Hera's head snapped up.
Wed Aug 26, 2015 10:55

Her gaze locked onto Alex, her eyes sparkling with orange facets. Beside her, Ilwion sat up, craning to look up at Dafydd.

The elf drew in a breath between his teeth. "As a general remark," he said, not looking at anyone, "fire lizards are telempaths. That means they pick up on strong emotions." He stroked Hera's neck, ignoring her hissing. "In particular, they tend to get agitated quite easily when people around them do."

Hera had settled down now, and seemed to be trying to pretend nothing had happened. Dafydd smiled, patted Ilwion on the head, and looked up at the new arrivals. "So: Des, Dawn, and Dives, and I'm Dafydd; goodness, what a team. I should bring Daphne over, except I think she's busy trying to get her balloon to lay eggs."

  • Alex flinched.Iximaz , Wed Aug 26 10:53
    "Yes, I am, and I don't want to talk about it," he said, turning away. "Especially not today."
    • “Oh.”Desdendelle, Wed Aug 26 10:55
      “Sorry, dude.” Des bowed his head briefly. “Didn't mean to upset you. You said DoSAT... d'you happen to know a Unison Device by the name of Corolla?”
      • ((HAHA got you!))Huinesoron, Wed Aug 26 10:57
        Ahem. More seriously, I'm going out of ambit for the next few hours, so assume Dafydd is just keeping the f'lizards quiet. hS
    • Hera's head snapped up. — Huinesoron, Wed Aug 26 10:55
      • "Sorry, Mr. Illian."Iximaz , Wed Aug 26 11:02
        Alex sighed. "Won't happen again, promise." To Des, he said, "And, yeah, actually. She's one of my regular teachers. Supervisors? I like her because she doesn't make me go on a lot of coffee runs.... more
        • Des nodded empathetically.Desdendelle, Wed Aug 26 11:05
          He glanced at Dafydd, but when he saw that the Noldo was busy with his fire-lizard, he kept his attention on Alex. “She's a nice person, yeah. Helped me with a nasty Harry Potter fic, once.”
          • "Is that the one..."Iximaz, Wed Aug 26 11:09
            "...where Harry was the heir to the Founders and had a harem, or something?" Alex grinned. "She told me about that! Oh, man, that sounded horrible; it's times like that I'm glad I'm not a field... more
            • Rewinding back a little bit...PoorCynic, Wed Aug 26 11:54
              Dafydd shook his head, smiling. "Yes, I think we'll be okay. Thank you, though." Teyala nodded. "You're welcome. Enjoy the rest of your day." She turned away from the Illian family, pausing long... more
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