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((Retconning Michael.))
Mon Aug 31, 2015 14:30

I was incredibly silly and didn't get all of the details on Amris before writing this; I'll redo it and post it once I'm sure it's up to scratch. Sorry to Des and everyone else for my silly, silly mistake.


P.S. Am I going too dark with Jesse?

  • The agents get swapped. Alleb, Mon Aug 31 08:05
    It was a normal day in RC 1817. The RCís inhabitants, Agents Michael and Mia, DF, had fallen into a morning pattern. Every day, Michael got up first after his night terrors woke him, and began... more
    • Jesse and Michael continued. Alleb, Wed Sep 2 21:42
      After a while, Jesse's memories slacked off. He uncurled shaking fronds and straightened; although he felt weakened by the mental pain, he felt stronger for having gone through it. " Now, " he... more
    • ((Retconning Michael.)) — Alleb, Mon Aug 31 14:30
      • Michael's swap!Alleb, Tue Sep 1 17:55
        ((For Reasons, Michael is no longer swapping into Amris. Onto the RP!)) One moment, Michael Green was just bringing his mug to his lips. The next, heÖ wasnít. He was lying on a bed in a strange RC,... more
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