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Bonsai Mallorn
The screaming went on for some time.
Tue Sep 1, 2015 02:45

The Bonsai Mallorn was vaguely aware of some kind of sensation on the sides of his 'head', a modulating pressure that transformed into something almost, but not quite, like hearing another's thoughts. It was presumably one of those voices bipeds always talked about.

And... oh dear, he understood it. The transformation must have given him that ability. What happened? he tried to ask, then remembered that his mind wasn't projecting properly.

"Whug." He swivelled his head until he found something that might be the source of the voice - a complex array of lines and planes that couldn't possibly be natural. "Whad. What. What happened to me?"

Matters would probably have gone better had he not been talking to a chair.


((I love that all the Flowers are having totally different, equally bad reactions.

((And yes, the BM is looking at a chair, not at RipSlash.))

  • Ripper slowly opened his eyes.SkarmorySilver, Mon Aug 31 15:23
    All three of them, in fact. Apparently, he had a third eye on his chest, along with some kind of strange growth on his neck that at the same time seemed like an article of clothing, but other than... more
    • The screaming went on for some time. — Bonsai Mallorn, Tue Sep 1 02:45
      • Ripper tried to move his... thingy.SkarmorySilver, Tue Sep 1 08:34
        The appendage attached-and-yet-not-attached to his neck, that is. "I'm just as confused as you are," he said. "It's fortunate that I have gotten used to a human form, both in my homefic and in... more
        • The Mallorn flinched...Bonsai Mallorn, Tue Sep 1 09:07
          ... as something wrapped around one of his upper limbs from behind. He swiveled his head again, and just about managed to distinguish a biped's form from the storm of shapes in that direction. "This... more
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