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Sat Aug 29, 2015 13:36

(( Let's hope it won't come to that. ^_^; But, if it does, we will be good RPers and let the character's owner decide whether to accept injury or try to evade it. I think we can trust Scape to play fair, right, Scape?

(( In other news, I am so very, very amused right now. ))

If the Notary was unruffled by Jenni's threat, Jenni found herself almost laughing at the Time Lady's absurd hauteur and ignorance. Sweet Powers, it had been too long since she'd had someone this entertaining around. What on Earth, or off it, got a person wound up this tight? She would have loved to find out—pushing the Notary's buttons would be too fun—but now was not the time. She couldn't let this woman upset the hatching.

She was already set to stifle her amusement when the Notary tripped, making it that much more difficult. Her hands flew to her mouth to cover her grin, contorted as it was by trying so hard not to do it.

"Dafydd?" she managed to mumble to the elf. "Would you mind taking over here for a bit? I really, really have to deal with her."

She stood up and came up behind the Notary, reaching to take her elbow in a gesture she hoped would be construed as more supportive than restraining, although of course it was both. ~Hear me, Time Lady,~ she projected, using her own personal brand of telempathy. It was a fluid thing, filling up the gaps between words with sense and meaning, conforming to the listener's mental pathways rather than forcing itself upon them. ~I need you to understand what's at stake if you screw this up in your arrogance, so hap this.~

She had spent a lifetime as a harper and then a Weyrwoman in an alternate Pern. She'd experienced every aspect there was to living with dragonkind. She'd Impressed her first little friend, Cain, at the age of fourteen; she recalled his frightening hunger upon hatching, and the joy she'd felt when she realized that she could feel his satisfaction and love for her when he finally curled up to sleep nestled in the crook of her arm. That was what Impression was all about. A new hatchling didn't know anything except that it needed to eat, now. If you weren't receptive and responsive to that need, the creature would look elsewhere; and if you frightened it, it could very well be startled between and die, and that would upset everyone, souring the whole event.

Jenni knew what it was like. She'd felt the anguish of her dragon when she lost a clutch due to the lack of proper Hatching Grounds. She'd felt each loss when someone under her care was badly Threadscored and vanished between forever. Each tragedy was felt by the entire population of her Weyr. Dragons and fire-lizards keened eerily at the passing of one of their kind; their eyes whirled in distressed violets; heads drooped; color was poor. Those who looked to them went about with drawn faces, struggled to keep up their own spirits to help their friends until the sting of immediacy faded.

She showed all this to the Notary.

~Don't you dare let us in for that here, today. Don't you dare. I don't know what your deal is, but if you're not serious about having a companion who will care for you, who you must care for in return, for life, then get out. There are others here who are capable of sharing themselves with love. Are you?~

(( Apologies for passing the buck there, hS.

(( Notary, dear, now would be an excellent time for some honesty. [Also, where is Wobbles in all this?]

(( Her theory about Jenni is very interesting, by the way. Wrong, but interesting. {= ) ))

  • ((Nesh! Nesh!))Huinesoron, Sat Aug 29 12:19
    ((If the Notary makes a hatchling go between forever out of sheer terror at her mental state, can I roleplay Hera clawing her face off?)) ((hS))
    • Weeerll... — Neshomeh, Sat Aug 29 13:36
      • OOC: Um, Nesh?Scapegrace, Sat Aug 29 19:41
        Nesh, I'm not really sure how to broach this sensitively, but... did, um, did Jenni just shove a load of mental images down into the Notary's brain? Because, er... that... look, there's no polite way ... more
        • (( Er. ))Neshomeh, Sun Aug 30 02:21
          I was thinking less "shove down into," more "make plain for viewing, possibly with urgently flashing neon letters," but if it's gonna be an explosive issue I'd just as soon retcon the whole thing.... more
          • ((Oh yeah, it's explosive alright.))Scapegrace, Sun Aug 30 06:17
            ((Chiefly because the Notary would make it explosive. Possibly literally. She's a sad, scared, tired, isolated, hateful person. I'd say she was angry, but that's why she's angry. But hey, I'm sorry... more
            • (( Okay then. ))Neshomeh, Sun Aug 30 10:54
              Retcon coming up when I am a little more awake, and I'll make sure to move things along for everybody else, too. I did not mean to take up a day being sorta kinda self-indulgent with my character, so ... more
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