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The reaction was instantaneous.
Mon Aug 31, 2015 08:35


Cupid sank to his knees, his strength giving way. He tried reaching for the green crystal but he couldn't move his arm! What was the meaning of this? What did this crystal do?

No, wait. It couldn't be.

Was he a... a Kryptonian? Sarah had told him about training one... Could this be her? And then he remembered.

"The girl... I'm possessing..." he gasped weakly, now curled up on the floor. "I know her...! We've met... before..." He looked very close to passing out now, but she had to know...

  • "You make a lot of assumptions, buddy..."Edhelistar, Sun Aug 30 23:58
    Yuuna said holstering her gun, and taking out a small metallic box out of her bag. "And I need to know, if that's actually my partner's body..." She then took out a small green glowing crystal out... more
    • The reaction was instantaneous. — SkarmorySilver, Mon Aug 31 08:35
      • Yuuna tilted her head puzzled...Edhelistar, Mon Aug 31 22:15
        ...then squatted and grabbed the glass marble-sized crystal with her index and thumb. "I've heard that Kryptonian limits were psychosomatic in nature, but this ridiculous..." She sighed. "You're kind ... more
        • Cupid let out a long, continuous scream.SkarmorySilver, Mon Aug 31 22:31
          "AAAAAAAAAH! WHATEVER YOU JUST DID, TURN IT OOOOOOFFFFFF!!!" He writhed on the floor, agony coursing through his new body. Clearly, asking Solvig's partner to help had been a terrible mistake, and he ... more
          • ...for a few minutes, then she said, "Activate." She stood up, walked to the angel-turned-Kryptonian-girl, took the Kryptonite piece and put it back in its lead-lined box. "The fact that the rock... more
            • Cupid had no choice but to follow.SkarmorySilver, Mon Aug 31 22:55
              But one question began forming in the back of his mind... "...If I'm not possessing Solvig... then why am I in her body?! I don't sense her soul! Remember when Pit possessed Magnus during the whole... more
              • Yuuna stooped and stared at Cupid.Edhelistar, Mon Aug 31 23:12
                "Listen, uh... Cupid, right? That sounds ridiculous," she said, "if you keep talking lke this, next thing you're going say is that that insufferable... Technician, from T&A became a dandelion."
                • Cupid said nothing, but continued walking.SkarmorySilver, Mon Aug 31 23:26
                  As they were heading towards the Lichen's office, however, someone came up to them. It was an Asian young man with wild black hair, glasses, and a bulletproof vest over a dark gray, long-sleeved tee. ... more
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