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Daphne stopped dead in front of the dwarf.
Tue Aug 25, 2015 11:39

She looked him up and down thoughtfully, clutching her inflatable fire lizard tightly. Then, beaming, she said, "But! You have hair."

"Most people do, Daphne," Dafydd said as he scrambled after Bella. Dragging her away from the door, he took Daphne by the hand on the way through. "Sorry about her," he said to Brightbeard. "She's three; I'm afraid the only cure is time."

"But! I want hair!" Daphne's face crumpled as her father led her away from Brightbeard, and she let out a piercing shriek. "I! Want! Hair!"

On Dafydd's other side, Belladonna started to squirm. "Daddy," she protested, "if Daffy gets hair why can't I have some too?"

"NO!" Daphne bellowed. "I want it!"

RAAAAR said the balloon, not wanting to be left out.

Reaching Constance's side at last, Dafydd handed her Oleander - who had remained a very quiet bundle under one arm the whole time - and rolled his shoulder back. "Ow. Daffy, Bella, you've both got hair already; please stop screaming."

"Of course they've got hair, Dad," Tanfin said, adjusting his new hat. "Everyone's got hair."

"Unless you set it on fire!" Jasmine piped up.

"Right. Yes. Top marks for observation. Um, thank you, but no," Dafydd put in, with a quick smile at Wobbles. "I think we'd better get these little uruloki to a corner where they can calm down."

"What dragons?" asked Tanfin. "They haven't hatched yet."

"And they never will if you keep yelling at them," Constance said, taking him by the shoulder. "Come along, everyone, let's go over here..."


((This is basically my signoff for tonight. I'd still appreciate a comment from Nesh on whether Hera and Ilwion should be present, but the Illians are going to be busy keeping their horde quiet.))

((I'll bring the Lichen in tomorrow, if that's okay.))

((This is fun. ^_^))


