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The toppling hydra...
Mon Aug 31, 2015 16:56

...drew the attention of many Green team agents. There were several shouts of surprise as Kyaris' body collapsed into the alley between cubicles, followed by more shouts as an entire DoI team's worth of agents suddenly found themselves being not themselves.

A few minutes later, a portal opened in Cubicle 5294 and let through a tall, scrawny man and a short Chinese woman. The conversation they were having was interrupted by the chaos outside their cubicle.

"What," said Penny Chang, "is going on here? What's with all of this yelling?"

"I don't know, ma'am," said Gaspard De Grasse, climbing on top of the equipment chest to peer at the rest of Green team in their cubicles. "Everyone just seems to be freaking out all of a sudden..." He immediately pulled a gas mask from the Pouch of Holding at his belt and slipped it on. "Chemical attack?" he said, his voice muffled by the rubber and plastic. "Some nerve agent maybe? Should we evacuate?"

"No, hold on," said Penny, raising a hand. "He might be able to explain what's going on." A Zorua ran up to the two agents and dove on the nearest stack of papers, furiously scribbling a message onto the paper.

"event cause unknown, was outside of hq when this happened, returned approx 5 minutes before you, came here and found this," wrote Tacitus frantically. "appears to be mass hysteria, all agents encountered suffering from this. directives?"

"Go out there and investigate," ordered Penny. "Determine the extent of this situation. Find the cause. Report to me when you find it. From there we'll review our findings and decide on the next step."

"yes, Madam," wrote Tacitus before dashing off towards the DoI Hub.

"I think you can take off the gas mask," said Penny to her colleague. "This doesn't seem to be a chemical agent: if that were the case, Tacitus wouldn't be... er. Like them." She waved a hand towards the rest of the room.

"Point taken," replied Gaspard, pulling off his mask. "What do you think DIA will do? If this is bigger than just the Action Room..."

"My guess is that the Yertis' New Cal division will have to intervene," said Penny. "Remember, whatever happened here is limited to inside Headquarters. They should be in a position to fix whatever happened here."

"Right, right. Er, shall we start investigating, ma'am?" said Gaspard. "Some people might need help out there."

"Let's go. Stick to me."

Penny led Gaspard out into the cubicle maze. Almost immediately after leaving the cubicle, they found Kyaris' body blocking an alley. The two Spies kneeled next to the hydra. "Er... Kyaris?" said Gaspard, tapping the ground next to the closest head with his palm. "Are you all right?"

