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((Let's try this again, shall we?)) [Sunday]
Mon Aug 31, 2015 00:55

Chakkik had been human for far too long.

There were only two things he could take comfort in; the gentle hum of Mana at the back of his mind, and the cold flask in his hand.

He took a drink, and let the liquor burn through his mouth... and stop there, for his internal acids obliterated almost everything.

"At the very least... I am still myself." He had just filled his mouth with the fiery absinthe when everything suddenly went black.


"...where... am I?" Chakkik sat up slowly. Odd, he didn't remember putting this color... he preferred yellow. He tried to run his hands through his hair...

Chakkik suddenly felt alarm at the sensation of skin. He was bald. He looked at his hands; they were wrapped in bandages, and far too pallid to be his skin.

He was in someone else's body, with no Mana, no sign of Stephanie, and worst of all, no alcohol.


  • Body-swap Event: ChaosJulyFlame, Sun Aug 30 21:48
    A quick breakdown of the rules: 1. First and foremost, if you're going to do anything potentially serious or even permanent to the bodies that your character is inhabiting for the duration of the... more
    • [Sunday] A helpfully generic corridor...Makari, Fri Sep 4 04:27
      Kat did not approve of abrupt relocations. She did not approve of relocations without her permission in general, but abrupt was the worst; it meant disorientation, it meant confusion, it meant she... more
      • Doc had wandered away from the RCdoctorlit, Fri Sep 4 22:42
        where the alligators had been. He came upon a blue and black, vaguely cattish thing yowling out in the hall. "Hey there, little thing," he said quietly. "What's the matter? Are you okay?" On the... more
        • She was not okay.Makari, Sat Sep 5 00:19
          "Do I look okay?" Kat demanded, indignant. Her voice was not her voice; it was something male, and with overtones that she wasn't thinking about too hard but probably had something to do with... more
          • Doc blinked and tilted his head a bit.doctorlit, Sat Sep 5 00:33
            "Oh. You can—Oh!" He saw the potted cactus on the Luxray's collar. "You're an agent. Sorry, I didn't. Um." He sat down next to the Luxray. "So, what's the matter? I just got teleported into a... more
            • "Of course we have alligators."Makari, Sat Sep 5 00:42
              Kat's tail flicked back and forth. She didn't make an effort to get up, though. "I suppose it does make me feel better, in a schadenfreudenly sort of way. Someone's having a worse day." She huffed.... more
              • "Oh?"doctorlit, Sat Sep 5 00:54
                Doc lowered his eyebrows in puzzlement; he was too distracted by the conversation to notice their odd weight. "Wait, what do you mean . . ." He gasped! "Are you an Animorph? Oh my gosh, I love... more
                • Kat stared.Makari, Sat Sep 5 00:58
                  "...Nooooo," she said finally. She considered her posture, finally flopped all the way to a lying-down position, and rested her chin on her paws, the picture of canine misery. "I never read... more
                  • Doc settled down with his head in his hands,doctorlit, Sat Sep 5 01:10
                    to match his companion's new position. "But then, how are you in a cat—Luxray body?" I really wish he had been an Animorph. g
                    • "She." Makari, Sat Sep 5 01:18
                      Kat's lips lifted to reveal very nice teeth, if only briefly. "If I knew that, don't you think I woulda fixed the problem already? I just... wound up here." She huffed again, switching back to... more
                      • Broadcasting?doctorlit, Sat Sep 5 01:27
                        "Sorry, you sounded like a boy to me. I don't know Luxray culture." Oh, holy crap, she has sharp teeth. "So . . . I teleported into a different RC, and you teleported into someone else's body? That's ... more
                        • "Yeah. Broadcasting."Makari, Sat Sep 5 01:44
                          She eyed him carefully some more, looking more and more uncertain. "You're not normally a telepath, are you," she said eventually, confused. "I mean, I'm gonna give you that much credit, though I do... more
                          • Doc rolled over onto one side.doctorlit, Sat Sep 5 02:03
                            "Telepath? What . . . Wait how did you know what I was thinking?" He widened his eyes as he continued to stare. "You mean . . . you hear my thoughts?" he asked, placing a hand over his heart. Which,... more
                            • "I don't hear, you send."Makari, Sat Sep 5 02:13
                              "At least, I think that's how it works." Kat shifted, lifting her head from her paws in curiosity at her new friend's reaction-- and then ducking again just as quickly, at the onslaught of thoughts.... more
                              • "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"doctorlit, Sat Sep 5 09:30
                                Doc leaned stiffly against the wall, careful to keep his hands very far away from himself. He shut his eyes and tried carefully not to think any conscious thoughts, though he couldn't prevent a few... more
                                • She huffed a little, still miffed.Makari, Sat Sep 5 19:31
                                  But at the least Kat could straighten again, and this time she got all four paws under her with a minimum of struggling. It helped, she decided, having been a Luxray before. It was still super weird, ... more
                                  • Doc's shoulders finally relaxed a bit.doctorlit, Sat Sep 5 22:41
                                    "Yeah. Nice to at least have someone else stuck this way with me. I'm Doc, Floater, usually male, unpierced and not psychic in any way. Um, I would normally shake your hand, but . . ." Nonetheless,... more
                                    • It was a start.Makari, Sun Sep 6 00:17
                                      Kat eyed him a moment longer, then, bemused, sat down and offered him a paw instead. She was hardly equipped for handshakes in this form, but it was close enough. "Nice t'meetcha," she said, sounding ... more
                                      • Doc thought for a moment.doctorlit, Sun Sep 6 00:30
                                        "Probably. Or Experiments and Research studying author wraiths, and something went weird. Do you want to try checking one of them out? Or should we go to one of the Flowers?"
                                        • "Mmmmh."Makari, Sun Sep 6 01:11
                                          Kat made a thinking noise. Her lips curled again, the expression of someone whose primary experience with Flowers is the Sunflower Official. "Nah, let's try with the techies first. More explosions,... more
                                          • Doc blinked.doctorlit, Sun Sep 6 01:56
                                            He certainly didn't see how explosions would improve the situation, but the other agent seemed sure of herself; she probably had more experience than Doc. "Works for me. Are you okay walking, though? ... more
                                            • Explosions already helped.Makari, Sun Sep 6 02:03
                                              But in theory, Kat was pretty sure tracking down the culprits and growling at them would help. She shook herself, got back to her feet, and walked a few steps. "I'm fine," she said, tail twitching... more
                                              • "That's true.doctorlit, Sun Sep 6 10:32
                                                Like I said, it's almost like author wraiths, except wraiths don't start out in a body. And they don't make the old personality move out, I don't think." He looked down, but then quickly back up. "I... more
                                                • "You don't know?"Makari, Mon Sep 7 02:17
                                                  Kat gave him a look of thinly disguised horror, which didn't communicate over-well on her current face shape. "Pokémon. A Luxray is a fully evolved electric-type that favors physical attack, rather... more
                                                  • Doc listened with rising confusion.doctorlit, Mon Sep 7 09:43
                                                    "Ah. Well. I had heard of Pokémon, just not this one. My partner does the video games. I do the books." At Katrina's last remark, he paused and gave her a hard stare. "Where else would they be? I... more
      • ((Mind if I jump in with Doc?))doctorlit, Fri Sep 4 09:43
        ((Or did you have other plans?))
