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Cupid said nothing, but continued walking.
Mon Aug 31, 2015 23:26

As they were heading towards the Lichen's office, however, someone came up to them. It was an Asian young man with wild black hair, glasses, and a bulletproof vest over a dark gray, long-sleeved tee.

"Excuse me," he said, "but have you seen anyone who resembles the trainer from Wii Fit around here? White skin, gray hair in a ponytail, blue tank top and dark gray comfy pants."


(A cookie for who normally owns this body, and another for who's inhabiting it now!)

  • Yuuna stooped and stared at Cupid.Edhelistar, Mon Aug 31 23:12
    "Listen, uh... Cupid, right? That sounds ridiculous," she said, "if you keep talking lke this, next thing you're going say is that that insufferable... Technician, from T&A became a dandelion."
    • Cupid said nothing, but continued walking. — SkarmorySilver, Mon Aug 31 23:26
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