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"Oof, that sounds rough."
Sat Aug 8, 2015 19:50

Rina grimaced sympathetically. "You didn't OD on the Bleep, did you? Because my old partner did once and she was loopier than a bucket of eels in a ferris wheel. That was not fun in the slightest." She sighed. "Sorry you had to put up with that."

  • Ginger scowled. "Ponies."TheShyIon, Sat Aug 8 12:10
    Alloy attempted to dry her hair with a small towel, but only succeeded in tearing off a strip of paper. "Yes, 'ponies' would describe it quite well. Alternatively, 'OOC Discord, multiple Sues." She... more
    • "Oof, that sounds rough." — Iximaz, Sat Aug 8 19:50
      • "The blak was the worst part." Ginger added, flatly, "She freaked out."
        • "That sounds horrible."Iximaz, Sat Aug 8 20:38
          Rina made a face. "If it makes you feel any better, at least it's not like the time my partner and I had to blow up an entire canon location and all the replacements in it." She grinned. "Admittedly, ... more
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