        • ((go for it~))Makari, Fri Sep 4 20:13
          ((I have no other plans for Kat to the best of my knowledge. :P))
    • [Sunday] In the Marquis de Sod's officeElcalion, Wed Sep 2 09:08
      Logan didn't think he'd had that much to drink last night... Sure, it'd been a Saturday night (or as best as he could tell in HQ) and he'd been down to Rudi's as usual, and had had more than a few... more
      • In the corridorElcalion, Thu Sep 3 09:25
        Logan was beginning to get the hang of... however it was Flowers moved. In a way it wasn't unlike navigating in HQ itself - if you didn't think about it, you got places. He had his hands - sorry,... more
        • The Auditorium door opened...Huinesoron, Thu Sep 3 09:34
          ... and a figure came out. It was slumped over with what seemed to be less exhaustion, more exasperation. Its arms were folded across its chest, and it was glaring down at the floor as if personally... more
          • In a nearby corridor...PoorCynic, Sun Sep 6 10:46
            …walked a very bedraggled-looking Gremlin and a rather perturbed Xericka. Or, to be more accurate, a perturbed meara in Xericka's body. Which was probably why Gremlin looked as worn as she did. "I... more
      • ((Are you going anywhere in particular...))Huinesoron, Wed Sep 2 09:32
        ((... or would you like someone to not-exactly-run into? ~hS))
    • [Sunday] Séverine in Shui-Hua Liudoctorlit, Tue Sep 1 01:18
      Séverine took a sample bite and chewed. After a few seconds, she called out, "The beef is about done, but it needs more spice." She swirled her tongue around her mouth. "Also, sugar. In fact, just... more
    • [Sunday] Cafeteria woes.PoorCynic, Mon Aug 31 23:50
      James Pittman could smell something. Have I had a stroke? he thought. I was standin' around the response center, then I blacked out. Now I smell… what is that, cooked beef? Dammit, if I had a stroke, ... more
    • [Sunday] RC 251 (ping to DawnFire!)doctorlit, Mon Aug 31 22:19
      "No way," Vania said after pausing her game. "I don't believe you." "Seriously," Doc said from his top bunk. "I only just realized." Vania sputtered. "But! It's! Right there! It's one letter away!... more
      • -was neither pleased nor unphased to find himself suddenly higher up, in a well-lit room, and looking down at an unfamiliar woman who seemed to be in some sort of pain. He was an Elf of the First... more
        • For a moment—doctorlit, Tue Sep 1 21:43
          just the briefest moment—Vania looked up at the sound with an expression of absolute rage on her face. In a split second, it was replaced by perplexity. "Huh? What happened? And, why are you... more
          • Naergondir grimaced.DawnFire, Wed Sep 2 07:25
            English. Of course. And with a slightly mangled name and one of the words that sounded nonsensical in Sindarin translation, at that. Moreover, this was not Gurnirel--and she seemed to think she knew... more
            • Vania lookeddoctorlit, Wed Sep 2 09:55
              somewhere in between wanting to laugh and wanting to cart Doc straight off to Medical. "Hoookaaay . . ." It wasn't just the language; Doc was usually more of a sloucher, and didn't like looking you... more
              • ((Some translation work.))Huinesoron, Fri Sep 11 10:50
                ((The dialogue so far: N: Saileldë? Osellenya, ná sillumë tanca? V: Huh? What happened? And, why are you speaking Tolkieny? You said you were embarrassed 'cause you hadn't learned any of that stuff,... more
                • ((You are super-awesome, hS!))doctorlit, Fri Sep 11 11:21
                  ((And I do see what you mean about the difference between the two. I didn't even realize one dialect was less complete than the other!))
              • " I do not know who you are, nor where I am. I had thought perhaps you were my partner, but your speech is not hers, nor do you speak our tongue. If we are indeed yet inside the 'PPC', and if you are ... more
                • Vania stared.doctorlit, Wed Sep 2 10:49
                  " Okay. This is different! Um. " She moved to sit on her beanbag, spilling plastic bits all over the floor. " Here's the thing. You're in my partner, Doc's body. But you're obviously not. Like. Like... more
                  • What madness was this? To disguise one's form was one matter; to be placed in the hroa of a stranger was another matter entirely. How could this have happened? Why? For what reason could anyone have... more
                    • Vania shrugged. "Works for me!"doctorlit, Wed Sep 2 11:07
                      She grabbed her bat, then held the door open. " After you, sir elf! " ((By the way, that is pronounced "Nye-er-gon-deer," right?))
                      • ((Also, is Doc carrying any weapons?))DawnFire, Thu Sep 3 17:45
                        ((He certainly was lying down, but that's no guarantee with an agent. ~DF))
                      • Naergondir eyed the bat and...DawnFire, Thu Sep 3 17:44
                        ...checked his new body for weapons before walking out the door. He missed his own legs. This...human, presumably, was much taller than a halfling, but he was not as tall as Naergondir, and, not... more
                        • Re: Naergondir eyed the bat and...doctorlit, Thu Sep 3 18:20
                          Vania hummed a bit as they started down the hallway. A few other people were out and about as well, but they seemed in a hurry and didn't glance at the two. Which was just as well, since Vania was... more
                          • "It was assigned to us," Naergondir said.DawnFire, Fri Sep 4 10:55
                            Agent Tolluk's exact phrasing was odd--hardly unusual for English translated into Sindarin--but her meaning was clear enough. " We have found it a pleasant enough place to live in: it is a simple... more
                            • "Wait. You have trees?"doctorlit, Fri Sep 4 11:24
                              " Like, inside your RC? That is super-cool! I can't wait to see. I'm so glad my partner got brain-swapped now! " Vania rubbed her hands together, then paused and snickered. " Hey! Can I call you... more
                              • ...wondering yet again why he had been sent to a place where so many of the race of Men were very nearly as distractible as they were odd. " No, " he said. " My name bears a particular meaning. I... more
                                • The smile slowly slid off of Vania's face.doctorlit, Thu Sep 10 11:49
                                  "Ah. Right. Fine, then. Whatever." She looked away and began scanning the RC numbers on her side of the hallway. Quietly, she muttered, "Guess it's good we don't get Tolkien missions. The elves... more
                                  • ((And meant to add:))doctorlit, Thu Sep 10 11:50
                                    ((No problem! We get time when we get time. Hope you're well rested for class!))
                      • ((I do seem to slur it a little--'nyer-gon-deer'. And this is not a proper reply, I'm afraid--that will come later or tomorrow. ~DF))
                        • ((Linguistics: close.))Huinesoron, Thu Sep 3 09:03
                          ((It's a three-syllable word, with the first syllable being... 'nigh' with an r on the end.)) ((Sindarin isn't really my thing, but I know Quenya tends to put the emphasis on the penultimate... more
    • [Sunday] Seeing nothing.The Sunflower Official, Mon Aug 31 20:06
      The Sunflower Official had been reviewing reports- an task easier said than done, with agents who came to yell about their last mission, tell him about their latest partner disappearing into the... more
      • Reaction shot.Huinesoron, Tue Sep 1 10:06
        Kayleigh's head snapped round as Salamander stumbled, banging his leg against the console. "Head snap round!" she called. "Sal? Did the console do something wrong?" She gasped. "Gasp! Has it been... more
        • He had not been aware of the agent present.The Sunflower Official, Tue Sep 1 10:18
          He attempted to turn around, in surprise at hearing the voice of an agent in the room. The result was he banged the other knee- and wasn't that a great sensation- and chose, it was very much a... more
          • Kayleigh looked puzzled for a moment.Huinesoron, Tue Sep 1 10:28
            "Look puzzled for a moment. I'm Kayleigh, of course! Look appropriately Kayleigh. I'm your partner!" She paused for a moment. "Unless you're suffering from amnesia, in which case I'm your... more
            • Agents never changed.The Sunflower Official, Tue Sep 1 10:44
              He did his best to draw himself up while using the console for support. "Aagent Kayleighh, I ammm not your part-ner." The rest of her narration, while annoying, was useful and at least confirmed that ... more
              • "Ooh, are we doing funny voices?"Huinesoron, Tue Sep 1 10:57
                Kayleigh sat up again, grinning. "Grin! Can I do my wolf voice?" She dropped forward onto all fours, and put a healthy dose of growl into her voice. "Grr. You'll get nothing from me, puny human." She ... more
                • "No."The Sunflower Official, Tue Sep 1 11:10
                  "Stop do-ing that." Not one of his, thankfully. Though he would have to be careful with how he treated this agent's body, and the one who decided this was an opportunity for impromptu theatre. The... more
                  • "Pout. Aww, okay."Huinesoron, Tue Sep 1 11:23
                    Kayleigh sat cross-legged on her towel, studying the person who claimed not to be her partner. "So you aren't Sal - you're someone who's in Sir's dent." She blinked. "Wait, you mean incident? Like... ... more
                    • "No. This is not an emerg-ency."The Sunflower Official, Tue Sep 1 11:47
                      ((Oh, no, this is fine.)) The agent's comment about DAVD had solidified her identity; the Big Thorn had complained about her and her thorough belief that DAVD was at fault for everything before. "You ... more
                      • "Hey, that's my gimmick!"Huinesoron, Tue Sep 1 11:50
                        Kayleigh folded her arms and glowered at Salamander's - evil, she was now sure - twin. "Glower. I'm the one who narrates my actions. Now tell me what you've done with my partner before I come over... more
                        • "I didn't do anything to him."The Sunflower Official, Tue Sep 1 12:02
                          If nothing else, dealing with her was improving his ability to speak through a mouth. "If he is in my body, this is the simplest way to learn." There was a bit of a pause as he carefully stepped... more
                          • "Hmm."Huinesoron, Wed Sep 2 08:18
                            "Hmmm. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm- " Kayleigh took a deep breath. "-mmmmmmmmmm M ! Yeah, all right." She skipped across the room and bent over the console. "To: Sal's Evil Twin. Subject: Hi, Sal, Are You... more
                            • "Delete that."The Sunflower Official, Wed Sep 2 11:02
                              "I am not your partner's evil twin." He was going to have to cajole her every step of the way, wasn't he? "Send it to the Sunflower Official's" -he was pleased he successfully said it without... more
                              • "Whoa. Wait. Hold on just a minute."Huinesoron, Wed Sep 2 11:05
                                Kayleigh fell silent, counting the seconds. One... two... three... four... five... six... seven... eight... nine... ten... eleven... twelve... thirteen... fourteen... fifteen... sixteen... sev- "No,... more
                                • At least she caught on.The Sunflower Official, Wed Sep 2 11:12
                                  Sarcasm, which usually worked on agents (who were usually being sarcastic themselves) wasn't going to do here with this particular agent. "Yes, agent. Which is why you need to send that message."
