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the Irish Samurai
((Damn, slight retcon needed))
Mon Aug 31, 2015 21:05

((Skeet would have been approaching the door when he swapped in, and might wonder of he'd hit his head on the doorframe at first.

I think the rest of it still works.

I actually had Alleb's post open in another tab, and then completely failed to refer to it.

Tired Irish is going to sleep now.))

  • [Sunday] Skeet jerked awake.the Irish Samurai, Mon Aug 31 19:09
    Eyes open wide, he stared at the console in front of him. Hmm, must've dozed off. he thought, although he didn't think he'd been sat at the console before. His conscious mind hadn't caught up to the... more
    • ((Damn, slight retcon needed)) — the Irish Samurai, Mon Aug 31 21:05
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