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Des blushed.
Sat Aug 8, 2015 11:21

Well, no, ‘blushed’ is an understatement. His face turned red and so did his ears. He stared at Dawn, his mouth slightly open.

  • Dawn grinned, her cheeks going red.DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 11:18
    "Th-thanks," she said. "Glad I amuse you." She hesitated, then wiped away some of the tears of laughter. Her other arm stayed where it was.
    • Des blushed. — Desdendelle, Sat Aug 8 11:21
      • Dawn's grin faded slowly.DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 11:33
        She swallowed and stared back, her face going even redder.
        • Des seemed to be in shock.Desdendelle, Sat Aug 8 11:36
          He leaned in just this little bit, blushing even harder.
          • Dawn's blush deepened.DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 11:55
            Trying to quash a small, nervous smile, she leaned in as well, slowly moving close enough that they were breathing the same air and their view of each others' eyes began to blur.
            • Des froze.Desdendelle, Sat Aug 8 11:57
              For a moment, anyway; he gave a barely-perceptible shrug and leaned further, planting his lips on Dawn’s.
              • Dawn froze for a moment as well...DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 12:11
                ...and then relaxed. She let her eyes close as the kiss continued, tentatively resting one hand lightly against the side of Des' neck.
                • Des broke the kiss...Desdendelle, Sat Aug 8 12:13
                  … after what seemed like infinity to him, though it was but a short moment. “Wow,” was all he managed afterwards.
                  • Dawn smiled dreamily at him.DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 12:16
                    "Yeah," she said quietly. "Wow."
                    • Slowly, Des raised his hand.Desdendelle, Sat Aug 8 12:29
                      He awkwardly ran it through Dawn’s hair. “That was wonderful,” he whispered.
                      • Dawn leaned cautiously into the touch.DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 13:00
                        "It was," she agreed. Her thumb brushed lightly against his skin. "We--we should do that more often, really."
                        • Des smiled widely.Desdendelle, Sat Aug 8 13:01
                          “Oh, yes. Oh, most definitely yes,” he said. “That was awesome. Just like you are.”
                          • ...smiled back. "You're pretty good with the compliments. I think I'll keep you." She paused, and went completely red. "I mean--um--"
                            • Des chuckled.Desdendelle, Sat Aug 8 13:19
                              “That’s it, I’m taking you home with me,” he said with a chuckle. “You’re so lovely and cute and awesome I must have you.”
                              • Dawn laughed, blushing harder.DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 14:23
                                "Aw, shucks," she managed. "I'm not--you're--" She shook her head and leaned in to kiss him again, her movements careful and a little nervous. "That's cute," she said when her mouth was free again.... more
                                • Des grinned like an idiot.Desdendelle, Sat Aug 8 14:26
                                  “‘s weird, y’know,” he murmured after a while. “Nobody said anything.” He leaned in for another kiss.
                                  • Dawn leaned back a short time later, dazed.DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 14:31
                                    "Who would've said? What would they have said?" She didn't seem particularly invested in getting a response: her eyes didn't quite make it to his, and she leaned in for yet another kiss shortly after ... more
                                    • “Heh.”Desdendelle, Sat Aug 8 14:33
                                      For a while Des just snogged Dawn, saying nothing. “We’ve been snogging each other for a bit and nobody said a thing,” he said after a while.
                                      • Dawn shrugged.DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 14:38
                                        "Can't be bothered to care, come back later." She grinned at him, breathless by now, and then leaned forward to resume the snogging. "It *is* a bit strange, though," she admitted eventually. "Seems... more
                                        • Interrupt!Desdendelle, Sat Aug 8 14:45
                                          Someone cleared their throat behind Des. “Who’s that, Shakhar?” he asked once the current round of snogging was over.
                                          • Dawn looked up, blinked, and shrugged.DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 14:48
                                            "Don't know her. Hullo, stranger. Did you want something?" Her grin took away at least some of the rudeness.
                                            • Once he saw the person, he turned around. “Oh, hey, Nilera. I haven’t seen you for a while. Nilera, meet Dawn McKenna, my… uhum, my girlfriend. Dawn, this is Nilera. She was my partner a while ago.”... more
                                              • Dawn blinked, blushing a little...DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 15:02
                                                ...and then did her best to mimic the head bow. "Hi. Nice to meet you. Are you still a Floater? Assuming you were one when you and Des worked together?"
                                                • “Yes.”Desdendelle, Sat Aug 8 15:06
                                                  The Dunmer nodded. “I mostly train new agents,” she said. “It’s interesting work.” Des frowned. “Interesting like that time you hit me with the flat of your blade…?” “Well, the Sue would have had us... more
                                                  • Dawn tried and failed to hold back a giggle.Anonymous, Sat Aug 8 15:20
                                                    "Sorry," she said, and grinned at Nilera. "So you... smack newbies with a sword all day? I never really went through the official training, just got bits here and there from my partners. What's it... more
                                                    • “That would be irresponsible,” Nilera said.Desdendelle, Sat Aug 8 15:25
                                                      “But is sometimes necessary where all else fails. It is rather similar to training soldiers, in a way, and I’ve plenty of experience doing that.” She smiled. “What I do is take greenhorns — like Des... more
                                                      • "Fantastic," Dawn said.DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 15:28
                                                        "And you do this by... what, taking them on missions?"
                                                        • “Why, yes, of course.”Desdendelle, Sat Aug 8 15:33
                                                          “But also by helping them with their weapon skills if I can and generally giving them sound advice.” “When possible, use portals to your advantage. That’s one of yours, isn’t it?” Des asked.... more
                                                          • "Sounds useful," Dawn said.DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 16:10
                                                            She grinned. "I like portals. Portals are fun. And very useful."
                                                            • “Fun, you say?” Des asked.Desdendelle, Sat Aug 8 21:31
                                                              “You are giving me ideas, Shakhar. Terrible, terrible ideas.” He was rubbing his goatee, a conspiratorial look on his face. “Do I want to know what sort of ideas?” Nilera asked.
                                                              • "Ideas?" Dawn echoed.DawnFire, Sat Aug 8 22:46
                                                                "Well, now I'm curious. Or should I be worried? I shouldn't be worried, right?"
                                                                • Des chuckled.Desdendelle, Sat Aug 8 22:48
                                                                  “Hm-hm-hm,” he muttered, embarrassed. “T-that depends, Shakhar. What do you want them to be?” “I never thought you had it in you,” Nilera said and sighed.
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