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(( IIRC... ))
Tue Aug 25, 2015 16:31

It probably depends on the fire-lizard. The queen of the clutch Menolly Impressed from didn't seem to mind, but she and Menolly were already sort of friends. Wild fairs will probably either try to defend the clutch (I think the fair Sorka ran into did this?) or just go into hiding and hope the nest goes unnoticed (the fairmates of F'nor's clutch were nowhere to be seen); probably depends on the size of the fair and how experienced/confident the gold is.

If Hera's a particularly protective mother, she might be anxious (she's already had her eggs stolen once!), but if Constance reassures her, she should be fine, and if she's fine, Ilwion should be fine.

Plus, it would be neat to have them humming for the full hatching experience. ^_^

As for the Lichen, I wasn't planning on it being present, but if it's already on its way and catches Nume in the hallway, the plan could change? Personally, I don't want to have to visualize a big, fuzzy green mat moving around and using psychically-controlled cyber-arms. Kinda freaks me out!


  • ((Clarification clarification:))Huinesoron, Tue Aug 25 15:16
    ((So is the Lichen staying out of the RP entirely? I'm fine either way, I've got the Illians to keep track of.)) ((Also, can you remember what fire lizard parents do when watching their children... more
    • (( IIRC... )) — Neshomeh, Tue Aug 25 16:31
      • ((Let's keep it out, then.))Huinesoron, Tue Aug 25 16:53
        I'm happy to just let the Lichen's Impession go off-screen. I'll bring in the f'lizards when I post again, then. Though... heh, Hera? Reassured? She doesn't have that name by chance, you know... hS
      • ((Wuhoh.))JulyFlame, Tue Aug 25 16:37
        ((Did I misread at some point trying to figure out who was in the room already? I may well have done.))
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