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Cupid let out a long, continuous scream.
Mon Aug 31, 2015 22:31


He writhed on the floor, agony coursing through his new body. Clearly, asking Solvig's partner to help had been a terrible mistake, and he was now paying the price for his short-sightedness. Did Sarah have to experience anything like this when she worked with her?

His vision began blurring around the edges, and his screams turned into something almost like a haggard death-rattle...

(Yeah, he isn't used to this, either... Cupid, you're in waaaaay too deep now XD SOMEONE, STOP HER!!)

  • Yuuna tilted her head puzzled...Edhelistar, Mon Aug 31 22:15
    ...then squatted and grabbed the glass marble-sized crystal with her index and thumb. "I've heard that Kryptonian limits were psychosomatic in nature, but this ridiculous..." She sighed. "You're kind ... more
    • Cupid let out a long, continuous scream. — SkarmorySilver, Mon Aug 31 22:31
      • ...for a few minutes, then she said, "Activate." She stood up, walked to the angel-turned-Kryptonian-girl, took the Kryptonite piece and put it back in its lead-lined box. "The fact that the rock... more
        • Cupid had no choice but to follow.SkarmorySilver, Mon Aug 31 22:55
          But one question began forming in the back of his mind... "...If I'm not possessing Solvig... then why am I in her body?! I don't sense her soul! Remember when Pit possessed Magnus during the whole... more
          • Yuuna stooped and stared at Cupid.Edhelistar, Mon Aug 31 23:12
            "Listen, uh... Cupid, right? That sounds ridiculous," she said, "if you keep talking lke this, next thing you're going say is that that insufferable... Technician, from T&A became a dandelion."
            • Cupid said nothing, but continued walking.SkarmorySilver, Mon Aug 31 23:26
              As they were heading towards the Lichen's office, however, someone came up to them. It was an Asian young man with wild black hair, glasses, and a bulletproof vest over a dark gray, long-sleeved tee. ... more
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