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String the second.
Wed Aug 26, 2015 14:27

(( Let's take this as an opportunity to reset and behave from here on out, yeah? ))

<Hello, Agent Brightbeard,> Ilraen replied happily, although he offered his delicate seven-fingered hand with hesitation. He hoped the Dwarf was aware that he had to reserve his strength. <My partner and I are well enough, thank you.>

He would have gone on, but he noticed the blue asari approaching them at that point.

She walked over to the Andalite and gave him a courteous nod. "Hello Ilraen," she said. "I hope you're doing well."

<Yes, thank you, Teyala. Henry and I are very excited to be present for this occasion. We wish you joy with the outcome—and you as well.> He bowed slightly toward Brightbeard. <Now, since our transactions are not material in nature, please do not let me keep you from your eggs. Jenni tells me it will be best to be comfortably settled before the shells begin to crack, which should be quite soon.> He glanced at Voltarmi, who nodded with the cheeky grin of someone who knows and isn't telling.


Henry yelped when Bella abruptly hugged him. "Bell-la!" he complained, struggling to free his arms so he could pry her off. "Lemme go! No glomping, no glomping!" An ill-timed heave resulted in one of his feet slipping out from under him in the sand, and the two children went over in a heap. "Mo-om!"


No sooner had Jenni finished speaking than a blur of gold streaked by her to land with the clutch beside her. "Well, hello, gorgeous!" she exclaimed softly. Quickly gathering in her excitement, she did her best to radiate calm and confidence as the queen inspected her eggs. "Don't worry, they're all right."

And then Dafydd was back, issuing much the same sentiment. She nodded at his reassurance, but was distracted from replying by the young tech—another Intern Alex, she recalled—coming around to get vetted by Hera. The queen's acceptance of Alex reassured Jenni that she wasn't likely to interfere with the Impressions.

Then Henry squalled for her, and her head whipped around to pinpoint where he'd tumbled in the sand. She relaxed, realizing that everything was all right—he was just in a tussle with little Belladonna. She trusted Constance to sort it out, so she simply called out, "You're fine, Henry! Play nice!" and left it at that.

She was surprised to note that, although the dwarf and asari had made their way to Ilraen and the Cafeteria dolly, no one else had queued for their eggs yet. If Hera was any indication, they'd better hurry up. She planted her hands on her hips and looked around impatiently. She did not want a chaotic last-minute scramble, and she especially did not want to be landed with ten fire-lizards. She was not Menolly, thank you very much!

She raised her hands and clapped loudly for attention. She was peripherally aware of upsetting Hera and Ilwion with the sudden noise, but they'd be more upset if their hatchlings started to arrive with nothing but each other close enough to eat. "Come on, people! Do you want an egg, or not? We have minutes, if that! Let's have some order, please!"

  • Fire-Lizard HatchingNeshomeh, Mon Aug 24 16:42
    It's here, finally! But first, Da Rules: 1. This is a closed event. If you don't have a character receiving an egg and you're not me or hS, you're welcome to spectate quietly, but please don't post... more
    • String the third.Neshomeh, Mon Aug 31 12:24
      (( Because it's about time to wrap back up to here anyway. (( A few notes: 1. I'm gonna crack eggs in batches, and I have the day off today, so if you happen to be around I can actually engage in a... more
      • Babies!JulyFlame, Mon Aug 31 13:19
        With each suddenly holding a bowl of meat and an egg with its hatchling ready to escape, both shoved onto them (though fortunately having things shoved into their arms was a common occurance, in BM), ... more
        • Bronze and green.Neshomeh, Mon Aug 31 13:39
          The little bronze was quick to spot the morsel Gerry offered him. With a triumphant cry, he darted forward and snatched the piece from her fingers, not even bothering to chew as he bolted it down.... more
          • "Hey there, Zeke."Iximaz, Mon Aug 31 13:43
            Alex grabbed several pieces of meat and offered one to the little blue. "I'm going to take care of you," he said, laughing when Zeke snapped up the meat from his hand. "I promise."
