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While Naergondir had chosen to rest in a different room, ...
Mon Aug 31, 2015 19:58

...Gurnirel had elected to lie underneath several of the trees, on a soft bed of moss. She hummed to herself as she lay, smiling faintly up at the leaves and thinking the words of a song written in praise of spring as she hummed. Around her, all was quiet.

Naergondir began to move in the other room, and her smile grew. Perhaps they would have some time before their next quest was assigned to them; time enough to share a drink, or to admire the flowers that had begun to bloom in the far corner--

Naergondir yelped, followed by the sounds of a brief scuffle and a muffled 'thump'. The elleth got to her feet quickly and stayed there, one hand on the trunk of the nearest tree.

"Brother?" she called. "Meldaner, is aught amiss?"


((She is, of course, speaking Quenya. The first word is 'otorno'; I can go try to translate 'is aught amiss' or a near equivalent if you like, but it might well be easier to just write around it for now. Although now I'm half-expecting hS to show up with a translation when I least expect it...


  • [Sunday] Amy woke slowly.the Irish Samurai, Mon Aug 31 19:25
    Relishing in stretching out on her bed (it was too dark for her to see that it wasn't, in fact, her bed). She could've quite happily carried on dozing until Skeet yelled at her to get up, or the... more
    • While Naergondir had chosen to rest in a different room, ... — DawnFire, Mon Aug 31 19:58
      • ((How about now? ^_^))Huinesoron, Thu Sep 3 09:18
        ((I would go with something like this: "Otornonya? Meldaner, nį sillumė hastaina?" I've stuck a possessive pronoun on 'brother', to make 'my brother'. Meldaner I've left untouched - is that 'beloved... more
        • ((And thank you! Always fun to see something like this :D Especially when you wake up to it (as I did on the day when I started writing this). Meldaner is indeed 'beloved man', though I also have it... more
          • ((So: work is boring, Quenya isn't.))Huinesoron, Fri Sep 11 10:22
            ((Here's the entirety of Gurnirel's Quenya speech: Otornonya? Meldaner, nį sillumė hastaina? Meldaner? Nį sillumė tanca? Otorno, nį elyė tanca? Otornonya? Meldaner, mana martėa tyen? I've chosen to... more
      • Amy scrambled into the centre of the bed.the Irish Samurai, Mon Aug 31 20:34
        And jumped again when she heard the voice - it sounded like nonsense, but there was clearly someone else in the next room, and she didn't think it was her partner. She looked around the room in panic ... more
        • It was unlike the ellon not to respond--they had faced enough dangers that he would not fail to reassure her. Moreover he appeared to be alone--perhaps he was dreaming? She hesitated, but only for a... more
          • Amy was listening so intently...the Irish Samurai, Tue Sep 1 09:31
            ... that when she heard the knock she actually forgot to do anything. The door opening did trigger a reaction, however - she made a noise best transcribed as 'Meep!', grabbed at the blanket to either ... more
            • "Brother, are you well?"DawnFire, Wed Sep 2 10:32
              Gurnirel entered the room, frowning at the sight of her partner. He was curled into a ball, and had just fallen over, of all things. Was he ill? Injured? What could possibly have injured him inside... more
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