  • [Sunday] Sean as KyarisPippa's Ghost, Mon Aug 31 14:41
    Sean's dizziness didn't stop. If anything, it kept getting worse. Everything kept swimming before his eyes, making it hard to focus. And he seemed to be seeing double - or maybe even more than... more
    • The toppling hydra... — SeaTurtle, Mon Aug 31 16:56
      • Sean opened one eyePippa's Ghost, Tue Sep 1 02:40
        and saw the two agents leaning over him. He also saw those snakes lying on the floor beside him, but at least they weren't moving. The black-haired man was asking if Sean was all right. Still too... more
        • Gaspard backpedalled from Kyaris' body...SeaTurtle, Tue Sep 1 09:53
          ...but Penny stayed close to the hydra and looked at "her" in the eyes. Well, the ones that were open. "Kyaris, focus on me. One head at the time, eh?" she said. "Just nod or shake your head. Gaspard ... more
          • Sean concentrated...Pippa's Ghost, Tue Sep 1 11:59
            and slowly shook one head. And, this time it was the right one, the one with its eyes open. Feeling more confident, he had another try at speaking. "Not Kyarisss... Ssssean."
            • "Okay, Sean. You're all right."SeaTurtle, Tue Sep 1 14:27
              "Well, er, unless we've been talking to the head named 'Kyaris' all this time, heh..." Penny smiled. "No? Okay, sorry: bad joke. So, Sean: can you remember anything at all before you got here? And,... more
              • "Sssean Belman...Pippa's Ghost, Tue Sep 1 15:33
                ...DMSsss. I wass jusst walking down the corridor with my partner, when all of a ssudden I wass here, like thiss. Where iss here anyway?" Feeling confident with the way he was controlling that head,... more
                • "Penny Chang, Intelligence."SeaTurtle, Tue Sep 1 19:23
                  "You're lying down in the middle of Stupidity lane right now," said the Spy, gesturing around her. "It's, uh... well. When our team goes on Action duty, we're assigned to a cubicle and wait there to... more
                  • Denny groaned.JulyFlame, Tue Sep 1 19:58
                    Earlier, he had been heading for a job request before... whatever happened. And then Denny was suddenly in somewhere in the middle of the Department of Intelligence's maze of cubicles. The only... more
                    • Penny and Gaspard turned...SeaTurtle, Tue Sep 1 20:45
             look at the newcomer. "Oh! Harr-- er, I mean..." Gaspard straightened himself out. "Sir! I'm afraid to said we don't know what's going on. Penny and I," he gestured at himself and at the... more
                      • Hmmm,,, thought Sean...Pippa's Ghost, Wed Sep 2 09:45
                        At least I'm not the only one affected. That's some relief anyway. He wondered if they could try to phone his mobile to get in touch with the person now in his body - possibly this Kyaris. The he... more
                        • "I'm in that idiot's body?!"JulyFlame, Wed Sep 2 11:30
                          Denny massaged his forehead. "Great. Just great." It took skill to be that stupidly destructive. "You know we had to call in help for that one, you guys were that flooded?" He shook his head, and... more
                          • "Just help me to my feet...Pippa's Ghost, Wed Sep 2 12:01
                            ...uh, hooves, whatever they are."
                            • "All right. Let's have a go at it..."SeaTurtle, Wed Sep 2 13:17
                              Penny moved to the hydra's side. "Gaspard, Robbs, come over here. We're all gonna roll Sean over and hope that he can get his legs under control before he ploughs through a couple more cubicles." She ... more
                              • "The cubicles can always get fixed later."JulyFlame, Wed Sep 2 16:02
                                Depending on how bad the damage was, it would probably end up being something BM would have to take care of later, but right now it didn't matter. He went over, shoving hair out of his face, and fell ... more
                                • "Thankss."Pippa's Ghost, Thu Sep 3 04:27
                                  After some pushing and rolling, they managed to get Sean into a position where he could stand up. He still felt a little wobbly, but instinct took over and a couple of his heads grabbed the edge of... more
                                  • "Yes, we should," said Penny.SeaTurtle, Thu Sep 3 23:27
                                    "Though I imagine that the department would be flooded by cases like yours-- not to mention all of the Nurses suddenly body-swapped out of Medical. We can give it a shot." She retrieved her RA from... more
                                    • "Great, I hadn't thought of that." JulyFlame, Fri Sep 4 22:56
                                      "If this is spread through all of HQ there's no telling what's going on. Or being destroyed," he said, automatically resigning himself to the aftermath.
                                      • Sean took a long, deep breathPippa's Ghost, Sat Sep 5 11:24
                               help steady himself before taking his first steps through the portal. When he breathed out, sparks and smoke came from his mouth. Luckily they didn't hit anyone. He glanced down at the heads... more
                                        • Medical was a mess.SeaTurtle, Sun Sep 6 20:38
                                          Agents stumbled around, trying to find out who was who and searching for the nearest shiny object to catch a glimpse of their own reflection. "Well," said Penny as she followed Sean through the... more
                                          • "Good idea." Sean looked around.Pippa's Ghost, Tue Sep 8 10:00
                                            He was still trying to keep the eyes open on only one of his heads at time. (Any more than that, and he quickly found himself getting giddy again.) Stretching that head's neck up as high as it would... more
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