            • Batch two!Neshomeh, Mon Aug 31 14:54
              The little blue preemptively dubbed Zeke was not interested in words. He was very, very interested in the meat Alex held in his other hand, toward which he turned and pounced. He tried to propel... more
              • ((Can I just say I'm squeeing over here?))Iximaz, Mon Aug 31 15:14
                ((Because I'm totally squeeing over here. :D )) Alex offered Zeke another few pieces of meat, using his free hand to scoot the little blue closer to him, stroking its back while he fed the hatchling. ... more
              • EGGSES. Alleb, Mon Aug 31 15:09
                The eggs little tap escalated to rocking. The parents' song in her ears, Alleb hurriedly set the egg in the sand, and picked up the bowl of meat. " Think loving thoughts, " Alleb told herself. She... more
                • Teyala's preparations.PoorCynic, Mon Aug 31 16:11
                  Everything began moving very quickly. The asari soon found herself sitting on the sand with a bowl of meat (which had caused her to blush at her own forgetfulness when she received it from Ilraen)... more
                  • Brightbeard picked up a bit of meatPhobos, Mon Aug 31 16:42
                    As the brown made its presence known to the world, Brightbeard brought the meat close to it. He could feel the hunger, but he was old and used to ignoring the urges of the body. "I've some food for... more
                    • The Notary had had enough.Scapegrace, Mon Aug 31 17:24
                      She was feeling peckish herself - normally something she clamped down on - and rooted through her pockets for random tech she wasn't using any more. "Human, I have some things for you to juggle."... more
                      • to it, and put it besides her. She took a small piece of meat and offered it to the creature. Then, she did something that she haven't done in months, months that felt like ages, Shui-Hua... more
                        • Third and final batch.Neshomeh, Wed Sep 2 23:09
                          (( Finally. Stupid YourWebApps, crashing when I needed to post... (( Disclaimer: I am le tired, and cannot go take a nap before firing ze missiles. Advance apologies for any dumb mistakes,... more
                          • ((Finally!))Desdendelle, Thu Sep 3 00:14
                            Des smiled when his egg finally hatched. He took a piece of meat and handed it to his fire-lizard, who gulped it down and continued to scale Des' leg. The Floater started humming under his breath,... more
                            • "Hello, Lola."Scapegrace, Thu Sep 3 04:29
                              The Notary rummaged through a pocket with her offhand and came out with a pair of long evening gloves, one of which she struggled to put on. Once the task had been completed, she resisted the urge to ... more
                              • ...emerged from her shell and spread her wings wide. A gold? A gold ? Somewhere, behind the utter shock and a healthy amount of awe, part of Dawn's mind went, shiny . The hatchling found her feet and ... more
                                • Whoot whoot, fire-lizard!Alleb, Thu Sep 3 18:32
                                  Alleb saw a bright flash of green as the little dragon emerged from it's shell. It shook itself, then began to mewl, nosing around for food on the sandy floor. Alleb felt the hatchling's intense... more
                                  • Teyala's eyes snapped open as the egg broke.PoorCynic, Fri Sep 4 11:34
                                    The asari moved quickly, fishing several slivers of meat out of the nearby bowl and offering them to the tiny green creature. The fire-lizard wolfed them down within an instant before trilling for... more
                                    • ((OOC: Well actually...))Edhelistar, Sun Sep 6 10:48
                                      ((...the correct pinyin spelling for the name is Fěi-cuí , but I wasn't going for a correct spelling, I was going for an American English spelling that gave me the pronunciation that was the... more
                                      • ((Oh, by the way, Nesh...))Alleb, Sun Sep 6 14:51
                                        ((...Alleb never got to trade her dagger to Ilraen. Do you want to RP that, or just write a little one-liner like: "Alleb handed Ilraen the dagger, then left,"?)) ((-Alleb))
                          • ((OOC: So you seem to be saying...))JulyFlame, Wed Sep 2 23:58
                            ((That we need to introduce more fire-lizards into the PPC for healthy genes? *g*))
