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Illian catchup.
Wed Aug 26, 2015 04:18

With the children settled (which took longer than it might have - Oleander woke up from his nap, and Dafydd spent some time persuading him that no, he couldn't have Daphne's balloon - or Tanfin's hat - or Jasmine's ear), Constance turned to her husband. "So what did she say?"

"Um? She... offered Tanfin a balloon?"

"Bloon!" RAAAAAR

Constance rolled her eyes. "Not the clown. Jenni. You were asking about Hera...?"

"Oh." Dafydd closed his eyes for a moment, calling up the memory. "'Of course they can!' In a squeaky voice."

"That's still a neat trick," Constance murmured. "So I'll-"

A dark blue alien woman stepped up to the family. "Pardon me," she said. "My name is Teyala Solnerii, and I work with the PPC Nursery. If you need any help with your children, please let me know. I would be happy to assist you. Well, before the hatching begins, anyway."

Dafydd blinked. "Do we look like we can't- wait, never mind, we kind of do."

Constance chuckled. "What, you don't think the Rampant Horde exudes a feeling of complete - Jasmine, get down from the console or Makes-Things will get you - control?"

"It could be worse; no-one's riding around on a gigantic hound." Dafydd smiled one-sidedly at some memory. "Um, thank you, Teyala; I think we'll be okay."

"About that we." Constance plucked the Remote Activator from Dafydd's belt and pulled up a portal. "I'm going to fetch Her Majesty. Back in a minute."

Dafydd watched her go, then turned back to Teyala. "I say okay..."

A six-year-old boy Dafydd vaguely recognised from Bud activities wandered over, one hand in his pocket. "Hiya, Tanfin. Jazzy. Bella."

"Henry!" exclaimed Jasmine. "I haven't seen you in for. ever."

Tanfin snorted. "You saw him two weeks ago at the Pointless Party. Remember?"

Jasmine glared at her brother. "For. Ever." she repeated.

Meanwhile, Bella had ignored her siblings and walked straight over to Henry. She looked him up and down with an expression of deep thought, then wrapped her arms around him in. "Henry!" she squeaked.

Dafydd shook his head, smiling. "Yes, I think we'll be okay. Thank you, though."

The portal reappeared, and Constance stepped through. She had a fire lizard on either shoulder - gold Hera looking imperiously around, bronze Ilwion seemingly half-asleep. "Oh, hi, Henry," she said, pointing the RA and shutting the portal.

As Jenni started talking, Hera hopped into the air and glided across to the rough circle of eggs. She landed lightly in the middle of the clutch and made a soft crooning noise, nudging a couple of the eggs with her snout.

Constance glanced at Dafydd. "I think you need to get over there. If she gets possessive..."

"Right." Dafydd scooped Ilwion off Constance's shoulder and plonked him on his own. "Good luck with the kids." He kissed his wife on the cheek and hurried off across the room.

"It's all right, Your Majesty," he murmured, kneeling down as close to Hera as he could get. "We talked about this, remember? They're going to good people."

Ilwion fluttered down onto the sand at his mate's side and rubbed his neck against hers; Hera made a quiet sound, but her eyes were a slow purplish-red, and she seemed content to leave the eggs alone.

Dafydd glanced up at Jenni. "She should be fine. At least I think she should."

Miscellaneous notes:

-Constance knows Jenni, having moonlighted in FicPsych.
-I've repeated Teyala's line to keep the scene flow; obviously if someone Interludes this section it'll need reworking.
-Tanfin is eight now, so he's moved up to Sprouts.
-Neshomeh, feel free to write Hera & Ilwion humming when the time comes, if you want to use them to mark the start. If you need Dafydd to get them out of the way, just ask.
-Yes, 'slow purplish-red'. Fire lizard eyes are described in terms of both whirling and colour. The (a?) Pern wiki suggests purple-red is the correct colour when eggs are about to hatch.
-I know Dawn clocked Dafydd, but she didn't come over, so he's not reacting.

