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((Oh yeah, it's explosive alright.))
Sun Aug 30, 2015 06:17

((Chiefly because the Notary would make it explosive. Possibly literally. She's a sad, scared, tired, isolated, hateful person. I'd say she was angry, but that's why she's angry. But hey, I'm sorry for kind of making a big deal about it; I really didn't want to set off another barney, so thanks for understanding my point of view and responding calmly.))

((Ideally, a retcon'd be great - all you'd need to do was have Jenni grab her, under the guise of helping her up, and chew her out a little more. Then the Notary could respond like the Notary, and not go into an extreme fight-or-flight response.))

  • (( Er. ))Neshomeh, Sun Aug 30 02:21
    I was thinking less "shove down into," more "make plain for viewing, possibly with urgently flashing neon letters," but if it's gonna be an explosive issue I'd just as soon retcon the whole thing.... more
    • ((Oh yeah, it's explosive alright.)) — Scapegrace, Sun Aug 30 06:17
      • (( Okay then. ))Neshomeh, Sun Aug 30 10:54
        Retcon coming up when I am a little more awake, and I'll make sure to move things along for everybody else, too. I did not mean to take up a day being sorta kinda self-indulgent with my character, so ... more
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