    • String the second. — Neshomeh, Wed Aug 26 14:27
      • At his turn, Bosh'Guk stepped forward.Darkotas, Wed Aug 26 22:43
        Bosh cleared his throat to address the Andalite in front of him. His gaze went to the alien's frontward eyes, then flickered up towards his stalk-eyes, unsure where to focus. He elected to look down... more
      • Enter Agent AllebAlleb, Wed Aug 26 15:07
        ((A preemptive apology for mistakes; I'm currently on my phone, and it doesn't like playing by grammar and spelling rules.)) Agent Alleb, knight of Alleble, servant of King Eliam, was really bad at... more
      • "Glad tae hear it."Phobos, Wed Aug 26 15:05
        Brightbeard reached past Ilraen's hand to firmly grip his forearm. "Now, if ye'll excuse me, I've got tae give my respects to the broodmother." Brightbeard made his way to where the eggs were... more
        • Hera contemplated the dwarf solemnly.Huinesoron, Wed Aug 26 15:34
          Then, adopting her most regal pose, she bowed her head in acquiescence. Beside her, Ilwion made a soft humming noise and spread his wings slightly. ((hS))
          • "Thank ye."Phobos, Wed Aug 26 15:44
            Brightbeard gently took hold of a medium sized egg, cradled it in the crook of his elbow and went to find a nice patch of sand. This patch of sand happened to be far from the crowd, but close to the... more
            • The Notary stepped forward.Scapegrace, Wed Aug 26 17:48
              "I am here under false pretenses." There was silence at that, if only from Wobbles, and if only then in a manner preeded by an immensely sarcastic gasp. The Notary paid it no mind. She was rather... more
              • Meanwhile...Edhelistar, Wed Aug 26 21:13
                ...Shui-Hua had managed to drag the box thorugh the office unnoticed, and was now near the Andalite. "Mister... uh... How should I call you? Fontegil? Anyway, here's the metal, there is in the box... more
                • Yay, progress!Neshomeh, Thu Aug 27 02:20
                  Jenni watched Brightbeard get his egg with amusement at the formality he showed toward the little gold. Well, she supposed it didn't do any harm to set an example of respect toward dragonkind . . .... more
                  • ((You were close.))Iximaz, Thu Aug 27 08:06
                    ((Time Lords' blood doesn't look too different from humans' at a glance, but if you look more closely, you can see it's actually got an orange tint to it.)) ((Of course, sticking it under a... more
                  • Hera, meanwhile...Huinesoron, Thu Aug 27 04:17
                    ... was completely ignoring the Notary's words, and Jenni's entire existence. She cocked her head to one side, feeling the supplicant's emotions. The first one who had come to her had radiated... more
                    • Alleb nodded. Alleb, Thu Aug 27 09:14
                      Just as she started to walk away, she saw a woman kneel before a gold fire-lizard that Alleb hadn't noticed before. She missed most of the woman's speech as she stared at the creature; it was exactly ... more
                      • Excitement rising!Desdendelle & DawnFire, Thu Aug 27 19:07
                        Dawn had looked up and gone ‘meep!’ around the point when Dafydd had informed them that fire-lizards were telempaths, but had relaxed a little around his comment about everyone’s names. She had even... more
                        • Alleb started...Alleb, Thu Aug 27 23:15
                 an agent from behind her said loudly, “Hey, Ilraen! What’s up? Here’s the promised stuff!” She turned and saw two agents approaching, one male and one female. The man was holding an odd metal... more
                          • "Of course."PoorCynic, Fri Aug 28 11:13
                            "We shall speak again later." Teyala gave Ilraen a friendly nod as she stepped out of the way of everyone else. They could conclude the specifics of their business later. She walked over towards the... more
                            • (( Sorry for the delay. Back now! ))Neshomeh, Fri Aug 28 14:04
                              Ilraen nodded in farewell to Brightbeard and Teyala as they departed. Teyala forgot to pick up a bowl of wherry-meat, and he almost called out to remind her, but there was a line forming in front of... more
                              • "I am..."Alleb, Fri Aug 28 15:18
                                ...Alleb said, trying not to flinch at the voice in her head. "And you are Master Fothergill, correct? I have read a few of your reports." ((Alleb's eyes don't actually glow; I should have been more... more