                                  • "Whoa."Huinesoron, Wed Sep 2 11:32
                                    Kayleigh paused, blinking rapidly. "Ow. Um, where was I? Oh, right - whoa. " She walked around Salamander, studying him. "So... what are you doing in Sal's body? Are you trying to find out what life... more
                                    • "You are not getting Agent Luxury."The Sunflower Official, Wed Sep 2 11:44
                                      He shuddered at the thought. When she has first joined, Agent Luxury had shown no compunction against displaying her particular methods of affection to even the Flowers. Fortunately the main victim... more
                                      • "... I thought we were trying..."Huinesoron, Thu Sep 3 09:27
                                        "... to find out where Sal's ended up?" Kayleigh gave the Sunflower Official a serious look. "You really need to focus better on the task in hand, Mr Salamander Official." ~ ((Kayleigh has no concept ... more
                                        • "Have you sent that message yet?"The Sunflower Official, Thu Sep 3 10:09
                                          "Because if you haven't, then you are the one not trying to find where your partner is." Clearly he was going to have to handle this situation one part at a time as long as he dealt with her. ((Have... more
                                          • "Message, message, massage... no, message..."Huinesoron, Thu Sep 3 11:09
                                            Kayleigh snapped her fingers. "Snaps fingers! Message! I'm right on it!" Bending over the console, she muttered as she typed. "To: Sunflower Official. Subject: Hi, Sal, are you there? The SO's in... more
                                            • ((Kayleigh? Of course not.))The Sunflower Official, Thu Sep 3 13:13
                                              "That will have to do for now." Hopefully this was an isolated incident.
                                              • Ding!PoorCynic, Thu Sep 3 15:49
                                                A new message popped open on the console. ~ ~ ~ To: Agent Kayleigh [macespace.console25-09ish.rc145.DBS] From: The Sunflower Official [sunflowerofficial.console.112358he132134an5589.rcA.DMS] Subject: ... more
                                                • Kayleigh read the message out to the SO.Huinesoron, Fri Sep 4 06:07
                                                  Of course, being Kayleigh, she read it out in her most dramatic voice. "No doubt this will make - gasp! - the Sunflower Official - dun-dun-DUNNN! - upset, if - da-dum, da-DUM - he is indeed present... more
                                                  • The SO managed a greatly disaffected look. The Sunflower Official, Fri Sep 4 13:10
                                                    "I said we were going to find out. Since your partner is not in my body, it means this is a larger problem." As for the demonstration of proof, that would be simple. "If they insist on having proof,... more
    • [Sunday] Amy woke slowly.the Irish Samurai, Mon Aug 31 19:25
      Relishing in stretching out on her bed (it was too dark for her to see that it wasn't, in fact, her bed). She could've quite happily carried on dozing until Skeet yelled at her to get up, or the... more
      • ...Gurnirel had elected to lie underneath several of the trees, on a soft bed of moss. She hummed to herself as she lay, smiling faintly up at the leaves and thinking the words of a song written in... more
        • ((How about now? ^_^))Huinesoron, Thu Sep 3 09:18
          ((I would go with something like this: "Otornonya? Meldaner, ná sillumë hastaina?" I've stuck a possessive pronoun on 'brother', to make 'my brother'. Meldaner I've left untouched - is that 'beloved... more
          • ((And thank you! Always fun to see something like this :D Especially when you wake up to it (as I did on the day when I started writing this). Meldaner is indeed 'beloved man', though I also have it... more
            • ((So: work is boring, Quenya isn't.))Huinesoron, Fri Sep 11 10:22
              ((Here's the entirety of Gurnirel's Quenya speech: Otornonya? Meldaner, ná sillumë hastaina? Meldaner? Ná sillumë tanca? Otorno, ná elyë tanca? Otornonya? Meldaner, mana martëa tyen? I've chosen to... more
        • Amy scrambled into the centre of the bed.the Irish Samurai, Mon Aug 31 20:34
          And jumped again when she heard the voice - it sounded like nonsense, but there was clearly someone else in the next room, and she didn't think it was her partner. She looked around the room in panic ... more
          • It was unlike the ellon not to respond--they had faced enough dangers that he would not fail to reassure her. Moreover he appeared to be alone--perhaps he was dreaming? She hesitated, but only for a... more
            • Amy was listening so intently...the Irish Samurai, Tue Sep 1 09:31
              ... that when she heard the knock she actually forgot to do anything. The door opening did trigger a reaction, however - she made a noise best transcribed as 'Meep!', grabbed at the blanket to either ... more
              • "Brother, are you well?"DawnFire, Wed Sep 2 10:32
                Gurnirel entered the room, frowning at the sight of her partner. He was curled into a ball, and had just fallen over, of all things. Was he ill? Injured? What could possibly have injured him inside... more
    • [Sunday] Skeet jerked awake.the Irish Samurai, Mon Aug 31 19:09
      Eyes open wide, he stared at the console in front of him. Hmm, must've dozed off. he thought, although he didn't think he'd been sat at the console before. His conscious mind hadn't caught up to the... more
      • ((Damn, slight retcon needed))the Irish Samurai, Mon Aug 31 21:05
        ((Skeet would have been approaching the door when he swapped in, and might wonder of he'd hit his head on the doorframe at first. I think the rest of it still works. I actually had Alleb's post open... more
    • (Now in the correct location.) Sax was brought back to consciousness by someone shaking him, hard. "Hey, c'mon, wake up." The voice was a guy's, panicked, and one that he didn't really recognize,... more
      • ((I'm up for an encounter!))Alleb, Mon Aug 31 21:30
        Mia careened through the halls of HQ, trying not to think of DoSAT. Unfortunately, every step she took reminded her why she needed to get to DoSAT. She tried to distract herself by taking stock of... more
        • Re: ((I'm up for an encounter!))JulyFlame, Mon Aug 31 22:41
          ((Ohhh dear, that'll play havoc with Gerry since she's allergic to Suefluence. I'll have to consider it, for later.)) Day stiffened next to Sax as the man- who couldn't have been much older than Sax, ... more
          • ((Take all the time you need!))Alleb, Mon Aug 31 23:39
            At the girl's question, Mia's face turned into the living model for the -_- emoticon. "Oh, no," she replied, in such a tone that a blob of Sar-Plasm splatted against the wall behind her. " I haven't... more
            • Eugh sarplasm. JulyFlame, Tue Sep 1 00:04
              Day visibly bristled, despite the pain she was in from her- Sax's- broken arm. "When they're being jerks, yeah." Sax stumbled in front of Day, holding a warning hand up towards his partner. It would... more
              • ...she would have made some effort to at least tone down her eye roll, or, better yet, not roll her eyes at all. But Mia wasn't a nice person, and so her eye roll would have put the angstiest of... more
                • "A flight of stairs or five."JulyFlame, Tue Sep 1 17:24
                  Day wasn't backing off, despite Sax's attempts at defusing the situation. Sax rolled his eyes as well- not out of particular rebellion or anything so much as the fact they were both being idiots.... more
                  • Mia's eye only twitched this time. Alleb, Tue Sep 1 17:57
                    "This isn't getting either of us back into our regular bodies," she pointed out.
                    • "And?" Day challenged.JulyFlame, Tue Sep 1 18:07
                      "I have a broken arm. Sax has a concussion I'm pretty sure. We're going to Medical."
                      • She crossed her arms and moved to the exact middle of the hallway. "I am not moving until you tell me exactly what happened," she said.
                        • "Why should I?"JulyFlame, Tue Sep 1 18:11
                          Day stared Mia down. "I don't even know who you are."
                          • Mia sighed heavily. Alleb, Tue Sep 1 18:15
                            She assessed the situation for a moment; the last thing she wanted to do was waste time with names, introductions, and other sickening niceties, but at the same time the "direct approach" wasn't... more
                            • "I'm Sax," Sax cut in.JulyFlame, Tue Sep 1 18:32
                              "And this is Day. My partner." He was getting increasingly fed up with them, and really didn't feel like he was able to stay standing up without support much longer. "Improbabilities. I think we're... more
                              • Mia took the hand...Alleb, Tue Sep 1 18:35
                                ...and shook it once before letting go. "What kind of improbabilities?" she asked.
                                • "Things like this, I guess," Sax said, dryly.JulyFlame, Tue Sep 1 18:37
                                  "We're supposed to be the 'Weird Filter' department, I think," Day added.
