Zeb shrugged.
Sun Aug 9, 2015 13:56

"Just because there's nothing to talk about now doesn't mean there won't be later." He grinned. "I'll see you around, Tacitus. And try not to be so glum about everything! You keep that up and you'll turn into my partner."

  • Tacitus scowled.SeaTurtle, Sun Aug 9 13:30
    "There is nothing to talk about." He stared defiantly at Zeb, as if he was expecting the other Pokémon to argue.
    • Zeb shrugged. — Iximaz, Sun Aug 9 13:56
      • Tacitus' fur bristled up.SeaTurtle, Sun Aug 9 16:36
        He shot Zeb the best irritated glare he could muster and walked away from the Luxray at a brisk pace.
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