                                • [Excitement intensifies]DawnFire and Desdendelle, Fri Aug 28 15:58
                                  Des flipped the lightsaber around so the emitter wasn’t facing Ilraen and handed it to the Andalite. “I don’t need to tell you to handle with care, I reckon?” he said with a tilt of his head. Dawn,... more
                                  • This was because she would be fine. A little digging through files that purported to be confidential, and probably were to someone who didn't live in the filing system to the extent that she did, had ... more
                                    • Okay, let's try this again.Neshomeh and Phobos, Sun Aug 30 12:47
                                      (( All more or less the same, until... )) Jenni stood and started toward the Notary, intending to help steady her and take the opportunity to put a few more instructive words in her ear, but... more
                                      • Alex's eyes went huge.Iximaz, Sun Aug 30 13:05
                                        He could feel the little creature in the egg rocking, and he ran to get a bowl of meat before he knelt, setting the egg gently in the sand. He realized he was holding his breath and forced himself to ... more
                                        • Des received his egg with a surprised yelp...Desdendelle, Sun Aug 30 13:18
                                          ... and nearly dropped it. Smiling widely, he sat down, crossed legged, and put the meat bowl before him, holding the egg in his lap. Realising he was hyperventilating, he took a couple of deep... more
                                          • Alleb yelped as...Alleb, Sun Aug 30 13:53
                                   egg and a bowl of oddly-colored meat were thrust into her hands in quick succession. Unsure what else to do, she plopped down in the sand, putting the bowl between her legs and cradling the... more
                                            • When Shui-Hua got shoved the egg on her hands...Edhelistar, Sun Aug 30 14:13
                                              ... it slipped from her fingers and she started fumbling it for some excruciating moments. By the moment she had finally settled the egg on her hands, she turned to see the bowl of meat that Ilraen... more
                                              • The Notary looked at the shaking egg.Scapegrace, Sun Aug 30 20:13
                                                The bowl of giant murderchicken - she refused to dignify it with some special name - was within easy reach. Suddenly, she realised she was holding the egg, standing next to its fellows, without... more
                                                • In other news, look what I found! IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED, PEOPLE!
                                                  • ...bowl of meat, and hurriedly cradled it close instead. Something tapped on the inside--a baby fire-lizard, that was a baby fire-lizard, aaaah! --and she hurriedly found a clear space on the sandy... more
                                                    • Brightbeard shook his headPhobos, Sun Aug 30 23:23
                                                      He'd hoped he could reach the Notary through the fortress she lived in. Circumstances seemed to think otherwise. It was too bad; she seemed like she could use someone in her corner. Maybe their paths ... more
                                    • ((Nesh! Nesh!))Huinesoron, Sat Aug 29 12:19
                                      ((If the Notary makes a hatchling go between forever out of sheer terror at her mental state, can I roleplay Hera clawing her face off?)) ((hS))
                                      • Weeerll...Neshomeh, Sat Aug 29 13:36
                                        (( Let's hope it won't come to that. ^_^; But, if it does, we will be good RPers and let the character's owner decide whether to accept injury or try to evade it. I think we can trust Scape to play... more
                                        • OOC: Um, Nesh?Scapegrace, Sat Aug 29 19:41
                                          Nesh, I'm not really sure how to broach this sensitively, but... did, um, did Jenni just shove a load of mental images down into the Notary's brain? Because, er... that... look, there's no polite way ... more
                                          • (( Er. ))Neshomeh, Sun Aug 30 02:21
