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Captain Dandy
Further orientation.
Mon Aug 31, 2015 16:40

Captain Dandy was doing his best not to completely freak out. Appearances and everything. It was very much a balancing act a bit like like trying to stand in this new body, actually. So far, he had been able to tamp down the worst of it. But what this other person seemed to be suggesting that whatever this was had happened to multiple personnel across the entire PPC combined with their prattling on about whatever seemed to be at the top of their mind was wearing on him.


Damp fertilizer. He meant to shout "Enough!" but his control over words in this body hadn't quite expanded to those with multiple syllables.

Captain Dandy pushed himself off of the doorframe and took a step forward, which quickly turned into a stumble forward. He managed to right himself for a second, but quickly found that he was now teetering backwards. The displaced Flower thrust out his arms to stop himself from falling back through the door. There was crunching noise as the fingers on his artificial left hand dug into the Generic Wall like roots in the soil.

This was not helping his attempts to keep calm.

"What," he managed. "What hap. Haaap. End."

  • Cyba has companyCyba Zero, Mon Aug 31 13:39
    Cyba jumped. "Er... well this is going to sound rather weird, but... Wait. You're disoriented too? I'm Cyba, Cyba Zero of DTE - or I was . As for where we are, hmm." She opened the RC door and stuck... more
    • Further orientation. — Captain Dandy, Mon Aug 31 16:40
      • AhCyba Zero, Tue Sep 1 05:17
        "You're not used to a humanoid body, are you?" Cyba asked. She proffered an arm. "Here, lean on me until you get your balance. Treat it like a mission disguise and you should be fine. Something's... more
        • A most helpful tip.Captain Dandy, Tue Sep 1 15:00
          The "mission disguise" analogue wasn't a perfect analogue for this situation, but it worked. Dandy was briefly embarrassed he had not thought of it before. He chalked it up to the feelings of dread,... more
          • Possible plan.Cyba Zero, Tue Sep 1 16:27
            "Hoo boy, I hope not! But, the Board of Department Heads? Sure, we could portal to one of their office doors - but I don't hold out much hope. Do you seriously think they'd listen to a pair of... more
            • The Captain sighed.Captain Dandy, Wed Sep 2 15:43
              He had been considering how to respond to this question ever since Cyba had given her name. The truth would definitely be alarming; after all, showing that the Flowers had been affected would... more
              • "OH."Cyba Zero, Thu Sep 3 04:49
                "This is bad. In that case, portalling to one of Upstairs' offices probably won't help; the Department Heads could be scattered across HQ! Do you have some kind of override so we could send a message ... more
                • The captain shook his head.Captain Dandy, Fri Sep 4 11:02
                  "Overrides need a Flower's psychic imprint. That's part of the reason why we need to go Upstairs. There is a chance our forms are still there. Even if that is not the case, it may be that the other... more
                  • "Right then!"Cyba Zero, Fri Sep 4 16:06
                    Cyba had a quick hunt for the RA. "Portal to the Security office? With any luck, my agent partner might think of heading there himself, paranoid as he is."
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