try to save you," she pointed out, as mildly as she could manage. "And anyway, I've got the respiratory bypass. I'm a bit harder... more
                            • At her words...SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 23:57
                              ...Naya slowly let go of the Guardsman and stared at the Reader in shock. She then wordlessly leaned over and held the Reader tightly, resting her head on the Time Lady's shoulder. "Reader..." she... more
                              • Slowly, she shook her head. "Since--since somewhere along the way, I'm not entirely sure. I just--" She swallowed hard, and pressed her face against Naya's hair for several moments. "It's there, and... more
                                • "No."SeaTurtle, Sun Aug 9 00:35
                                  "No, don't say that I don't feel that way," said Naya. "Reader... I like you. A lot. Hell, I think I might even love you. I don't know. I'm just..." She sighed. "Thanks. I'm glad you're watching my... more
                                  • The Reader held her even more tightly...DawnFire, Wed Aug 12 17:01
                                    ...leaning her own head on Naya's shoulder. "I'll always watch your back," she said. Her voice was soft, meant for Naya's ears alone, futile as that probably was. "I--" She hesitated. "I don't quite... more
                                    • "Reader..." Naya whispered.SeaTurtle, Wed Aug 12 19:50
                                      "Don't say things like that. You're not... just... it's like..." The disguised quarian sighed. "Screw it. I'm not good at big speeches like Emiran over there and I don't have Terabyte's ability to... more
                                      • "Naya. Naya!"DawnFire, Wed Aug 12 20:25
                                        The Reader pulled Naya off the Guardsman, turning her until they faced each other. "Leave him alone and listen to me for a minute." She took a breath, slid her hands up Naya's arms until they rested... more
                                        • "Reader, listen to me."SeaTurtle, Wed Aug 12 21:27
                                          Naya cradled the Time lady's face with her hands. "D'you think I haven't thought about this already? I've been mulling over this for a long time, you know. The more I think about it, the more I'm... more
                                          • "You've been thinking about this? For a while, now?" She tilted her head to one side, leaning on one of Naya's hands and ignoring the way her wet hair stuck to her back and shoulders instead of... more
                                            • " I concur with Naya. It wouldn't ruin the moment at all, " said Terabyte. "It's a bit cliché, though," said the Guardsman, picking himself off the ground. "You know: the near-death experience, the... more
                                              • ...her head. "We're keeping the moment," she told Naya, running one hand up until it cupped the quarian's face. She waited for the DIA agent's eyes to open again before she smiled. "Wouldn't be the... more
                                                • "Oh, there we go."SeaTurtle, Wed Aug 12 23:40
                                                  "The infamous beach kiss," said the Guardsman. "It looks different than in the movies." " That is probably because of all the sand and grit, " remarked Terabyte. " It certainly is a departure from... more
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