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Bonsai Mallorn
The Mallorn flinched...
Tue Sep 1, 2015 09:07

... as something wrapped around one of his upper limbs from behind. He swiveled his head again, and just about managed to distinguish a biped's form from the storm of shapes in that direction.

"This is... Rudi's? The watering station?" The Mallorn tried to flutter his leaves, but the closest his new body could come was waggling its manipulatory appendages.

Wait. His new body. And the biped had said a name. "You recognise this form? And you have been changed too? This is some sort of mind-transfer?" He closed his 'eyes' for a moment, blocking out the overwhelming amount of colour data coming through. "I would appreciate some help in getting upright, Agent...?"


((The energy-draining isn't mentioned because the BM doesn't know what it's supposed to feel like. I'm assuming it will make him very wobbly, though?))

  • Ripper tried to move his... thingy.SkarmorySilver, Tue Sep 1 08:34
    The appendage attached-and-yet-not-attached to his neck, that is. "I'm just as confused as you are," he said. "It's fortunate that I have gotten used to a human form, both in my homefic and in... more
    • The Mallorn flinched... — Bonsai Mallorn, Tue Sep 1 09:07
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