Bronze and green.
Mon Aug 31, 2015 13:39

The little bronze was quick to spot the morsel Gerry offered him. With a triumphant cry, he darted forward and snatched the piece from her fingers, not even bothering to chew as he bolted it down. Fortunately, the raw, slippery wherry-meat went down easily. He sniffed, searching for more, and warbled his need to his new benefactor.

The green, meanwhile, flapped and flopped in her own attempts to right herself while taking the food offered her at the same time. In the wild, she would have been in trouble, but here, thanks to Colt's efforts, she got her wing unfouled and found her feet in the end. She hopped eagerly toward Colt, peering up at him with utmost admiration for his assistance. But she was really very, very hungry, and made this known with a series of shrill cheeps.

(( Take it away, July. ^_^ ))

  • Babies!JulyFlame, Mon Aug 31 13:19
    With each suddenly holding a bowl of meat and an egg with its hatchling ready to escape, both shoved onto them (though fortunately having things shoved into their arms was a common occurance, in BM), ... more
    • Bronze and green. — Neshomeh, Mon Aug 31 13:39
      • "Hey there, Zeke."Iximaz, Mon Aug 31 13:43
        Alex grabbed several pieces of meat and offered one to the little blue. "I'm going to take care of you," he said, laughing when Zeke snapped up the meat from his hand. "I promise."
        • Batch two!Neshomeh, Mon Aug 31 14:54
          The little blue preemptively dubbed Zeke was not interested in words. He was very, very interested in the meat Alex held in his other hand, toward which he turned and pounced. He tried to propel... more
          • ((Can I just say I'm squeeing over here?))Iximaz, Mon Aug 31 15:14
            ((Because I'm totally squeeing over here. :D )) Alex offered Zeke another few pieces of meat, using his free hand to scoot the little blue closer to him, stroking its back while he fed the hatchling. ... more
          • EGGSES. Alleb, Mon Aug 31 15:09
            The eggs little tap escalated to rocking. The parents' song in her ears, Alleb hurriedly set the egg in the sand, and picked up the bowl of meat. " Think loving thoughts, " Alleb told herself. She... more
            • Teyala's preparations.PoorCynic, Mon Aug 31 16:11
              Everything began moving very quickly. The asari soon found herself sitting on the sand with a bowl of meat (which had caused her to blush at her own forgetfulness when she received it from Ilraen)... more
              • Brightbeard picked up a bit of meatPhobos, Mon Aug 31 16:42
                As the brown made its presence known to the world, Brightbeard brought the meat close to it. He could feel the hunger, but he was old and used to ignoring the urges of the body. "I've some food for... more
                • The Notary had had enough.Scapegrace, Mon Aug 31 17:24
                  She was feeling peckish herself - normally something she clamped down on - and rooted through her pockets for random tech she wasn't using any more. "Human, I have some things for you to juggle."... more
                  • to it, and put it besides her. She took a small piece of meat and offered it to the creature. Then, she did something that she haven't done in months, months that felt like ages, Shui-Hua... more
                    • Third and final batch.Neshomeh, Wed Sep 2 23:09
                      (( Finally. Stupid YourWebApps, crashing when I needed to post... (( Disclaimer: I am le tired, and cannot go take a nap before firing ze missiles. Advance apologies for any dumb mistakes,... more
                      • ((Finally!))Desdendelle, Thu Sep 3 00:14
                        Des smiled when his egg finally hatched. He took a piece of meat and handed it to his fire-lizard, who gulped it down and continued to scale Des' leg. The Floater started humming under his breath,... more
                        • "Hello, Lola."Scapegrace, Thu Sep 3 04:29
                          The Notary rummaged through a pocket with her offhand and came out with a pair of long evening gloves, one of which she struggled to put on. Once the task had been completed, she resisted the urge to ... more
                          • ...emerged from her shell and spread her wings wide. A gold? A gold ? Somewhere, behind the utter shock and a healthy amount of awe, part of Dawn's mind went, shiny . The hatchling found her feet and ... more
                            • Whoot whoot, fire-lizard!Alleb, Thu Sep 3 18:32
                              Alleb saw a bright flash of green as the little dragon emerged from it's shell. It shook itself, then began to mewl, nosing around for food on the sandy floor. Alleb felt the hatchling's intense... more
                              • Teyala's eyes snapped open as the egg broke.PoorCynic, Fri Sep 4 11:34
                                The asari moved quickly, fishing several slivers of meat out of the nearby bowl and offering them to the tiny green creature. The fire-lizard wolfed them down within an instant before trilling for... more
                                • ((OOC: Well actually...))Edhelistar, Sun Sep 6 10:48
                                  ((...the correct pinyin spelling for the name is Fěi-cuí , but I wasn't going for a correct spelling, I was going for an American English spelling that gave me the pronunciation that was the... more
                                  • ((Oh, by the way, Nesh...))Alleb, Sun Sep 6 14:51
                                    ((...Alleb never got to trade her dagger to Ilraen. Do you want to RP that, or just write a little one-liner like: "Alleb handed Ilraen the dagger, then left,"?)) ((-Alleb))
                      • ((OOC: So you seem to be saying...))JulyFlame, Wed Sep 2 23:58
                        ((That we need to introduce more fire-lizards into the PPC for healthy genes? *g*))
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