                                            I was thinking less "shove down into," more "make plain for viewing, possibly with urgently flashing neon letters," but if it's gonna be an explosive issue I'd just as soon retcon the whole thing.... more
                                            • ((Oh yeah, it's explosive alright.))Scapegrace, Sun Aug 30 06:17
                                              ((Chiefly because the Notary would make it explosive. Possibly literally. She's a sad, scared, tired, isolated, hateful person. I'd say she was angry, but that's why she's angry. But hey, I'm sorry... more
                                              • (( Okay then. ))Neshomeh, Sun Aug 30 10:54
                                                Retcon coming up when I am a little more awake, and I'll make sure to move things along for everybody else, too. I did not mean to take up a day being sorta kinda self-indulgent with my character, so ... more
    • ((Yeah I'm going to be bowing out.))JulyFlame, Wed Aug 26 11:57
      Between the speed this is going at and being ignored I'm going to bow out of the rp. I won't be able to keep up and have no reason to do so. Nesh, if you don't mind, just assume my two are still... more
      • (( Hold on, let me yell at 'em first. {= | ))Neshomeh, Wed Aug 26 12:13
        Guys. Seriously. 22 posts in, what, two? three? hours is that "running away with the RP" thing you're not supposed to do. I can't keep up with this, and it screws up the timing in-universe, and we're ... more
        • ((Sorry. :( )) (nm)Huinesoron, Wed Aug 26 15:25
          • ((I apologise.))Desdendelle, Wed Aug 26 15:54
            ((I was carried away. A bit too excited, I think.))
            • ((Same here.))Iximaz, Wed Aug 26 15:59
              Won't happen again. :(
              • (( Apologies accepted. ))Neshomeh, Wed Aug 26 16:38
                Just try to approach it more like a story, yeah? Your characters are only part of the scene. It's about everyone, not just those who can post the most. Also, we ARE on a timer in-universe. You don't... more
    • ((Whee! It begins!))Iximaz, Mon Aug 24 16:59
      Intern Alex Dives raced through the Generic Corridors of HQ, clutching the newly-repaired tricorder to his chest. The eggs were hatching, they were finally hatching! It was all he could do to keep... more
      • The Notary was a total contrast.Scapegrace, Mon Aug 24 17:58
        She glided serenely, in much the same manner as an iceberg; though it should be said that icebergs generally possess less malevolence and do not spend most of their time refiling requisition orders... more
        • Everyone in the office looked up...Neshomeh, Mon Aug 24 18:11
          when the door flew open to admit Alex. "Nope, you're not too late!" Jenni said with a grin. "In fact, you're the first to arrive. Grab a bowl and an egg, and pull up a patch of sand." She waved him... more
          • At that moment, Shui-Hua arrived...Edhelistar, Mon Aug 24 19:03
            ...carrying a box with the pieces of a scrapped Mandalorian iron plate (which the PPC's resident Kryptonian had accidentaly punched earlier this week, rendering the Danger Room unoperational for the... more
            • He headed over to the eggs and picked one at random, cradling it carefully. "Hey, little guy," he whispered. "I don't know you yet, but I hope we get along." At Wobbles' yell, his shoulders... more
              • Another figure stepped into the office.PoorCynic, Mon Aug 24 22:37
                Teyala Solnerii found herself nodding at the elaborate setup despite the brief worry that crossed her mind. She wouldn't have to cover her response center with sand, would she? What she knew about... more
                • And another!Desdendelle, Tue Aug 25 00:51
                  Agent Desdendelle, DF, arrived at Voltarmi's office holding Avatar Aang's uncanon lightsaber like it was an especially disgusting dead rat. He looked at the gathered group, shrugged, and positioned... more
                  • Agent Bosh'Guk of the Department of Mary Sues stopped short of the small group of agents beginning to form. He set down a large sack and crossed his arms. "Ugh, I told you we were going to be... more
                    • The Illians pay a visit.Huinesoron, Tue Aug 25 05:34
                      A portal opened in the corner of the room, and... nothing came out for a moment. Then a small arm appeared, and disappeared again. And then a black-haired woman stepped through, holding a small,... more
                      • Wobbles immediately noticed Tanfin's distress.Scapegrace, Tue Aug 25 06:14