  • Almost timePhobos, Tue Aug 25 11:14
    Eamon Brightbeard had received his message from Voltarmi while in the middle of smithing an battle axe. It wasn't the sort of thing that one could simply set aside. So, Brightbeard finished what he... more
    • Daphne stopped dead in front of the dwarf. — Huinesoron, Tue Aug 25 11:39
      • On the one hand, it was her job as a Nursery worker to help any parents in the PPC. This newly arrived family certainly seemed to qualify as needing some help — or, at the very least, another set of... more
        • Dawn McKenna ran in through the door, and...DawnFire, Tue Aug 25 13:32
          ...stumble-skidded to a halt on the sand. One end of long blue and green scarf trailed from her shoulder; the rest of it had been wrapped loosely around her neck and once around her waist. A small... more
          • Clarifications and catch-up.Neshomeh, Tue Aug 25 13:45
            (( First, a couple clarifications: 1. Nume already left with an egg and bowl of wherry-meat for the Lichen. I did not make this at all clear; I was in a hurry. I apologize for the confusion. 2. So... more
            • ((Clarification clarification:))Huinesoron, Tue Aug 25 15:16
              ((So is the Lichen staying out of the RP entirely? I'm fine either way, I've got the Illians to keep track of.)) ((Also, can you remember what fire lizard parents do when watching their children... more
              • (( IIRC... ))Neshomeh, Tue Aug 25 16:31
                It probably depends on the fire-lizard. The queen of the clutch Menolly Impressed from didn't seem to mind, but she and Menolly were already sort of friends. Wild fairs will probably either try to... more
                • ((Let's keep it out, then.))Huinesoron, Tue Aug 25 16:53
                  I'm happy to just let the Lichen's Impession go off-screen. I'll bring in the f'lizards when I post again, then. Though... heh, Hera? Reassured? She doesn't have that name by chance, you know... hS
                • ((Wuhoh.))JulyFlame, Tue Aug 25 16:37
                  ((Did I misread at some point trying to figure out who was in the room already? I may well have done.))
            • Down to businessPhobos, Tue Aug 25 14:30
              Brightbeard didn't so much walk into the room as stroll into it. He was enjoying the heat and the dry, dusty air. It reminded him of his own home on Azeroth; the mountain stronghold of Ironforge,... more
              • Fluff incomingDesdendelle, Tue Aug 25 15:38
                When he spotted Dawn in the crowd, Des almost squeed. A smile spread on his face; he rubbed his hands together and shoved the lightsaber into a pocket of his coat. Capitalising on the fact that she... more
                • ((Whoops! First casualty.))DawnFire, Tue Aug 25 15:47
                  ((That is, I managed to forget to double-check that no one had posted since I started writing. Replies should continue from July's post, not mine, since she got there first. ~DF))
                • Turning, she hugged him back. "Des! When did you get here? Why are you here? Did you also come for the hatching? I didn't know you'd traded for one too, when did this happen?" She was grinning madly... more
                • Aaand here's BM!JulyFlame, Tue Aug 25 15:44
                  [OOC: I'm taking and running with the flooding problem hS came up with in his short on the main board and expanding upon it a bit, but you're of course more than welcome to have that not be a problem ... more
                  • There is more to be had!Desdendelle, Tue Aug 25 16:23
                    “A few moments ago; for the hatching, of course; yes; and,” Des took a breath, “remember the time I asked you out? I got Avatar Aang's uncanon lightsaber from the mission immediately before it;... more
                    • "Oh, I see, I see."DawnFire, Tue Aug 25 17:08
                      "And yeah, I guess you do. Pity I can't move in there--uh, I mean--right, hold on, I think she wants our attention, doesn't she?" Dawn, her face now going red, turned to look at Jenni. She kept her... more
                      • Illian catchup.Huinesoron, Wed Aug 26 04:18
                        With the children settled (which took longer than it might have - Oleander woke up from his nap, and Dafydd spent some time persuading him that no, he couldn't have Daphne's balloon - or Tanfin's hat ... more
                        • Wobbles heard him talking.Scapegrace, Wed Aug 26 05:31
                          And she smiled much wider as she wandered around the room, looking for a buffet table to pillage in the name of Cap'n Wobb, The Pirate Clown - wow, she really had to bring that girl back, it had been ... more
                          • Alex looked up when Constance appeared...Iximaz, Wed Aug 26 07:41
                            ...queen and bronze on her shoulders. He watched Hera fly over to the eggs that had not yet been claimed, then hesitantly followed Dafydd. "H-hi," he stuttered. It wasn't immediately clear who he was ... more
                            • Hera raised her head...Huinesoron, Wed Aug 26 08:08
                              ... and deigned to look at Alex. Her eyes whirled briefly, yellow specks creeping into them, and her wings rose as if preparing for flight. Ilwion nuzzled his mate's neck, spreading his nearside wing ... more
                              • Alex grinned.Iximaz, Wed Aug 26 08:15
                                "Thank you, sir," he said, ducking his head shyly. "Are both of them yours, then? They're really nice."
                                • Dafydd reached down and touched Ilwion's head.Huinesoron, Wed Aug 26 08:21
                                  "He's mine," he said. "Hera is bonded to my wife." He glanced over at where Constance was trying to put a stop to Daphne and Oleander's 'let's run in circles around Mummy' game. "Which is not where... more
                                  • Alex's eyes widened.Iximaz, Wed Aug 26 08:28
