Tacitus laughed so hard he spat his pen out.
Sat Aug 8, 2015 23:05

The Zorua padded around the beach mat, laughing hysterically. Occasionally, he would calm down and glance at Zeb before erupting in a fresh fit of laughter.

From his supine position in the sand, Gaspard said: "I have no idea what is going on because I only hear you, sir, but Tacitus isn't going to just accept that. You're the client, he is the information provider, and Madam is his employer. That's his little world right there, cut-and-dried. 'Friendship' isn't a word in his vocabulary. He thinks it's a fancy way of saying 'eventual betrayal of trust'."

  • "Well..."Iximaz, Sat Aug 8 22:58
    Zeb gave Tacitus a long, sombre look. "You've got me."
    • Tacitus laughed so hard he spat his pen out. — SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 23:05
      • "But..."Iximaz, Sat Aug 8 23:13
        Zeb looked from Gaspard to Tacitus, hurt. "But... it's not like that..." he protested.
        • "Hey, don't look at me."SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 23:20
          "I wouldn't know either," mumbled Gaspard as he let his head flop back into the sand. By then, Tacitus had recovered from his laughing fit and found his pen. "Go on," he wrote with a smirk. "Use the... more
          • Zeb's tail fell even further.Iximaz, Sat Aug 8 23:32
            "I'll... I'll just be going, then," he mumbled. He turned away and began trudging back toward the water.
            • Gaspard propped himself up on his elbows...SeaTurtle, Sat Aug 8 23:48
              ...and watched Zeb walk away. "Tacitus, what the hell did you say to him?" he asked. In response, the Zorua simply shrugged and pushed his notebook towards his colleague before returning to his... more
              • "What do you want," he said dejectedly.
                • Tacitus handed him a note. SeaTurtle, Sun Aug 9 00:05
                  "I am ordered to apologize to you for my words and actions. I would be lying if I said I didn't mean any of it, but I see greatness in you, Zeb. We need you to shrug off that naiveté and become... more
                  • Zeb shook his head. "Apologies don't count unless you mean it. You can't be forced to do something like that. It's gotta be sincere."
                    • The Zorua rolled his eyes.SeaTurtle, Sun Aug 9 10:42
                      He wrote another note. "Fine. You got me. Words are cheap, you're right-- they build lies. What I meant to say is this: you are too trusting for your own good. People can and will walk all over you... more
                      • Zeb sighed.Iximaz, Sun Aug 9 10:52
                        "What was it Rina said? 'Better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all'? Something like that."
                        • Tacitus rolled his eyes again. SeaTurtle, Sun Aug 9 12:29
                          "And to quote Oromis from Eragon , 'You can't miss what you've never had'. Two can play at this game, you know."
                          • "You've read Eragon?"Iximaz, Sun Aug 9 12:44
                            Zeb almost squeed, but quickly composed himself. "Um. I mean. Don't you ever get lonely, though?"
                            • Tacitus hesitated for a fraction of a second.SeaTurtle, Sun Aug 9 12:48
                              "No." he wrote quickly.
                              • "Your smell changed."Iximaz, Sun Aug 9 12:50
                                Zeb tilted his head. "You smell like you're lying. But that's okay." He smiled. "If you ever get lonely, I'm willing to talk to you. Because that's what friends do."
                                • Tacitus scowled.SeaTurtle, Sun Aug 9 13:30
                                  "There is nothing to talk about." He stared defiantly at Zeb, as if he was expecting the other Pokémon to argue.
                                  • Zeb shrugged.Iximaz, Sun Aug 9 13:56
                                    "Just because there's nothing to talk about now doesn't mean there won't be later." He grinned. "I'll see you around, Tacitus. And try not to be so glum about everything! You keep that up and you'll... more
                                    • Tacitus' fur bristled up.SeaTurtle, Sun Aug 9 16:36
                                      He shot Zeb the best irritated glare he could muster and walked away from the Luxray at a brisk pace.
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