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Brightbeard shook his head
Sun Aug 30, 2015 23:23

He'd hoped he could reach the Notary through the fortress she lived in. Circumstances seemed to think otherwise. It was too bad; she seemed like she could use someone in her corner. Maybe their paths would cross again in a better time.

But what was he doing? Now was not the time. The future would bring what it would bring and the present was full of hatching eggs.

Brightbeard levered himself to his feet and moved back to his little egg in the sand. He made sure the bowl of meat was close at hand and sat in the warm sand to wait. While he waited, he hummed a low tune to the egg.

((I feel like Brightbeard is probably humming this. Just a little slower.))

  • ...bowl of meat, and hurriedly cradled it close instead. Something tapped on the inside--a baby fire-lizard, that was a baby fire-lizard, aaaah! --and she hurriedly found a clear space on the sandy... more
    • Brightbeard shook his head — Phobos, Sun Aug 30 23:23
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