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[Sunday] Sarah sped through the PPC hallways, terrified.
Mon Aug 31, 2015 09:04

"CUPID!" she screeched, flapping her red-feathered wings in a wild panic. "BACKSLASH! SOMEONE, HELP!!"

It had been sheer bad luck that had led her to become trapped in the feathery body of her most hated foe. Apparently, the Deinonychus had been alone in RC #227, and Sarah in her's, when she'd blacked out and found herself back in her old RC... and in his body. She wasn't happy, needless to say.

And unfortunately, she wasn't much faster than a normal person, either. Her short legs and stocky feet were better for leaping and pouncing than a straight run.

Suddenly, she saw someone lying on the floor in the corridor ahead. Could it be someone from DoSAT? Maybe they could help!

Rushing over to him, she skidded to a halt and began nipping at his hair, trying to wake him up.

(Ripper!Sarah will be talking to Woon.)

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    • [Sunday] Sarah sped through the PPC hallways, terrified. — SkarmorySilver, Mon Aug 31 09:04
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