                                  • She refrained from any snarky comments; these two weren't pushovers like Greenie. Mia should have realized that sooner. ((It's probably apparent, but just to avoid confusion, that's her nickname for... more
                                    • "Weeeell," Day started.JulyFlame, Tue Sep 1 18:45
                                      Sax cut to the chase. "Yes. But maybe we can, I dunno, start heading to Medical?" He sounded more pleading than he was aiming for, but that could have also gone with the fact that he was in Day's... more
                                      • ...and mentally kicked herself. No wonder they had insisted on moving through the hallway! If Mia had noticed it sooner, she would have adopted a totally different strategy. "I can splint that," she... more
                                        • "You have something to use as a splint?"JulyFlame, Tue Sep 1 18:53
                                          Day looked at Mia with some consternation. "Go for it," Sax said. He moved slowly to lean against one of the walls, and closed his eyes. "Just don' mind me."
                                          • (Can a third join the party?) (nm)Mister Shoebox, Tue Sep 1 19:16
                                          • Mia nodded. Alleb, Tue Sep 1 19:04
                                            Then she turned and slammed her monkey wrench into the Generic Surface wall with as much force as she could muster. It broke through the grey material after a few swings; she aimed the wrench a few... more
                                            • Day looked at the ruined wall faintly. "Or at least you," she amended. She looked at the bar of Generic Surface. "That was pretty smart, though. Sure it'll work?"
                                              • "It should," she said. Alleb, Tue Sep 1 19:12
                                                She handed the grey stick to the wounded agent and then flicked out the pocket knife she had noticed in her pocket earlier. She began cutting off her left sleeve for the splint, then her right. The... more
                                                • "Where'd you learn how to do this, anyway?"
                                                  • Mia straightened out the agent's arm and laid the stick of Generic Surface on it. She tied the cut sleeves above and below the break, making sure they were tight, but not tight enough to cut off... more
                                                    • Gurgan the Gungan (Former Ghoul)Mister Shoebox, Tue Sep 1 19:30
                                                      Took that chance to show up and address the other bodily-changed agents. He must have been quite a sight as he stalked...or rather, waddled, he looked like he was trying to avoid tripping over his... more
                                                      • Sax opened his eyes from against the wall.JulyFlame, Tue Sep 1 19:41
                                                        He looked at the newcomer blearily. "Day's too young and I don't smoke," he said, motioning at himself and then Day, who was looking at the splinted arm with some relief. "He doesn't either," Day... more
                                                        • Mia shook her head. Alleb, Tue Sep 1 19:50
                                                          "I'm rather attached to my lungs," she said. She realized, with an odd feeling in the pit of her stomach, that this was the longest conversation she'd carried on in months.
                                                          • The gungan facepalmedMister Shoebox, Tue Sep 1 20:07
                                                            "Well...#*@((!". It was odd - it was obvious he was cursing, but it didn't quite...sound right. It was almost like he was using curse words so bad that they couldn't be registered. "Dat is beein'... more
                                                            • Sax looked impressed at the cursing.JulyFlame, Tue Sep 1 20:35
                                                              "I had no idea anyone could do that," he said. "I'm Sax. That's Day," he motioned at his partner. "I was about to say, you look like the weirdest Fallout ghoul I've ever seen."
                                                              • Mia had never played Fallout...Alleb, Tue Sep 1 20:49
                                                                ...although she'd heard of it. Shooter game, wasn't it? "You can tag along," she said. The former ghoul might be useful. Maybe. His speech patterns were already getting on her nerves, though... "So,... more
                                                                • Gurgan shrugged.Mister Shoebox, Tue Sep 1 20:55
                                                                  "Meesa have no idea. One minute, Meesa sleeping in RC with meesa special straight razor beneath meesa pillow, then there bein' a loud "THUMP," then meesa be wakin' up with frog feat'res." He sighed.... more
                                                      • ((What does Gurgan's body look like?))Alleb, Tue Sep 1 19:39
                                                        I can't find a wiki article on Woon. Oh, also, I noticed that Gurgan hates ex-Sues; I don't know how he might become aware of this (or if you want him to) but Mia is a reformed Sue herself. That... more
                                                        • OOc - Yeah, i knowMister Shoebox, Tue Sep 1 20:03
                                                          Unfortunately, Darkota - who is an awesome person, don't get me wrong - hasn't really released a lot of detail on the Gungan that Gurgan Goes with, at least that I can see. Sooo...Imma say he looks a ... more
                                                          • Yikes. Alleb, Tue Sep 1 20:07
                                                            Maybe not, then...
    • When Derwin woke up...Mister Shoebox, Mon Aug 31 16:05
      (Monday) Two things were apparent: One, he wasn't where he was when he went to sleep. That much wasn't that strange, he mused as he rubbed his chin...with his metal hand... ...Huh. This was weird. He ... more
      • [Sunday] - After calming down...Mister Shoebox, Mon Aug 31 16:25
        And gathering his wits, Derwin realized it may be useful to find out just where the hell he was before he lost his sanity. Being in a robot body and needing his medicine wasn't a good combination. He ... more
    • That is, before being unexpectedly felled in the middle of an early morning meeting with Quen. There he was, giving a perfectly reasonable update on why no one could herd the metaphorical (and... more
      • Poor Marquis.Neshomeh, Mon Aug 31 15:49
        (( Allow me to provide some context. Let us assume that Henry was asleep when this all went down, and that therefore he is at home with his mother... )) Jenni was enjoying her usual morning cup of... more
        • The Marquis de Sod soon found out…Araeph, Tue Sep 1 10:11
          …that pounding on a soft bed with nice, warm blankets doesn’t make for a terribly effective hissy fit. Even my mulch isn’t this soft, thought the Sod with a touch of effrontery. Where did such a... more
          • It took Jenni some time ...Neshomeh, Tue Sep 1 10:34
            ... to process what she was seeing and hearing. Gradually, as the tirade went on, she assured herself that she was in fact awake, not having some bizarre nightmare, and that Henry was actually... more
            • The Marquis de Sod was equally outraged.Araeph, Tue Sep 1 14:50
              Her kid? Her kid? “Obviously,” he sniffed, “I did not intend for my personality to inhabit this body. This form is far too clumsy—not to mention telepathy blind!” He narrowed his eyes and cleared his ... more
              • "Oh no you don't!"Neshomeh, Thu Sep 3 00:49
                Jenni seized not!Henry by the back of his adorable planets-and-rockets pajamas. Whoever was in there—she hadn't had a moment to stop and think about who it might be—they were pissing her... more
                • Not that he would let on in any way. "Yes ma'am." Er, better try that again. "I mean, I temporarily accede to your wishes in the interests of solving this problem." The Marquis attempted to yank... more
                  • Jenni considered a moment before replying.Neshomeh, Thu Sep 3 20:47
                    Gradually, the haze of terror and anger faded from her mind enough that she was able to process some of what the nameless Flower had said so far. None of it was comforting. "I think," she said... more
                    • Failing that, he thought loudly inside his head. Henry. Henry, are you there? Silence. As he expected. The Marquis sighed internally. He didn't really think it would work, anyway. "I'm quite certain... more
    • (Monday) The mustachioed older ghoul looked at the pile of papers precariously perched in the corner of the little RC. " the #@(! did you get all these complaints, Derwin?" He picked one up ... more
      • ((Um...))Tira, Mon Aug 31 14:10
        ((If it's Monday, your agents should have already been swapped into other people. Unless you didn't mean for them to be swapped, in which case there's a slight problem, because Voyd and I have... more
        • ((Nuts...))Mister Shoebox, Mon Aug 31 14:20
          (My bad, I didn't see yer post 'till now. I did mean for them to be swapped.)
          • Ooc: Yeah...JulyFlame, Mon Aug 31 14:32
            The start date is pretty much of when I has posted it yesterday, immediately, for simplicity.
