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Mon Aug 31, 2015 14:10

((If it's Monday, your agents should have already been swapped into other people. Unless you didn't mean for them to be swapped, in which case there's a slight problem, because Voyd and I have characters currently occupying their bodies.))

  • (Monday) The mustachioed older ghoul looked at the pile of papers precariously perched in the corner of the little RC. " the #@(! did you get all these complaints, Derwin?" He picked one up ... more
    • ((Um...)) — Tira, Mon Aug 31 14:10
      • ((Nuts...))Mister Shoebox, Mon Aug 31 14:20
        (My bad, I didn't see yer post 'till now. I did mean for them to be swapped.)
        • Ooc: Yeah...JulyFlame, Mon Aug 31 14:32
          The start date is pretty much of when I has posted it yesterday, immediately, for simplicity.
        • [(No, it was my sec...]Mister Shoebox, Tue Sep 1 17:03
          (Sunday, right after the Swap:) Derwin the Ghoul, who at this moment was sitting on the bed in an unfamiliar RC in the body of a female borg, had his thoughts turn to that of his partner, who as of... more
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