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Marvin's head spun.
Mon Aug 31, 2015 14:09

"Ow..." Marvin rubbed his head, trying to rub the pain out of his scalp and his pride. He had hit his head against that darn shelf before, but never so hard he knocked himself out. He pushed himself up, being careful to scoot back to avoid the shelf. "No, please, don't help me up or anything. I'm..." He stopped. That wasn't right. His voice seemed... Higher then usual. "...fine?" he asked, lowering the pitch. Even still, it didn't sound right. Maybe he rattled his brain more then he thought.

Marvin finished pushing himself up, and dusted himself off. He looked down. That definitely wasn't right. Unless concussions are the secret to tremendous weight loss, omething had to be wrong. "Rartiy? Rartiy. Rartiy. Did you do something to me?" There was no responce. Now he knew something was wrong.

Marvin spun around, taking in the surroundings. "Rartiy? Printworthy? What the..." He did not know what was gong on, but this was not his RC. It looked more like an office or something. There were flowers all over the place. Not big-F-Flowers, but regular flowers. There was a big, puffy leather chair in one corner, and a long couch in the other. He spotted a mirror hanging on the wall above a nearby desk. He scrambled over, stumbling with newfound lightness in his step. He looked long and hard into the mirror.

Somebody else was staring back. He was blonde, for one, with a distressingly feminine face. Or, perhaps, she... Marvin sent a hand down. He sighed. "Oh. Well then. Great." He spent more time looking in the mirror One thing was clear. This was not his body. Something put him in this one.

And when he found his suspected 'something,' he was going to give it a stern talking to.

((Was that ambiguous enough for you, Nesh? I hope so. Now, to get Marvin to meet somebody...))

  • "...I still think we could have used it," Marvin grumbled, as his body shifted back into is human form. The unicorn shook his head, carefully laying his equipment back on the shelving. "You saw it's... more
    • Marvin's head spun. — World-Jumper, Mon Aug 31 14:09
      • Re: Marvin's head spun.Yellow Rose #1, Mon Aug 31 20:08
        The Yellow Rose had been with her sisters when she felt the consciousness transfer hit, but had been powerless to stop it. When it was over, she saw - and she actually saw , as opposed to... more
        • Marvin heard the door creak open.World-Jumper, Mon Aug 31 21:34
          He spun around, fumbling for a weapon of some form, just in case. As it opened, he sighed, and lay the pen back on the table. "Oh, good. Fic Psych personnel. Right, my name is Marvin Jones, and I... more
          • The Yellow Rose stood in the doorway.Yellow Rose #1, Tue Sep 1 09:15
            FicPsych personnel? At least now she knew where she was, and while FicPsych may be far away from the magnificent Sunflower Official's office, things could have been a lot worse - at least she had... more
            • Marvin rushed to the fallen personnel.World-Jumper, Tue Sep 1 10:55
              "Oh dear," he muttered, as he pulled the fallen woman up from the ground. "Are you alright? By Celestia, that was a bit of a tumble." He looked around briefly before pulling the desk chair out and... more
              • Thuff you.Yellow Rose #1, Tue Sep 1 18:16
                No, that wasn't right - try again. "Th-an-k you," she said, pronouncing her words with the deliberate and exaggerated care normally only displayed by the severely tipsy. The Rose noticed the rather... more
                • Marvin blinked.World-Jumper, Tue Sep 1 20:08
                  Trouble with this body? What could that.. Oh. Marvin began to think Rartiy may not have actually been playing a prank. Or, if she was, she had far more power then he thought. If so... Well, he would... more
                  • Not such a simple questionYellow Rose #1, Wed Sep 2 17:06
                    "I don't really have a name," the Rose said. As she did, she noticed that her, or rather her body's , shoulders rose in an autonomous gesture, which was mildly disconcerting - she'd thought she'd got ... more
                    • "A Flower?"World-Jumper, Wed Sep 2 19:52
                      Well, now he could officially rule out Rartiy. Even she would not be so stupid as to body-swap a Flower. At least... He hoped she wouldn't. "Marvin... Marvin Jones, My Little Pony division, All... more
                      • Eagrus came out of a nearby office.Cyba Zero, Thu Sep 3 04:39
                        He had been listening carefully at the door after hearing voices and had now decided it was probably safe to exit. Worse, if this many people had been affected, it probably wasn't a spell backfire -... more
                        • Marvin jumped at the sudden open door.World-Jumper, Fri Sep 4 16:04
                          He spun around, brandishing a ball point pen at the intruder. When the newcomer revealed himself to be another agent, re relaxed, though kept the pen in hand this time. "You know, you really... more
                          • Eagrus paused.Cyba Zero, Fri Sep 4 16:13
                            Without armour or a decent sword, even ball point pens were a force to be reckoned with. "Eagrus Khan, DTE. Did you say therapy room? This must be FicPsych! No decent armour or weaponry likely to be... more
                            • "DTE...?"World-Jumper, Fri Sep 4 18:30
                              Marvin scratched his head, trying to remember what department that was. Department of Terrible Endings? Tastefull Editing? Technical Errors? "Technical Errors, eh? Sorry, just a little rusty with the ... more
                              • "Sounds good to me."Cyba Zero, Sat Sep 5 08:36
                                "If there is trouble out there, we'll be more able to handle it together. The Sunflower's office seem as good a base of operations as any, and we might find some equipment on the way - especially if... more
                                • "Yes, I must see him."Yellow Rose #1, Sat Sep 5 11:10
                                  Talk of a possible Sue invasion had temporarily stunned the Rose, but she came back to herself at mention of the Sunflower Official. However, she was surprised once again by her new body, as she was... more
                                  • "Well, it's RC number −273.15."Cyba Zero, Sat Sep 5 14:20
                                    He scratched the bony ridge on his head, thankful he had at least a partial substitute for a proper helmet. "However, the Sunflower Official could be anywhere, if he was affected by this swap too.... more
                                    • "True. Still, it's not like we have a better plan."World-Jumper, Sun Sep 6 04:46
                                      "We'll stop by your place first and get ourselves equipped, just in case. Then, we make our way to the Sunflowers office. By the time we make it there, there is a good chance he would have found his... more
                                      • "Ow!" The cranial ridge was good, but still not as good as his helmet. He had to get that back as soon as possible. "I hope this isn't the beginning of a punctuation storm. Let's get going - and... more
                                        • The only thing the Rose could think of...Yellow Rose #1, Mon Sep 7 18:07
                                          was the fact that the Sunflower Official might be in FicPsyche too! And the only thing that stopped her running out into the halls to check was the still shaky control she had over this body. Taking... more
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