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the Irish Samurai
Amy was listening so intently...
Tue Sep 1, 2015 09:31

... that when she heard the knock she actually forgot to do anything.

The door opening did trigger a reaction, however - she made a noise best transcribed as 'Meep!', grabbed at the blanket to either side of her, and pulled it up to form a wall. As hiding places go, it probably wasn't the best, but it was the closest.

She pulled her legs in tight and huddled down, making herself as small as possible, which had the unfortunate side effect of unbalancing her on the soft mattress. Amy toppled over sideways as the door opened fully, getting a brief impression of a tall blonde woman before faceplanting into the soft bedding.

  • It was unlike the ellon not to respond--they had faced enough dangers that he would not fail to reassure her. Moreover he appeared to be alone--perhaps he was dreaming? She hesitated, but only for a... more
    • Amy was listening so intently... — the Irish Samurai, Tue Sep 1 09:31
      • "Brother, are you well?"DawnFire, Wed Sep 2 10:32
        Gurnirel entered the room, frowning at the sight of her partner. He was curled into a ball, and had just fallen over, of all things. Was he ill? Injured? What could possibly have injured him inside... more
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