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"Aaron Hunter, DMS."
Mon Aug 31, 2015 03:45

The response was almost automatic. He frowned at the other man - another ghoul, confirming his initial guess at the cause. "Who are you? You're not my partner." Aaron had seen female ghouls before, and they usually maintained some fleshy tissue in the relevant areas. Besides, this one was far too pale to be Natasha.

  • "You, name and department, right now."
    • "Aaron Hunter, DMS." — Tira, Mon Aug 31 03:45
      • "I have been quite rudely removed from my own body, and I would like very much to murder whoever is responsible. I assume that you are not in your body either?"
        • Aaron blinked.Tira, Mon Aug 31 04:25
          "Removed from your... no, you don't understand. This is your body, my body. There must have been some kind of nuclear explosion, and the radiation caused us to mutate. We've been turned into ghouls." ... more
          • "This is NOT my body."Voyd, Mon Aug 31 12:31
            "I am six feet, four inches tall, and of a powerful build. This body is too small, too lean, to be mine. In addition, I was still recovering from an ordeal in my last mission, and I simply feel too... more
            • Aaron frowned.Tira, Mon Aug 31 13:59
              The idea that people came in different sizes, something that he knew objectively had always been true, had only recently come to have any practical implications for his life. Examining the foggy... more
              • "Surely... there is evidence... of who exactly... we are possessing... oh, I am a fool, the console is there." Chakkik started tapping away at the console's keys. "We are in Response Center... more
                • "I guess they don't have the levels of nuclear power necessary to create them in all continuities. They're a form of mutated humans that look kind of like zombies - not that I'd ever use that word... more
                  • "My world is a fantasy continuum."Voyd, Mon Aug 31 15:43
                    "Our most advanced technology is powered by Mana. Which, in my current form, I cannot sense . I am going to murder whoever is responsible for this. I. Need. A sword. "
                    • "Oookay..."Tira, Mon Aug 31 16:17
                      Aaron was not used to calming down homicidal maniacs; in fact, he had rather more experience being the homicidal maniac. "Let's calm down and try to think about this logically?" he said. "Killing... more
                      • Chakkik stormed over, grabbed Aaron by the wrist, and dragged him out of the RC. "Mana is an ever-present force in my home continuum. I am in truth a Mana Monster, but I have been forced by... more
                        • They were both ghouls of similar size, and he thought it likely he could break away, but he was loath to leave his new acquaintance alone. "That seems like a really bad idea. What if they're the only ... more
                          • "Rectification, then bloodshed."Voyd, Mon Aug 31 23:30
                            "I am aware of my insanity. I also am not particularly concerned. Results are results."
                            • On the one hand, he didn't like the idea of killing someone just because of what could easily have been an honest mistake. On the other, he wasn't exactly unsympathetic to Chakkik's perspective. He... more
                              • "My name is Chakkik, of the Department of Mary Sues. My Response Center is 512, and..." A look of dawning comprehension spread on Chakkik's face. "Oh... Hammers of Gnome, I have to find my partner.... more
                                • ((That's fine!))Tira, Fri Sep 4 15:08
                                  "Natasha Markova, DMS as well. I suppose we're neighbors, if that even means anything in this place." Natasha held out her hand to shake, removing it from the holster of her gun. "So if we're going... more
                                  • Chakkik breezed past Natasha...Voyd, Fri Sep 4 21:02
                                    ... ignoring the outstretched hand. " Doooon Giovaaaaaaanniiii, a cenar teeee-ECK. Ergh, this body is clearly not trained in opera. Are either of you familiar with Mozart's 'Don Giovsnni'?"
                                    • Natasha shook her head.Tira, Sat Sep 5 00:42
                                      "Nah, I'm more of a Van Halen kinda girl, and Aaron here sticks with stuff from the Fifties." "It's nostalgic," Aaron replied rather defensively. "It reminds me of..." He broke off suddenly, and... more
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