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Sergio Turbo
[Obviously paging July as Katie's here according to the list (nm
Tue Sep 1, 2015 11:03

  • [Sunday] Just a techie tinkering here.Sergio Turbo, Mon Aug 31 10:02
    Corolla kept tinkering with the surplus D.O.R.K.S. she had managed to claim for herself, attempting to build another Magic-Optical Obfuscation Outfitter. So far, with no success. There was no such... more
    • She had been feeding her gators, right before she felt a strange sensation flow through her mind. Now she wasn't in her RC at all and was staring at a strange- but very well built looking- guy. Okay... more
      • "Vania?"doctorlit, Wed Sep 2 10:11
        His partner looked like she was in pain, but in a blink, there was no more Vania. There was only alligators. Doc made a noise roughly approximate to "Brrzhweeyah!" as he threw himself backwards,... more
        • The alligators...JulyFlame, Wed Sep 2 11:21
          Were watching their owner expectantly until the steak was thrown- they had already been fed some, but the t-bone was a treat. And then they fell upon it with snapping teeth like the cold blooded and... more
          • Doc scrambled for the closest door he could find, keeping well clear of the crocodilians. He found himself out in HQ's hallways, and slammed the door closed behind him. He glanced up and down the... more
      • Corolla rubbed her (actually, not wuite hers) head.Sergio Turbo, Tue Sep 1 14:37
        "Weeeelll... I was working on a D.O.R.K.S. and I suddenly am out of DoSAT and into a body much different than my own, and in fact a lot bigger." Corolla somehow managed to get up and support herself... more
        • "Sure!"JulyFlame, Tue Sep 1 14:44
          Cray grinned widely. "I know where it is, but I don't go in. I'm barred from entering. For whatever reason they don't allow pets." Because to Cray, her alligators counted as completely ordinary ones. ... more
          • Corolla gave Katie a quizzical stare.Sergio Turbo, Wed Sep 2 08:59
            "Uh... Wait, why you were checking your hair?... Don't tell me, you got affected too. That's it, the M.O.O.O protype number 2 is going to the bin as soon as I get back to my table."
            • "Yuuup."JulyFlame, Wed Sep 2 11:16
              She poked the flashpatch on her shoulder, and then Corolla's. "I'm in Bad Het. Been trying to get into DAVD for years though!" She sounded overly cheerful over the fact.
              • Corolla let out a short laugh.Sergio Turbo, Wed Sep 2 13:01
                "Well, as I said I'm a DoSAT techie, but I've been in SpecOps for some time. Let's just say that after the Blank Sprite Incident the Flowers don't quite like having me on the field anymore." The... more
                • Cray looped her arm around Corolla's.JulyFlame, Wed Sep 2 13:53
                  "Oh man, that would be so weird. Not sure I'd wanna stick around and see that!" She paused though. "You sure it was your thing that did it?" As soon as the thought was spoken though, she shrugged it... more
                  • Corolla rubbed her chin in thought.Sergio Turbo, Wed Sep 2 14:49
                    "Now that you mention it, since the D.O.R.K.S. I modified isn't with me right now, we should theoretically be out of range for its disguise effect to... well, have effect." Corolla continued thinking ... more
                    • "See..."JulyFlame, Wed Sep 2 17:25
                      Cray began, going along happily with being dragged. "I have no idea what you just said at all, I'm just going to acknowledge the fact you said it. The thing went made everything go weird, including... more
                      • ((If they go get to DoSAT...))Pippa's Ghost on an internet oblong, Thu Sep 3 08:08
                        ((...someone might recognise Sean's body as that man with that crazy idea about viruses .))
    • [Obviously paging July as Katie's here according to the list (nm — Sergio Turbo, Tue Sep 1 11:03
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