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The Marquis de Sod soon found out…
Tue Sep 1, 2015 10:11

…that pounding on a soft bed with nice, warm blankets doesn’t make for a terribly effective hissy fit.

Even my mulch isn’t this soft, thought the Sod with a touch of effrontery. Where did such a diminutive human scrounge this up?

As he flexed his ste—his waist and wiggled his toes, he realized that this was even worse than the body of a short human; it was an undeveloped one! A child of no more than six. Through the screams that were quickly becoming his white noise of panic, some part of the Sod realized that it could have been worse. He could have been transformed into a...a...teenager.

Barely had he contemplated such a boundlessly terrible idea when there came the sound of pounding feet and another human—an agent, he recognized vaguely—flung herself toward him with an expression of distress on her face.

“Identify yourself at once, Agent!” he barked out over her trying frantically to calm his struggles. “I don’t know what eldritch forces you were experimenting with, but I have had it up to here—” he realized his newfound hand had gestured in the direction of his belly button and quickly brought it up toward his chin “up to hereOUCH!” –by the Canon, human windpipes were sensitive—“up to here with your tomfoolery!”

  • Poor Marquis.Neshomeh, Mon Aug 31 15:49
    (( Allow me to provide some context. Let us assume that Henry was asleep when this all went down, and that therefore he is at home with his mother... )) Jenni was enjoying her usual morning cup of... more
    • The Marquis de Sod soon found out… — Araeph, Tue Sep 1 10:11
      • It took Jenni some time ...Neshomeh, Tue Sep 1 10:34
        ... to process what she was seeing and hearing. Gradually, as the tirade went on, she assured herself that she was in fact awake, not having some bizarre nightmare, and that Henry was actually... more
        • The Marquis de Sod was equally outraged.Araeph, Tue Sep 1 14:50
          Her kid? Her kid? “Obviously,” he sniffed, “I did not intend for my personality to inhabit this body. This form is far too clumsy—not to mention telepathy blind!” He narrowed his eyes and cleared his ... more
          • "Oh no you don't!"Neshomeh, Thu Sep 3 00:49
            Jenni seized not!Henry by the back of his adorable planets-and-rockets pajamas. Whoever was in there—she hadn't had a moment to stop and think about who it might be—they were pissing her... more
            • Not that he would let on in any way. "Yes ma'am." Er, better try that again. "I mean, I temporarily accede to your wishes in the interests of solving this problem." The Marquis attempted to yank... more
              • Jenni considered a moment before replying.Neshomeh, Thu Sep 3 20:47
                Gradually, the haze of terror and anger faded from her mind enough that she was able to process some of what the nameless Flower had said so far. None of it was comforting. "I think," she said... more
                • Failing that, he thought loudly inside his head. Henry. Henry, are you there? Silence. As he expected. The Marquis sighed internally. He didn't really think it would work, anyway. "I'm quite certain... more
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