                        Or, more accurately, she noticed his father's exasperation and the child at which it was directed. Thus, she swept into action. It was going to be tricky, but it could be done. And after a few... more
                        • Tanfin's jaw dropped.Huinesoron, Tue Aug 25 06:22
                          He stared wide-eyed at the balloon fire lizard. And then... then his brow furrowed, his eyes narrowed, and his tongue stuck out a little between his lips. "Why's it red?" he demanded. "Fire lizards... more
                          • ((OOC: For purposes of clarification:))Scapegrace, Tue Aug 25 09:04
                            Calling a clown scary - however you mean it - is something Wobbles takes very, very personally. She hates it. But unlike the Notary, Wobbles bottles up her anger efficiently and seals it away where... more
                          • Then she controlled the upsurge of blinding, incandescent rage and sent it back into the pit of her stomach where it could mature into some nice, friendly, socially acceptable Notary-oriented passive ... more
                            • Tanfin looked supremely skeptical.Huinesoron, Tue Aug 25 09:43
                              "I think only queens and bronzes can make real -" he began. Just then, Jasmine wandered up. "You're a Time Grump?" she said in a loud voice, tipping her head back to look up at the Notary. "Is that... more
                              • "... Yes. Clearly."Scapegrace, Tue Aug 25 10:57
                                "It could not possibly be because my partner is a professional imbecile. My ire is genetic. Such an unfortunate being is the Time Grump; doomed to wander the multiverse forever with two shrivelled... more
                                • Almost timePhobos, Tue Aug 25 11:14
                                  Eamon Brightbeard had received his message from Voltarmi while in the middle of smithing an battle axe. It wasn't the sort of thing that one could simply set aside. So, Brightbeard finished what he... more
                                  • Daphne stopped dead in front of the dwarf.Huinesoron, Tue Aug 25 11:39
                                    She looked him up and down thoughtfully, clutching her inflatable fire lizard tightly. Then, beaming, she said, "But! You have hair ." "Most people do, Daphne," Dafydd said as he scrambled after... more
                                    • On the one hand, it was her job as a Nursery worker to help any parents in the PPC. This newly arrived family certainly seemed to qualify as needing some help — or, at the very least, another set of... more
                                      • Dawn McKenna ran in through the door, and...DawnFire, Tue Aug 25 13:32
                                        ...stumble-skidded to a halt on the sand. One end of long blue and green scarf trailed from her shoulder; the rest of it had been wrapped loosely around her neck and once around her waist. A small... more
                                        • Clarifications and catch-up.Neshomeh, Tue Aug 25 13:45
                                          (( First, a couple clarifications: 1. Nume already left with an egg and bowl of wherry-meat for the Lichen. I did not make this at all clear; I was in a hurry. I apologize for the confusion. 2. So... more
                                          • ((Clarification clarification:))Huinesoron, Tue Aug 25 15:16
                                            ((So is the Lichen staying out of the RP entirely? I'm fine either way, I've got the Illians to keep track of.)) ((Also, can you remember what fire lizard parents do when watching their children... more
                                            • (( IIRC... ))Neshomeh, Tue Aug 25 16:31
                                              It probably depends on the fire-lizard. The queen of the clutch Menolly Impressed from didn't seem to mind, but she and Menolly were already sort of friends. Wild fairs will probably either try to... more
                                              • ((Let's keep it out, then.))Huinesoron, Tue Aug 25 16:53
                                                I'm happy to just let the Lichen's Impession go off-screen. I'll bring in the f'lizards when I post again, then. Though... heh, Hera? Reassured? She doesn't have that name by chance, you know... hS
                                              • ((Wuhoh.))JulyFlame, Tue Aug 25 16:37
                                                ((Did I misread at some point trying to figure out who was in the room already? I may well have done.))