          • [(No, it was my sec...]Mister Shoebox, Tue Sep 1 17:03
            (Sunday, right after the Swap:) Derwin the Ghoul, who at this moment was sitting on the bed in an unfamiliar RC in the body of a female borg, had his thoughts turn to that of his partner, who as of... more
    • "...I still think we could have used it," Marvin grumbled, as his body shifted back into is human form. The unicorn shook his head, carefully laying his equipment back on the shelving. "You saw it's... more
      • Marvin's head spun.World-Jumper, Mon Aug 31 14:09
        "Ow..." Marvin rubbed his head, trying to rub the pain out of his scalp and his pride. He had hit his head against that darn shelf before, but never so hard he knocked himself out. He pushed himself... more
        • Re: Marvin's head spun.Yellow Rose #1, Mon Aug 31 20:08
          The Yellow Rose had been with her sisters when she felt the consciousness transfer hit, but had been powerless to stop it. When it was over, she saw - and she actually saw , as opposed to... more
          • Marvin heard the door creak open.World-Jumper, Mon Aug 31 21:34
            He spun around, fumbling for a weapon of some form, just in case. As it opened, he sighed, and lay the pen back on the table. "Oh, good. Fic Psych personnel. Right, my name is Marvin Jones, and I... more
            • The Yellow Rose stood in the doorway.Yellow Rose #1, Tue Sep 1 09:15
              FicPsych personnel? At least now she knew where she was, and while FicPsych may be far away from the magnificent Sunflower Official's office, things could have been a lot worse - at least she had... more
              • Marvin rushed to the fallen personnel.World-Jumper, Tue Sep 1 10:55
                "Oh dear," he muttered, as he pulled the fallen woman up from the ground. "Are you alright? By Celestia, that was a bit of a tumble." He looked around briefly before pulling the desk chair out and... more
                • Thuff you.Yellow Rose #1, Tue Sep 1 18:16
                  No, that wasn't right - try again. "Th-an-k you," she said, pronouncing her words with the deliberate and exaggerated care normally only displayed by the severely tipsy. The Rose noticed the rather... more
                  • Marvin blinked.World-Jumper, Tue Sep 1 20:08
                    Trouble with this body? What could that.. Oh. Marvin began to think Rartiy may not have actually been playing a prank. Or, if she was, she had far more power then he thought. If so... Well, he would... more
                    • Not such a simple questionYellow Rose #1, Wed Sep 2 17:06
                      "I don't really have a name," the Rose said. As she did, she noticed that her, or rather her body's , shoulders rose in an autonomous gesture, which was mildly disconcerting - she'd thought she'd got ... more
                      • "A Flower?"World-Jumper, Wed Sep 2 19:52
                        Well, now he could officially rule out Rartiy. Even she would not be so stupid as to body-swap a Flower. At least... He hoped she wouldn't. "Marvin... Marvin Jones, My Little Pony division, All... more
                        • Eagrus came out of a nearby office.Cyba Zero, Thu Sep 3 04:39
                          He had been listening carefully at the door after hearing voices and had now decided it was probably safe to exit. Worse, if this many people had been affected, it probably wasn't a spell backfire -... more
                          • Marvin jumped at the sudden open door.World-Jumper, Fri Sep 4 16:04
                            He spun around, brandishing a ball point pen at the intruder. When the newcomer revealed himself to be another agent, re relaxed, though kept the pen in hand this time. "You know, you really... more
                            • Eagrus paused.Cyba Zero, Fri Sep 4 16:13
                              Without armour or a decent sword, even ball point pens were a force to be reckoned with. "Eagrus Khan, DTE. Did you say therapy room? This must be FicPsych! No decent armour or weaponry likely to be... more
                              • "DTE...?"World-Jumper, Fri Sep 4 18:30
                                Marvin scratched his head, trying to remember what department that was. Department of Terrible Endings? Tastefull Editing? Technical Errors? "Technical Errors, eh? Sorry, just a little rusty with the ... more
                                • "Sounds good to me."Cyba Zero, Sat Sep 5 08:36
                                  "If there is trouble out there, we'll be more able to handle it together. The Sunflower's office seem as good a base of operations as any, and we might find some equipment on the way - especially if... more
                                  • "Yes, I must see him."Yellow Rose #1, Sat Sep 5 11:10
                                    Talk of a possible Sue invasion had temporarily stunned the Rose, but she came back to herself at mention of the Sunflower Official. However, she was surprised once again by her new body, as she was... more
                                    • "Well, it's RC number −273.15."Cyba Zero, Sat Sep 5 14:20
                                      He scratched the bony ridge on his head, thankful he had at least a partial substitute for a proper helmet. "However, the Sunflower Official could be anywhere, if he was affected by this swap too.... more
                                      • "True. Still, it's not like we have a better plan."World-Jumper, Sun Sep 6 04:46
                                        "We'll stop by your place first and get ourselves equipped, just in case. Then, we make our way to the Sunflowers office. By the time we make it there, there is a good chance he would have found his... more
                                        • "Ow!" The cranial ridge was good, but still not as good as his helmet. He had to get that back as soon as possible. "I hope this isn't the beginning of a punctuation storm. Let's get going - and... more
                                          • The only thing the Rose could think of...Yellow Rose #1, Mon Sep 7 18:07
                                            was the fact that the Sunflower Official might be in FicPsyche too! And the only thing that stopped her running out into the halls to check was the still shaky control she had over this body. Taking... more
    • [Sunday] In Rudi's, after the swap.Bonsai Mallorn, Mon Aug 31 12:40
      The first thing the Bonsai Mallorn did was fall over backwards. He hit the ground with a thump. The ground was a lot further away than he expected. His roots were much, much longer than they should... more
      • Ripper slowly opened his eyes.SkarmorySilver, Mon Aug 31 15:23
        All three of them, in fact. Apparently, he had a third eye on his chest, along with some kind of strange growth on his neck that at the same time seemed like an article of clothing, but other than... more
        • The screaming went on for some time.Bonsai Mallorn, Tue Sep 1 02:45
          The Bonsai Mallorn was vaguely aware of some kind of sensation on the sides of his 'head', a modulating pressure that transformed into something almost, but not quite, like hearing another's... more
          • Ripper tried to move his... thingy.SkarmorySilver, Tue Sep 1 08:34
            The appendage attached-and-yet-not-attached to his neck, that is. "I'm just as confused as you are," he said. "It's fortunate that I have gotten used to a human form, both in my homefic and in... more
            • The Mallorn flinched...Bonsai Mallorn, Tue Sep 1 09:07
              ... as something wrapped around one of his upper limbs from behind. He swiveled his head again, and just about managed to distinguish a biped's form from the storm of shapes in that direction. "This... more
    • [Sunday] Just a techie tinkering here.Sergio Turbo, Mon Aug 31 10:02
      Corolla kept tinkering with the surplus D.O.R.K.S. she had managed to claim for herself, attempting to build another Magic-Optical Obfuscation Outfitter. So far, with no success. There was no such... more
      • She had been feeding her gators, right before she felt a strange sensation flow through her mind. Now she wasn't in her RC at all and was staring at a strange- but very well built looking- guy. Okay... more
        • "Vania?"doctorlit, Wed Sep 2 10:11
          His partner looked like she was in pain, but in a blink, there was no more Vania. There was only alligators. Doc made a noise roughly approximate to "Brrzhweeyah!" as he threw himself backwards,... more
          • The alligators...JulyFlame, Wed Sep 2 11:21
            Were watching their owner expectantly until the steak was thrown- they had already been fed some, but the t-bone was a treat. And then they fell upon it with snapping teeth like the cold blooded and... more
            • Doc scrambled for the closest door he could find, keeping well clear of the crocodilians. He found himself out in HQ's hallways, and slammed the door closed behind him. He glanced up and down the... more
        • Corolla rubbed her (actually, not wuite hers) head.Sergio Turbo, Tue Sep 1 14:37
          "Weeeelll... I was working on a D.O.R.K.S. and I suddenly am out of DoSAT and into a body much different than my own, and in fact a lot bigger." Corolla somehow managed to get up and support herself... more
          • "Sure!"JulyFlame, Tue Sep 1 14:44
            Cray grinned widely. "I know where it is, but I don't go in. I'm barred from entering. For whatever reason they don't allow pets." Because to Cray, her alligators counted as completely ordinary ones. ... more
            • Corolla gave Katie a quizzical stare.Sergio Turbo, Wed Sep 2 08:59
              "Uh... Wait, why you were checking your hair?... Don't tell me, you got affected too. That's it, the M.O.O.O protype number 2 is going to the bin as soon as I get back to my table."
              • "Yuuup."JulyFlame, Wed Sep 2 11:16
                She poked the flashpatch on her shoulder, and then Corolla's. "I'm in Bad Het. Been trying to get into DAVD for years though!" She sounded overly cheerful over the fact.
                • Corolla let out a short laugh.Sergio Turbo, Wed Sep 2 13:01
                  "Well, as I said I'm a DoSAT techie, but I've been in SpecOps for some time. Let's just say that after the Blank Sprite Incident the Flowers don't quite like having me on the field anymore." The... more
                  • Cray looped her arm around Corolla's.JulyFlame, Wed Sep 2 13:53
                    "Oh man, that would be so weird. Not sure I'd wanna stick around and see that!" She paused though. "You sure it was your thing that did it?" As soon as the thought was spoken though, she shrugged it... more
                    • Corolla rubbed her chin in thought.Sergio Turbo, Wed Sep 2 14:49
                      "Now that you mention it, since the D.O.R.K.S. I modified isn't with me right now, we should theoretically be out of range for its disguise effect to... well, have effect." Corolla continued thinking ... more
                      • "See..."JulyFlame, Wed Sep 2 17:25
                        Cray began, going along happily with being dragged. "I have no idea what you just said at all, I'm just going to acknowledge the fact you said it. The thing went made everything go weird, including... more
                        • ((If they go get to DoSAT...))Pippa's Ghost on an internet oblong, Thu Sep 3 08:08
                          ((...someone might recognise Sean's body as that man with that crazy idea about viruses .))