hS, adding appendices to RP posts since Iluvatar knows when

  • "Oh, I see, I see."DawnFire, Tue Aug 25 17:08
    "And yeah, I guess you do. Pity I can't move in there--uh, I mean--right, hold on, I think she wants our attention, doesn't she?" Dawn, her face now going red, turned to look at Jenni. She kept her... more
    • Illian catchup. — Huinesoron, Wed Aug 26 04:18
      • Wobbles heard him talking.Scapegrace, Wed Aug 26 05:31
        And she smiled much wider as she wandered around the room, looking for a buffet table to pillage in the name of Cap'n Wobb, The Pirate Clown - wow, she really had to bring that girl back, it had been ... more
        • Alex looked up when Constance appeared...Iximaz, Wed Aug 26 07:41
          ...queen and bronze on her shoulders. He watched Hera fly over to the eggs that had not yet been claimed, then hesitantly followed Dafydd. "H-hi," he stuttered. It wasn't immediately clear who he was ... more
          • Hera raised her head...Huinesoron, Wed Aug 26 08:08
            ... and deigned to look at Alex. Her eyes whirled briefly, yellow specks creeping into them, and her wings rose as if preparing for flight. Ilwion nuzzled his mate's neck, spreading his nearside wing ... more
            • Alex grinned.Iximaz, Wed Aug 26 08:15
              "Thank you, sir," he said, ducking his head shyly. "Are both of them yours, then? They're really nice."
              • Dafydd reached down and touched Ilwion's head.Huinesoron, Wed Aug 26 08:21
                "He's mine," he said. "Hera is bonded to my wife." He glanced over at where Constance was trying to put a stop to Daphne and Oleander's 'let's run in circles around Mummy' game. "Which is not where... more
                • Alex's eyes widened.Iximaz, Wed Aug 26 08:28
                  "W-wait a minute," he stammered, "Connie? Are you... a-are you Dafydd Illian? Um. " His eyes were now about the size of saucers. "Sorry, I, um, I just, um, wow." He took a deep breath and scratched... more
                  • "Most of the time."Huinesoron, Wed Aug 26 08:44
                    "Except when I need to be Darth Balrog, Scourge of the Multiverse." Dafydd chuckled at the kid's expression. "Joke, joke. As, I'm sure, would be anything I said about Hera being high-maintenance."... more
                    • "Sorry."Iximaz, Wed Aug 26 08:51
                      Alex looked sheepish. "Just kind of startled me, is all. Oh, right!" He awkwardly held out a hand. "Alex Dives. I'm an intern in DoSAT. And, um, thank you for donating the eggs." ((Poor Dadydd. I... more
                      • As an answer to Dawn...Desdendelle, Wed Aug 26 09:03
                        Des took the lightsaber out of his pocket, taking care not to ignite its blade by mistake. “I'd like to get rid of this ASAP,” he said, “it positively stinks of Studom.” He nodded toward Ilraen.... more
                        • Colt shrugged a bit. JulyFlame, Wed Aug 26 09:11
                          Gerry sneezed the moment it came out. "Seriously. Ugh, Sue weapons." "I was hoping for Tel'Quessir, personally," Colt said, temporarily distracted by the lightsaber before looking at the elf again,... more
                          • Dawn followed Des' gaze, and nodded.DawnFire, Wed Aug 26 10:00
                            "Yeah, that's a Noldo. I, uh, I think he used to be an agent of some sort--I mean, a DOGA agent. He left or retired or something a little before I joined--something about dying and maybe coming back... more
                            • Dafydd;s ears twitched.Huinesoron, Wed Aug 26 10:15
                              Actually, they didn't - he'd often thought they should , but mobile ears weren't a trait possessed by many Eldar. Dafydd's ears wanted to twitch as a woman across the room called (well, said)... more
                              • “Shakhar, wait a sec.”Desdendelle, Wed Aug 26 10:29
                                Des rubbed his goatee. “Missing hand, Noldo, missing hand, agent, not any more, dammit where'd I read this, missions missions missions... fabric? No, something with T... Oh I know. Terri Ryan, DOGA... more
                                • "Hey!"Iximaz, Wed Aug 26 10:34
                                  Alex waved at the two people when they approached. "Are you here for the hatching, too?" Too many people get out get out get out. He hoped there wasn't any sweat beading up on his forehead as he held ... more
                                  • Dawn nodded in response to Des.DawnFire, Wed Aug 26 10:42
                                    "Introductions, right. That should go well. Let's hope it goes well, actually, dealing safely with Feanorians usually requires being out of, uh, everything-range. Oh well. Maybe an agent!Maglor, or... more
                                    • “Hello there!” Des said.Desdendelle, Wed Aug 26 10:46
                                      “Yesyes to all your questions, bub!” he said. “I'm Des, this is Shakhar – Dawn – and you–” Des squinted. “You look somewhat familiar... what's your name, dude?”
                                      • "I... I'm..."Iximaz, Wed Aug 26 10:48
                                        Alex cradled the egg to his chest. "'M Alex Dives," he said, finally finding his voice. "DoSAT intern." He smiled and held out a hand. "Nice to meet you... Des, was it?" He frowned. "Des... dendelle?"
                                        • “Yes, that's me.” Des shook the proffered hand.Desdendelle, Wed Aug 26 10:50
                                          “Wait a sec. Dives? As in... are you related to Rina Dives?” Des tilted his head.
                                          • Alex flinched.Iximaz , Wed Aug 26 10:53
                                            "Yes, I am, and I don't want to talk about it," he said, turning away. "Especially not today."
                                            • “Oh.”Desdendelle, Wed Aug 26 10:55
                                              “Sorry, dude.” Des bowed his head briefly. “Didn't mean to upset you. You said DoSAT... d'you happen to know a Unison Device by the name of Corolla?”
                                              • ((HAHA got you!))Huinesoron, Wed Aug 26 10:57
                                                Ahem. More seriously, I'm going out of ambit for the next few hours, so assume Dafydd is just keeping the f'lizards quiet. hS
                                            • Hera's head snapped up.Huinesoron, Wed Aug 26 10:55
                                              Her gaze locked onto Alex, her eyes sparkling with orange facets. Beside her, Ilwion sat up, craning to look up at Dafydd. The elf drew in a breath between his teeth. "As a general remark," he said,... more
                                              • "Sorry, Mr. Illian."Iximaz , Wed Aug 26 11:02
                                                Alex sighed. "Won't happen again, promise." To Des, he said, "And, yeah, actually. She's one of my regular teachers. Supervisors? I like her because she doesn't make me go on a lot of coffee runs.... more
                                                • Des nodded empathetically.Desdendelle, Wed Aug 26 11:05
                                                  He glanced at Dafydd, but when he saw that the Noldo was busy with his fire-lizard, he kept his attention on Alex. “She's a nice person, yeah. Helped me with a nasty Harry Potter fic, once.”
                                                  • "Is that the one..."Iximaz, Wed Aug 26 11:09
                                                    "...where Harry was the heir to the Founders and had a harem, or something?" Alex grinned. "She told me about that! Oh, man, that sounded horrible; it's times like that I'm glad I'm not a field... more
                                                    • Rewinding back a little bit...PoorCynic, Wed Aug 26 11:54
                                                      Dafydd shook his head, smiling. "Yes, I think we'll be okay. Thank you, though." Teyala nodded. "You're welcome. Enjoy the rest of your day." She turned away from the Illian family, pausing long... more
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