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Tue Aug 25, 2015 16:37

((Did I misread at some point trying to figure out who was in the room already? I may well have done.))

  • (( IIRC... ))Neshomeh, Tue Aug 25 16:31
    It probably depends on the fire-lizard. The queen of the clutch Menolly Impressed from didn't seem to mind, but she and Menolly were already sort of friends. Wild fairs will probably either try to... more
    • ((Let's keep it out, then.))Huinesoron, Tue Aug 25 16:53
      I'm happy to just let the Lichen's Impession go off-screen. I'll bring in the f'lizards when I post again, then. Though... heh, Hera? Reassured? She doesn't have that name by chance, you know... hS
    • ((Wuhoh.)) — JulyFlame, Tue Aug 25 16:37
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