    • The agents get swapped. Alleb, Mon Aug 31 08:05
      It was a normal day in RC 1817. The RC’s inhabitants, Agents Michael and Mia, DF, had fallen into a morning pattern. Every day, Michael got up first after his night terrors woke him, and began... more
      • Jesse and Michael continued. Alleb, Wed Sep 2 21:42
        After a while, Jesse's memories slacked off. He uncurled shaking fronds and straightened; although he felt weakened by the mental pain, he felt stronger for having gone through it. " Now, " he... more
      • ((Retconning Michael.))Alleb, Mon Aug 31 14:30
        I was incredibly silly and didn't get all of the details on Amris before writing this; I'll redo it and post it once I'm sure it's up to scratch. Sorry to Des and everyone else for my silly, silly... more
        • Michael's swap!Alleb, Tue Sep 1 17:55
          ((For Reasons, Michael is no longer swapping into Amris. Onto the RP!)) One moment, Michael Green was just bringing his mug to his lips. The next, he… wasn’t. He was lying on a bed in a strange RC,... more
    • Cyba and EagrusCyba Zero, Mon Aug 31 07:56
      Cyba hummed happily as she polished her various suits of armour arrayed on stands in the RC. It was not often that she got the time between missions so she was making the most of it. Eagrus,... more
      • New location, new perspective.Captain Dandy, Mon Aug 31 12:00
        Captain Dandy did his best to cultivate the idea that he could not be surprised. It wasn't true, of course, but the facade was useful when dealing with others. Everyone in the PPC needed to believe... more
        • Cyba has companyCyba Zero, Mon Aug 31 13:39
          Cyba jumped. "Er... well this is going to sound rather weird, but... Wait. You're disoriented too? I'm Cyba, Cyba Zero of DTE - or I was . As for where we are, hmm." She opened the RC door and stuck... more
          • Further orientation.Captain Dandy, Mon Aug 31 16:40
            Captain Dandy was doing his best not to completely freak out. Appearances and everything. It was very much a balancing act — a bit like like trying to stand in this new body, actually. So far, he had ... more
            • AhCyba Zero, Tue Sep 1 05:17
              "You're not used to a humanoid body, are you?" Cyba asked. She proffered an arm. "Here, lean on me until you get your balance. Treat it like a mission disguise and you should be fine. Something's... more
              • A most helpful tip.Captain Dandy, Tue Sep 1 15:00
                The "mission disguise" analogue wasn't a perfect analogue for this situation, but it worked. Dandy was briefly embarrassed he had not thought of it before. He chalked it up to the feelings of dread,... more
                • Possible plan.Cyba Zero, Tue Sep 1 16:27
                  "Hoo boy, I hope not! But, the Board of Department Heads? Sure, we could portal to one of their office doors - but I don't hold out much hope. Do you seriously think they'd listen to a pair of... more
                  • The Captain sighed.Captain Dandy, Wed Sep 2 15:43
                    He had been considering how to respond to this question ever since Cyba had given her name. The truth would definitely be alarming; after all, showing that the Flowers had been affected would... more
                    • "OH."Cyba Zero, Thu Sep 3 04:49
                      "This is bad. In that case, portalling to one of Upstairs' offices probably won't help; the Department Heads could be scattered across HQ! Do you have some kind of override so we could send a message ... more
                      • The captain shook his head.Captain Dandy, Fri Sep 4 11:02
                        "Overrides need a Flower's psychic imprint. That's part of the reason why we need to go Upstairs. There is a chance our forms are still there. Even if that is not the case, it may be that the other... more
                        • "Right then!"Cyba Zero, Fri Sep 4 16:06
                          Cyba had a quick hunt for the RA. "Portal to the Security office? With any luck, my agent partner might think of heading there himself, paranoid as he is."
    • [Sunday] In Response Center 555...PoorCynic, Mon Aug 31 02:35
      Gremlin looked down at the jar of hair gel in her hand, then back up to the bathroom mirror showing the fringe of hair laying across her otherwise shorn scalp. She made an uncertain noise. Back at... more
      • And then in the Sunflower Official's office...PoorCynic, Tue Sep 1 15:30
        Xericka had spent a few informative minutes attempting to assert control over her new body. The physical aspects had taken relatively little time. It was the Flower's psychic sense that was proving... more
        • Suddenly!Huinesoron, Thu Sep 3 11:13
          An incoming message appeared on the SO's console, sending out a mental pulse to catch Xericka's attention. To: The Sunflower Official [sunflowerofficial.console.112358he132134an5589.rcA.DMS] From:... more
          • Xericka stopped mid-message.PoorCynic, Thu Sep 3 15:41
            That is just what she needed: an interruption. Writing a message to the entirety of Headquarters with one's mind while trying to simultaneously block out the waves of panic and anger pulsing from... more
            • In the corridors of Upstairs...Yellow Rose #3, Sat Sep 5 11:59
              This Yellow Rose considered herself very fortunate: when she'd swapped in to this body, she'd found herself very close to the office of the Sunflower Official. The potted cactus flashpatch probably... more
              • Xericka went through her message again.PoorCynic, Sun Sep 6 10:26
                She had finally been able to finish it without accidentally adding her own subconscious thoughts. She had held off on sending it for the moment, however. If this agent who had messaged her really was ... more
                • There he was!Yellow Rose #3, Mon Sep 7 18:23
                  Finally she had him all to herself, and she hugged him tightly. But he didn't seem nearly as pleased to see her as she was to see him. When he spoke, doubt began to enter her mind. The voice sounded... more
    • [Sunday] Hild and Sean before swapPippa's Ghost, Mon Aug 31 02:16
      "So," asked Sean as the two agents set off down the corridor, "what's this news you've been dying to tell me?" Hild had wanted to tell her partner as soon as the message had flashed up on their... more
      • [Sunday] Sean as KyarisPippa's Ghost, Mon Aug 31 14:41
        Sean's dizziness didn't stop. If anything, it kept getting worse. Everything kept swimming before his eyes, making it hard to focus. And he seemed to be seeing double - or maybe even more than... more
        • The toppling hydra...SeaTurtle, Mon Aug 31 16:56
          ...drew the attention of many Green team agents. There were several shouts of surprise as Kyaris' body collapsed into the alley between cubicles, followed by more shouts as an entire DoI team's worth ... more
          • Sean opened one eyePippa's Ghost, Tue Sep 1 02:40
            and saw the two agents leaning over him. He also saw those snakes lying on the floor beside him, but at least they weren't moving. The black-haired man was asking if Sean was all right. Still too... more
            • Gaspard backpedalled from Kyaris' body...SeaTurtle, Tue Sep 1 09:53
              ...but Penny stayed close to the hydra and looked at "her" in the eyes. Well, the ones that were open. "Kyaris, focus on me. One head at the time, eh?" she said. "Just nod or shake your head. Gaspard ... more
              • Sean concentrated...Pippa's Ghost, Tue Sep 1 11:59
                and slowly shook one head. And, this time it was the right one, the one with its eyes open. Feeling more confident, he had another try at speaking. "Not Kyarisss... Ssssean."
                • "Okay, Sean. You're all right."SeaTurtle, Tue Sep 1 14:27
                  "Well, er, unless we've been talking to the head named 'Kyaris' all this time, heh..." Penny smiled. "No? Okay, sorry: bad joke. So, Sean: can you remember anything at all before you got here? And,... more
                  • "Sssean Belman...Pippa's Ghost, Tue Sep 1 15:33
                    ...DMSsss. I wass jusst walking down the corridor with my partner, when all of a ssudden I wass here, like thiss. Where iss here anyway?" Feeling confident with the way he was controlling that head,... more
                    • "Penny Chang, Intelligence."SeaTurtle, Tue Sep 1 19:23
                      "You're lying down in the middle of Stupidity lane right now," said the Spy, gesturing around her. "It's, uh... well. When our team goes on Action duty, we're assigned to a cubicle and wait there to... more
                      • Denny groaned.JulyFlame, Tue Sep 1 19:58
                        Earlier, he had been heading for a job request before... whatever happened. And then Denny was suddenly in somewhere in the middle of the Department of Intelligence's maze of cubicles. The only... more
                        • Penny and Gaspard turned...SeaTurtle, Tue Sep 1 20:45
                 look at the newcomer. "Oh! Harr-- er, I mean..." Gaspard straightened himself out. "Sir! I'm afraid to said we don't know what's going on. Penny and I," he gestured at himself and at the... more
                          • Hmmm,,, thought Sean...Pippa's Ghost, Wed Sep 2 09:45
                            At least I'm not the only one affected. That's some relief anyway. He wondered if they could try to phone his mobile to get in touch with the person now in his body - possibly this Kyaris. The he... more
                            • "I'm in that idiot's body?!"JulyFlame, Wed Sep 2 11:30
                              Denny massaged his forehead. "Great. Just great." It took skill to be that stupidly destructive. "You know we had to call in help for that one, you guys were that flooded?" He shook his head, and... more
                              • "Just help me to my feet...Pippa's Ghost, Wed Sep 2 12:01
                                ...uh, hooves, whatever they are."
