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Neshomeh and Phobos
Okay, let's try this again.
Sun Aug 30, 2015 12:47

(( All more or less the same, until... ))

Jenni stood and started toward the Notary, intending to help steady her and take the opportunity to put a few more instructive words in her ear, but apparently she wasn't the only one with that idea.

Brightbeard had heard the Notary's speech to Hera and felt the sincerity of the words. When the Notary tripped, he was the first to her side. A quick gesture to Jenni let her know that her services were not needed at this time.

The Dwarf knelt down in the sand next to the Notary. "I'm sorry. I understand that ye've got a reputation, and that people can be a long time in forgivin', and even longer in forgettin'. That said, I dinna put much stock in idle gossip. What I do put stock into is people who want tae be better than they were yesterday. I believe in redemption and salvation, but most importantly I believe in ye. I believe ye want those things and I believe ye can achieve them."

"First step is maybe letting someone help ye to yer feet." With that, Brightbeard held out his hand. "And maybe I can look at those cuts?"

Jenni, brought up short by the Dwarf's intervention, stood frustrated for a moment. She had to explain the situation to this woman lest she put a hatchling, or worse, all the hatchlings in danger, but—

Wait. What was that?

She turned back toward the nest, heart in her throat. Sure enough, Hera and Ilwion had sat up on their haunches, eyes whirling rapidly, and their throats vibrated with the beginnings of their welcoming song to their young.

"Cripes, it's starting!" she yelped aloud. She dashed back to her place by the eggs and started thrusting them toward the nearest agents, Teyala, Des, and Dawn. "There, go! When they hatch, feed them, and make sure to think loving thoughts!"

Rather than waiting for the rest to come to her, she gathered up a few more eggs in her shirt and took them around. Gerry, Colt, Bosh'Guk, Shui'Hua, and Alleb soon found themselves receiving both an egg and a repetition of the admonishment she'd given the others—food and love, that was the ticket.

That just left one egg beginning to rock in the sand, its fate still undecided. Jenni looked from the egg to the Notary, frowning. She looked around for Wobbles, who was supposed to be the egg's owner. Would she come to claim it, or was she resigned to her partner's deception? Really, Jenni had half a mind to give it to Ilraen, consequences be damned. The hatchling would be lucky to have him.

She watched her Andalite friend, who had taken initiative when he saw Jenni scrambling to deliver eggs and started delivering meat. Everyone would be settled in no time. She could pull him aside the moment this little one broke shell, and that would be that. Yes. That's what she would do.

(( No, that's not going to happen—but the ball's in your court, Scape. Wobbles could claim the egg and give it to her partner at this point, or the Notary could take heart from Brightbeard, drop the arrogance, and say something to win her over. Or just snatch it. That is also a thing that could happen.

(( Everyone else, please feel free to proceed from Jenni shoving an egg at you followed shortly by Ilraen shoving a bowl of meat at you, unless you had them already. Individual hatchings begin tomorrow! ))

  • This was because she would be fine. A little digging through files that purported to be confidential, and probably were to someone who didn't live in the filing system to the extent that she did, had ... more
    • Okay, let's try this again. — Neshomeh and Phobos, Sun Aug 30 12:47
      • Alex's eyes went huge.Iximaz, Sun Aug 30 13:05
        He could feel the little creature in the egg rocking, and he ran to get a bowl of meat before he knelt, setting the egg gently in the sand. He realized he was holding his breath and forced himself to ... more
        • Des received his egg with a surprised yelp...Desdendelle, Sun Aug 30 13:18
          ... and nearly dropped it. Smiling widely, he sat down, crossed legged, and put the meat bowl before him, holding the egg in his lap. Realising he was hyperventilating, he took a couple of deep... more
          • Alleb yelped as...Alleb, Sun Aug 30 13:53
   egg and a bowl of oddly-colored meat were thrust into her hands in quick succession. Unsure what else to do, she plopped down in the sand, putting the bowl between her legs and cradling the... more
            • When Shui-Hua got shoved the egg on her hands...Edhelistar, Sun Aug 30 14:13
              ... it slipped from her fingers and she started fumbling it for some excruciating moments. By the moment she had finally settled the egg on her hands, she turned to see the bowl of meat that Ilraen... more
              • The Notary looked at the shaking egg.Scapegrace, Sun Aug 30 20:13
                The bowl of giant murderchicken - she refused to dignify it with some special name - was within easy reach. Suddenly, she realised she was holding the egg, standing next to its fellows, without... more
                • In other news, look what I found! IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED, PEOPLE!
                  • ...bowl of meat, and hurriedly cradled it close instead. Something tapped on the inside--a baby fire-lizard, that was a baby fire-lizard, aaaah! --and she hurriedly found a clear space on the sandy... more
                    • Brightbeard shook his headPhobos, Sun Aug 30 23:23
                      He'd hoped he could reach the Notary through the fortress she lived in. Circumstances seemed to think otherwise. It was too bad; she seemed like she could use someone in her corner. Maybe their paths ... more
    • ((Nesh! Nesh!))Huinesoron, Sat Aug 29 12:19
      ((If the Notary makes a hatchling go between forever out of sheer terror at her mental state, can I roleplay Hera clawing her face off?)) ((hS))
      • Weeerll...Neshomeh, Sat Aug 29 13:36
        (( Let's hope it won't come to that. ^_^; But, if it does, we will be good RPers and let the character's owner decide whether to accept injury or try to evade it. I think we can trust Scape to play... more
        • OOC: Um, Nesh?Scapegrace, Sat Aug 29 19:41
          Nesh, I'm not really sure how to broach this sensitively, but... did, um, did Jenni just shove a load of mental images down into the Notary's brain? Because, er... that... look, there's no polite way ... more
          • (( Er. ))Neshomeh, Sun Aug 30 02:21
            I was thinking less "shove down into," more "make plain for viewing, possibly with urgently flashing neon letters," but if it's gonna be an explosive issue I'd just as soon retcon the whole thing.... more
            • ((Oh yeah, it's explosive alright.))Scapegrace, Sun Aug 30 06:17
              ((Chiefly because the Notary would make it explosive. Possibly literally. She's a sad, scared, tired, isolated, hateful person. I'd say she was angry, but that's why she's angry. But hey, I'm sorry... more
              • (( Okay then. ))Neshomeh, Sun Aug 30 10:54
                Retcon coming up when I am a little more awake, and I'll make sure to move things along for everybody else, too. I did not mean to take up a day being sorta kinda self-indulgent with my character, so ... more
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