                                    "W-wait a minute," he stammered, "Connie? Are you... a-are you Dafydd Illian? Um. " His eyes were now about the size of saucers. "Sorry, I, um, I just, um, wow." He took a deep breath and scratched... more
                                    • "Most of the time."Huinesoron, Wed Aug 26 08:44
                                      "Except when I need to be Darth Balrog, Scourge of the Multiverse." Dafydd chuckled at the kid's expression. "Joke, joke. As, I'm sure, would be anything I said about Hera being high-maintenance."... more
                                      • "Sorry."Iximaz, Wed Aug 26 08:51
                                        Alex looked sheepish. "Just kind of startled me, is all. Oh, right!" He awkwardly held out a hand. "Alex Dives. I'm an intern in DoSAT. And, um, thank you for donating the eggs." ((Poor Dadydd. I... more
                                        • As an answer to Dawn...Desdendelle, Wed Aug 26 09:03
                                          Des took the lightsaber out of his pocket, taking care not to ignite its blade by mistake. “I'd like to get rid of this ASAP,” he said, “it positively stinks of Studom.” He nodded toward Ilraen.... more
                                          • Colt shrugged a bit. JulyFlame, Wed Aug 26 09:11
                                            Gerry sneezed the moment it came out. "Seriously. Ugh, Sue weapons." "I was hoping for Tel'Quessir, personally," Colt said, temporarily distracted by the lightsaber before looking at the elf again,... more
                                            • Dawn followed Des' gaze, and nodded.DawnFire, Wed Aug 26 10:00
                                              "Yeah, that's a Noldo. I, uh, I think he used to be an agent of some sort--I mean, a DOGA agent. He left or retired or something a little before I joined--something about dying and maybe coming back... more
                                              • Dafydd;s ears twitched.Huinesoron, Wed Aug 26 10:15
                                                Actually, they didn't - he'd often thought they should , but mobile ears weren't a trait possessed by many Eldar. Dafydd's ears wanted to twitch as a woman across the room called (well, said)... more
                                                • “Shakhar, wait a sec.”Desdendelle, Wed Aug 26 10:29
                                                  Des rubbed his goatee. “Missing hand, Noldo, missing hand, agent, not any more, dammit where'd I read this, missions missions missions... fabric? No, something with T... Oh I know. Terri Ryan, DOGA... more
                                                  • "Hey!"Iximaz, Wed Aug 26 10:34
                                                    Alex waved at the two people when they approached. "Are you here for the hatching, too?" Too many people get out get out get out. He hoped there wasn't any sweat beading up on his forehead as he held ... more
                                                    • Dawn nodded in response to Des.DawnFire, Wed Aug 26 10:42
                                                      "Introductions, right. That should go well. Let's hope it goes well, actually, dealing safely with Feanorians usually requires being out of, uh, everything-range. Oh well. Maybe an agent!Maglor, or... more
                                                      • “Hello there!” Des said.Desdendelle, Wed Aug 26 10:46
                                                        “Yesyes to all your questions, bub!” he said. “I'm Des, this is Shakhar – Dawn – and you–” Des squinted. “You look somewhat familiar... what's your name, dude?”
                                                        • "I... I'm..."Iximaz, Wed Aug 26 10:48
                                                          Alex cradled the egg to his chest. "'M Alex Dives," he said, finally finding his voice. "DoSAT intern." He smiled and held out a hand. "Nice to meet you... Des, was it?" He frowned. "Des... dendelle?"
                                                          • “Yes, that's me.” Des shook the proffered hand.Desdendelle, Wed Aug 26 10:50
                                                            “Wait a sec. Dives? As in... are you related to Rina Dives?” Des tilted his head.
                                                            • Alex flinched.Iximaz , Wed Aug 26 10:53
                                                              "Yes, I am, and I don't want to talk about it," he said, turning away. "Especially not today."
                                                              • “Oh.”Desdendelle, Wed Aug 26 10:55
                                                                “Sorry, dude.” Des bowed his head briefly. “Didn't mean to upset you. You said DoSAT... d'you happen to know a Unison Device by the name of Corolla?”
                                                                • ((HAHA got you!))Huinesoron, Wed Aug 26 10:57
                                                                  Ahem. More seriously, I'm going out of ambit for the next few hours, so assume Dafydd is just keeping the f'lizards quiet. hS
                                                              • Hera's head snapped up.Huinesoron, Wed Aug 26 10:55
                                                                Her gaze locked onto Alex, her eyes sparkling with orange facets. Beside her, Ilwion sat up, craning to look up at Dafydd. The elf drew in a breath between his teeth. "As a general remark," he said,... more
                                                                • "Sorry, Mr. Illian."Iximaz , Wed Aug 26 11:02
                                                                  Alex sighed. "Won't happen again, promise." To Des, he said, "And, yeah, actually. She's one of my regular teachers. Supervisors? I like her because she doesn't make me go on a lot of coffee runs.... more
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