                                • "All right. Let's have a go at it..."SeaTurtle, Wed Sep 2 13:17
                                  Penny moved to the hydra's side. "Gaspard, Robbs, come over here. We're all gonna roll Sean over and hope that he can get his legs under control before he ploughs through a couple more cubicles." She ... more
                                  • "The cubicles can always get fixed later."JulyFlame, Wed Sep 2 16:02
                                    Depending on how bad the damage was, it would probably end up being something BM would have to take care of later, but right now it didn't matter. He went over, shoving hair out of his face, and fell ... more
                                    • "Thankss."Pippa's Ghost, Thu Sep 3 04:27
                                      After some pushing and rolling, they managed to get Sean into a position where he could stand up. He still felt a little wobbly, but instinct took over and a couple of his heads grabbed the edge of... more
                                      • "Yes, we should," said Penny.SeaTurtle, Thu Sep 3 23:27
                                        "Though I imagine that the department would be flooded by cases like yours-- not to mention all of the Nurses suddenly body-swapped out of Medical. We can give it a shot." She retrieved her RA from... more
                                        • "Great, I hadn't thought of that." JulyFlame, Fri Sep 4 22:56
                                          "If this is spread through all of HQ there's no telling what's going on. Or being destroyed," he said, automatically resigning himself to the aftermath.
                                          • Sean took a long, deep breathPippa's Ghost, Sat Sep 5 11:24
                                   help steady himself before taking his first steps through the portal. When he breathed out, sparks and smoke came from his mouth. Luckily they didn't hit anyone. He glanced down at the heads... more
                                            • Medical was a mess.SeaTurtle, Sun Sep 6 20:38
                                              Agents stumbled around, trying to find out who was who and searching for the nearest shiny object to catch a glimpse of their own reflection. "Well," said Penny as she followed Sean through the... more
                                              • "Good idea." Sean looked around.Pippa's Ghost, Tue Sep 8 10:00
                                                He was still trying to keep the eyes open on only one of his heads at time. (Any more than that, and he quickly found himself getting giddy again.) Stretching that head's neck up as high as it would... more
      • [Sunday] Hild in Printworthy's bodyPippa's Ghost, Mon Aug 31 03:33
        The brief moment of dizziness passed before Hild even knew it began. She looked up and found that she was in an unfamiliar RC. And she seemed to be bent over on all fours, not wearing any trousers or ... more
        • Rartiy zipped over to the pony.World-Jumper, Tue Sep 1 17:45
          Something had to be wrong. The unicorn would have yelled so had she spilled his ink, or touched his feathers. Especially when they fused to him. Why was he so attached, but wanted to be separate? And ... more
          • "Hi there, little one."Pippa's Ghost, Wed Sep 2 09:52
            Hild smiled at the small dragon. "Are you one of those baby fire-lizards I've heard so much about?"
            • The draconequis started to chuckle.World-Jumper, Wed Sep 2 11:13
              Oh, the new pony was going to be fun. However, she had to correct pony knowledge. Silly ponies, they think so much, but as usual, know so little. She zipped over to the shelf of disks. Snapping her... more
              • Hild grew angry...Pippa's Ghost, Wed Sep 2 12:07
                on hearing the little dragon thing's words. "Chaos and Disharmony? So are you you the one who did this to me?" Distracted by her anger, she managed to stand up on all fours without even realising it.
                • Rartiy grinned wickedly.World-Jumper, Wed Sep 2 12:30
                  New pony was going to be fun! She hardly had to play to get anger. Yet, still, she was confused. She had not done anything to new pony. She gave the disk another spin, and let the words flow through... more
                  • "Well, what did you expect me to think?"Pippa's Ghost, Thu Sep 3 04:06
                    Hild tried to take a threatening step towards the self-proclaimed spirit of Chaos, but stumbled and ended up lying on the floor again. Not quite the air of calm menace she was after.
        • ((You know, I never thought of it.))World-Jumper, Mon Aug 31 13:41
          ((Nothing in canon tells us anything either way. I'll allow it. It explains why Marvin is never allowed to get away with anything.))
    • ((Let's try this again, shall we?)) [Sunday] — Voyd, Mon Aug 31 00:55
      • Aaron had been comfortably dozing in his Response Center, enjoying a chance to catch up on his sleep. The jolt of changing forms might not have managed to wake him, but Chakkik's shouting certainly... more
        • "You, name and department, right now."
          • "Aaron Hunter, DMS."Tira, Mon Aug 31 03:45
            The response was almost automatic. He frowned at the other man - another ghoul, confirming his initial guess at the cause. "Who are you? You're not my partner." Aaron had seen female ghouls before,... more
            • "I have been quite rudely removed from my own body, and I would like very much to murder whoever is responsible. I assume that you are not in your body either?"
              • Aaron blinked.Tira, Mon Aug 31 04:25
                "Removed from your... no, you don't understand. This is your body, my body. There must have been some kind of nuclear explosion, and the radiation caused us to mutate. We've been turned into ghouls." ... more
                • "This is NOT my body."Voyd, Mon Aug 31 12:31
                  "I am six feet, four inches tall, and of a powerful build. This body is too small, too lean, to be mine. In addition, I was still recovering from an ordeal in my last mission, and I simply feel too... more
                  • Aaron frowned.Tira, Mon Aug 31 13:59
                    The idea that people came in different sizes, something that he knew objectively had always been true, had only recently come to have any practical implications for his life. Examining the foggy... more
                    • "Surely... there is evidence... of who exactly... we are possessing... oh, I am a fool, the console is there." Chakkik started tapping away at the console's keys. "We are in Response Center... more
                      • "I guess they don't have the levels of nuclear power necessary to create them in all continuities. They're a form of mutated humans that look kind of like zombies - not that I'd ever use that word... more
                        • "My world is a fantasy continuum."Voyd, Mon Aug 31 15:43
                          "Our most advanced technology is powered by Mana. Which, in my current form, I cannot sense . I am going to murder whoever is responsible for this. I. Need. A sword. "
                          • "Oookay..."Tira, Mon Aug 31 16:17
                            Aaron was not used to calming down homicidal maniacs; in fact, he had rather more experience being the homicidal maniac. "Let's calm down and try to think about this logically?" he said. "Killing... more
                            • Chakkik stormed over, grabbed Aaron by the wrist, and dragged him out of the RC. "Mana is an ever-present force in my home continuum. I am in truth a Mana Monster, but I have been forced by... more
                              • They were both ghouls of similar size, and he thought it likely he could break away, but he was loath to leave his new acquaintance alone. "That seems like a really bad idea. What if they're the only ... more
                                • "Rectification, then bloodshed."Voyd, Mon Aug 31 23:30
                                  "I am aware of my insanity. I also am not particularly concerned. Results are results."
                                  • On the one hand, he didn't like the idea of killing someone just because of what could easily have been an honest mistake. On the other, he wasn't exactly unsympathetic to Chakkik's perspective. He... more
                                    • "My name is Chakkik, of the Department of Mary Sues. My Response Center is 512, and..." A look of dawning comprehension spread on Chakkik's face. "Oh... Hammers of Gnome, I have to find my partner.... more
                                      • ((That's fine!))Tira, Fri Sep 4 15:08
                                        "Natasha Markova, DMS as well. I suppose we're neighbors, if that even means anything in this place." Natasha held out her hand to shake, removing it from the holster of her gun. "So if we're going... more
                                        • Chakkik breezed past Natasha...Voyd, Fri Sep 4 21:02
                                          ... ignoring the outstretched hand. " Doooon Giovaaaaaaanniiii, a cenar teeee-ECK. Ergh, this body is clearly not trained in opera. Are either of you familiar with Mozart's 'Don Giovsnni'?"