                                          • Down to businessPhobos, Tue Aug 25 14:30
                                            Brightbeard didn't so much walk into the room as stroll into it. He was enjoying the heat and the dry, dusty air. It reminded him of his own home on Azeroth; the mountain stronghold of Ironforge,... more
                                            • Fluff incomingDesdendelle, Tue Aug 25 15:38
                                              When he spotted Dawn in the crowd, Des almost squeed. A smile spread on his face; he rubbed his hands together and shoved the lightsaber into a pocket of his coat. Capitalising on the fact that she... more
                                              • ((Whoops! First casualty.))DawnFire, Tue Aug 25 15:47
                                                ((That is, I managed to forget to double-check that no one had posted since I started writing. Replies should continue from July's post, not mine, since she got there first. ~DF))
                                              • Turning, she hugged him back. "Des! When did you get here? Why are you here? Did you also come for the hatching? I didn't know you'd traded for one too, when did this happen?" She was grinning madly... more
                                              • Aaand here's BM!JulyFlame, Tue Aug 25 15:44
                                                [OOC: I'm taking and running with the flooding problem hS came up with in his short on the main board and expanding upon it a bit, but you're of course more than welcome to have that not be a problem ... more
                                                • There is more to be had!Desdendelle, Tue Aug 25 16:23
                                                  “A few moments ago; for the hatching, of course; yes; and,” Des took a breath, “remember the time I asked you out? I got Avatar Aang's uncanon lightsaber from the mission immediately before it;... more
                                                  • "Oh, I see, I see."DawnFire, Tue Aug 25 17:08
                                                    "And yeah, I guess you do. Pity I can't move in there--uh, I mean--right, hold on, I think she wants our attention, doesn't she?" Dawn, her face now going red, turned to look at Jenni. She kept her... more
                                                    • Illian catchup.Huinesoron, Wed Aug 26 04:18
                                                      With the children settled (which took longer than it might have - Oleander woke up from his nap, and Dafydd spent some time persuading him that no, he couldn't have Daphne's balloon - or Tanfin's hat ... more
                                                      • Wobbles heard him talking.Scapegrace, Wed Aug 26 05:31
                                                        And she smiled much wider as she wandered around the room, looking for a buffet table to pillage in the name of Cap'n Wobb, The Pirate Clown - wow, she really had to bring that girl back, it had been ... more
                                                        • Alex looked up when Constance appeared...Iximaz, Wed Aug 26 07:41
                                                          ...queen and bronze on her shoulders. He watched Hera fly over to the eggs that had not yet been claimed, then hesitantly followed Dafydd. "H-hi," he stuttered. It wasn't immediately clear who he was ... more
                                                          • Hera raised her head...Huinesoron, Wed Aug 26 08:08
                                                            ... and deigned to look at Alex. Her eyes whirled briefly, yellow specks creeping into them, and her wings rose as if preparing for flight. Ilwion nuzzled his mate's neck, spreading his nearside wing ... more
                                                            • Alex grinned.Iximaz, Wed Aug 26 08:15
                                                              "Thank you, sir," he said, ducking his head shyly. "Are both of them yours, then? They're really nice."
                                                              • Dafydd reached down and touched Ilwion's head.Huinesoron, Wed Aug 26 08:21
                                                                "He's mine," he said. "Hera is bonded to my wife." He glanced over at where Constance was trying to put a stop to Daphne and Oleander's 'let's run in circles around Mummy' game. "Which is not where... more
                                                                • Alex's eyes widened.Iximaz, Wed Aug 26 08:28
                                                                  "W-wait a minute," he stammered, "Connie? Are you... a-are you Dafydd Illian? Um. " His eyes were now about the size of saucers. "Sorry, I, um, I just, um, wow." He took a deep breath and scratched... more
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