                                          • Natasha shook her head.Tira, Sat Sep 5 00:42
                                            "Nah, I'm more of a Van Halen kinda girl, and Aaron here sticks with stuff from the Fifties." "It's nostalgic," Aaron replied rather defensively. "It reminds me of..." He broke off suddenly, and... more
    • {{Retconned subthread}}Voyd, Mon Aug 31 00:36
      {{Original title: "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!?"}} {{This thread has been retitled by your friendly neighbourhood Lord Protector to avoid confusion.}} Chakkik looked down at himself; no, HERself. He ... more
      • {{I've changed the titles for this.}}Huinesoron, Mon Aug 31 12:54
        {{It's easier that way. Voyd, if you're taking the Valon-Kala scene any further, or if you just want to make sure it's unambiguously canon, you can go ahead and repost it elsewhere in the thread.}}... more
      • {{Retconned subthread}}JulyFlame, Mon Aug 31 00:41
        {{Original title: OOC: Ok, clearly there is some confusion going on...}} {{This thread has been retitled by your friendly neighbourhood Lord Protector to avoid confusion.}} This isn't a... more
        • {{Retconned subthread}}Voyd, Mon Aug 31 00:47
          {{Original title: OOC: ((Um... oops. Sorry...))}} {{This thread has been retitled by your friendly neighbourhood Lord Protector to avoid confusion.}} ((Still, the scene with Valon and Kala and the... more
    • [Sunday] Harris was having a very strange dream.SeaTurtle, Sun Aug 30 23:24
      One minute, he was falling asleep in front of his computer in the DoI's Sorting Room. The next, he was in some strange RC. Mind you, this was very lifelike for a dream. The way he was able to smell... more
    • (OOC: Quick question)SkarmorySilver, Sun Aug 30 22:53
      (Seeing as I have multiple agents, can I also do body-swaps between the ones I write? Like Sarah swapping with Ripper, for example?)
    • In which a typical day at Rudi's goes very, very wrong.SkarmorySilver, Sun Aug 30 22:35
      "Cupid, I think you really have to stop..." It was a teenaged Homs who spoke this, trying to console the angel he was sitting next to at Rudi's. "Why should I? Thank Palutena those fics were short, I ... more
      • [Sunday]SkarmorySilver, Mon Aug 31 08:28
        (Oh yeah, and for reference, this takes place on Sunday. Sorry if I didn't state this earlier!)
      • "Char?"Edhelistar, Sun Aug 30 22:46
        Lizzie looked curiously at the person that the person that seemed to be her master, "Char charmander char?" The eyes of the Lizard Pokémon glistened with concern over her master.
        • "Oh, hey, little guy!"SkarmorySilver, Sun Aug 30 22:50
          Cupid looked down at the Charmander, then knelt down to speak to her. "Listen, it's gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay. I'm guessing you're my... pet? Or the pet of the girl I'm possessing? Uh...... more
          • The one there wasn't her master, and whoever was there, was going to pay for the theft of her master...
            • Cupid turned around, his heart beating fast...SkarmorySilver, Sun Aug 30 22:57
              ...and raised "her" hands in a gesture of surrender. "Uh... Heheh, nice Charmander... Like I said, your master maybe a little wonky... Just... calm down, all right? I'm on your side!"
              • And a violet-haired Asian girl in civilian clothing, taller than the body Cupid was inhabiting now, stepped out of it. She glanced at the scene and raised her eyebrow. "I knew that you having that... more
                • Cupid ran and hid behind Yuuna.SkarmorySilver, Sun Aug 30 23:07
                  "Oh, thank Lady Palutena!" he cried. "I was wondering if someone would help! Listen..." He then whirled the other girl around and held both of her shoulders. "Are you with the girl whose body I'm... more
                  • Yuuna locked her glare on "Solvig's" eyes. "Me on the other hand..." She kneels Cupid between his(her?) legs to bring her (him?) to her(his?) knees. Then aims her handgun to the back of the head.... more
                    • Cupid reeled in pain, terror-stricken.SkarmorySilver, Sun Aug 30 23:21
                      There was nothing he could do but obey this girl. But he had to explain himself. Somehow. "I don't know what happened!" he cried, his hands still raised, his crotch pounding in sudden pain. "I just... more
                      • "Cupid... Carmine?" said Yuuna.Edhelistar, Sun Aug 30 23:47
                        "Well, well, isn't the terror of DoSAT himself..." She took his (current) chin and lifted his head to see him to the eyes. "But that doesn't tell me what you did with my partner, does it?" she said... more
                        • "Y-your guess is as good as mine!"SkarmorySilver, Sun Aug 30 23:50
                          Cupid slowly stood up and backed away, hands still raised. "I really don't know how I ended up in Solvig's body. Honest! Listen, the sooner you get me me back in my own body and your partner into... more
                          • "You make a lot of assumptions, buddy..."Edhelistar, Sun Aug 30 23:58
                            Yuuna said holstering her gun, and taking out a small metallic box out of her bag. "And I need to know, if that's actually my partner's body..." She then took out a small green glowing crystal out... more
                            • The reaction was instantaneous.SkarmorySilver, Mon Aug 31 08:35
                              "AAAAAGH! GET IT AWAY FROM MEEEEeee...!" Cupid sank to his knees, his strength giving way. He tried reaching for the green crystal but he couldn't move his arm! What was the meaning of this? What did ... more
                              • Yuuna tilted her head puzzled...Edhelistar, Mon Aug 31 22:15
                                ...then squatted and grabbed the glass marble-sized crystal with her index and thumb. "I've heard that Kryptonian limits were psychosomatic in nature, but this ridiculous..." She sighed. "You're kind ... more
                                • Cupid let out a long, continuous scream.SkarmorySilver, Mon Aug 31 22:31
                                  "AAAAAAAAAH! WHATEVER YOU JUST DID, TURN IT OOOOOOFFFFFF!!!" He writhed on the floor, agony coursing through his new body. Clearly, asking Solvig's partner to help had been a terrible mistake, and he ... more
                                  • ...for a few minutes, then she said, "Activate." She stood up, walked to the angel-turned-Kryptonian-girl, took the Kryptonite piece and put it back in its lead-lined box. "The fact that the rock... more
                                    • Cupid had no choice but to follow.SkarmorySilver, Mon Aug 31 22:55
                                      But one question began forming in the back of his mind... "...If I'm not possessing Solvig... then why am I in her body?! I don't sense her soul! Remember when Pit possessed Magnus during the whole... more
                                      • Yuuna stooped and stared at Cupid.Edhelistar, Mon Aug 31 23:12
                                        "Listen, uh... Cupid, right? That sounds ridiculous," she said, "if you keep talking lke this, next thing you're going say is that that insufferable... Technician, from T&A became a dandelion."
                                        • Cupid said nothing, but continued walking.SkarmorySilver, Mon Aug 31 23:26
                                          As they were heading towards the Lichen's office, however, someone came up to them. It was an Asian young man with wild black hair, glasses, and a bulletproof vest over a dark gray, long-sleeved tee. ... more
    • It was a slow day in DoSAT.Iximaz, Sun Aug 30 22:19
      Alex Dives was busy fiddling with a Star Trek communicator, his carefully undescribed fire-lizard perched on his shoulder. He sighed and set down his laser spanner, rubbing away the headache that had ... more
      • The office door was pushed open...SeaTurtle, Wed Sep 2 22:05
        ...letting a little grey fox-like Pokémon scuttle into the room. Tacitus looked around at the Floating Hyacinth's office. The room was almost entirely occupied by the huge tank of water in which the... more
        • Yes, I'm aware!Iximaz, Wed Sep 2 22:15
          Alex could just somehow sense what was going on around him, though it was a hard job to focus his panicked thoughts enough to understand what he was 'seeing'. I'm not actually the--Am I the Floating... more
          • Tacitus raised his eyebrows.SeaTurtle, Wed Sep 2 22:42
            Interesting. Even the Flowers weren't safe from the swap. He wrote another message. "You can call me Tacitus. From where I stand, I can't do anything to help you directly but you're in the Hyacinth's ... more
            • The not-Hyacinth waved a leaf.Iximaz, Wed Sep 2 22:49
              I'm Alex Dives, I'm an intern with DoSAT. Alex waved another leaf; the more he moved pieces around, the more control he (slowly) started to gain over the body. I'm... not sure about the computer... more
              • "I happen to know..." SeaTurtle, Thu Sep 3 10:47
                "...that the Hyacinth is a rather good dancer," wrote Tacitus. "The security camera footage was rather entertaining if I do say so myself. Either way, you are mobile. Somehow. Now, seeing as I can't... more
                • Wait!Iximaz, Thu Sep 3 11:14
                  Wait, please! Don't leave me! Alex began flailing his petals and leaves, then finally discovered he had some tendrily appendages that he could use to haul himself out of the tank, flopping... more
                  • Tacitus looked over his shoulder...SeaTurtle, Fri Sep 4 09:57
                    ...obviously irritated. He jerked his head toward the door and looked at Alex. He sat down and stared at the DoSAT intern, waiting for him to regain his footing. "Try to keep up. I won't wait for you ... more
                    • After much flailing of tendrils...Iximaz, Fri Sep 4 16:20
                      Alex managed to drag himself over to Tacitus. Why couldn't I have gotten one of the non-aquatic Flowers? he grumbled.
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