"Hey, that's my gimmick!"
Tue Sep 1, 2015 11:50

Kayleigh folded her arms and glowered at Salamander's - evil, she was now sure - twin. "Glower. I'm the one who narrates my actions. Now tell me what you've done with my partner before I come over there and smash your head in." She shifted her mace to the other hand, and added, "But nicely. You know."

  • "No. This is not an emerg-ency."The Sunflower Official, Tue Sep 1 11:47
    ((Oh, no, this is fine.)) The agent's comment about DAVD had solidified her identity; the Big Thorn had complained about her and her thorough belief that DAVD was at fault for everything before. "You ... more
    • "Hey, that's my gimmick!" — Huinesoron, Tue Sep 1 11:50
      • "I didn't do anything to him."The Sunflower Official, Tue Sep 1 12:02
        If nothing else, dealing with her was improving his ability to speak through a mouth. "If he is in my body, this is the simplest way to learn." There was a bit of a pause as he carefully stepped... more
        • "Hmm."Huinesoron, Wed Sep 2 08:18
          "Hmmm. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm- " Kayleigh took a deep breath. "-mmmmmmmmmm M ! Yeah, all right." She skipped across the room and bent over the console. "To: Sal's Evil Twin. Subject: Hi, Sal, Are You... more
          • "Delete that."The Sunflower Official, Wed Sep 2 11:02
            "I am not your partner's evil twin." He was going to have to cajole her every step of the way, wasn't he? "Send it to the Sunflower Official's" -he was pleased he successfully said it without... more
            • "Whoa. Wait. Hold on just a minute."Huinesoron, Wed Sep 2 11:05
              Kayleigh fell silent, counting the seconds. One... two... three... four... five... six... seven... eight... nine... ten... eleven... twelve... thirteen... fourteen... fifteen... sixteen... sev- "No,... more
              • At least she caught on.The Sunflower Official, Wed Sep 2 11:12
                Sarcasm, which usually worked on agents (who were usually being sarcastic themselves) wasn't going to do here with this particular agent. "Yes, agent. Which is why you need to send that message."
                • "Whoa."Huinesoron, Wed Sep 2 11:32
                  Kayleigh paused, blinking rapidly. "Ow. Um, where was I? Oh, right - whoa. " She walked around Salamander, studying him. "So... what are you doing in Sal's body? Are you trying to find out what life... more
                  • "You are not getting Agent Luxury."The Sunflower Official, Wed Sep 2 11:44
                    He shuddered at the thought. When she has first joined, Agent Luxury had shown no compunction against displaying her particular methods of affection to even the Flowers. Fortunately the main victim... more
                    • "... I thought we were trying..."Huinesoron, Thu Sep 3 09:27
                      "... to find out where Sal's ended up?" Kayleigh gave the Sunflower Official a serious look. "You really need to focus better on the task in hand, Mr Salamander Official." ~ ((Kayleigh has no concept ... more
                      • "Have you sent that message yet?"The Sunflower Official, Thu Sep 3 10:09
                        "Because if you haven't, then you are the one not trying to find where your partner is." Clearly he was going to have to handle this situation one part at a time as long as he dealt with her. ((Have... more
                        • "Message, message, massage... no, message..."Huinesoron, Thu Sep 3 11:09
                          Kayleigh snapped her fingers. "Snaps fingers! Message! I'm right on it!" Bending over the console, she muttered as she typed. "To: Sunflower Official. Subject: Hi, Sal, are you there? The SO's in... more
                          • ((Kayleigh? Of course not.))The Sunflower Official, Thu Sep 3 13:13
                            "That will have to do for now." Hopefully this was an isolated incident.
                            • Ding!PoorCynic, Thu Sep 3 15:49
                              A new message popped open on the console. ~ ~ ~ To: Agent Kayleigh [macespace.console25-09ish.rc145.DBS] From: The Sunflower Official [sunflowerofficial.console.112358he132134an5589.rcA.DMS] Subject: ... more
                              • Kayleigh read the message out to the SO.Huinesoron, Fri Sep 4 06:07
                                Of course, being Kayleigh, she read it out in her most dramatic voice. "No doubt this will make - gasp! - the Sunflower Official - dun-dun-DUNNN! - upset, if - da-dum, da-DUM - he is indeed present... more
                                • The SO managed a greatly disaffected look. The Sunflower Official, Fri Sep 4 13:10
                                  "I said we were going to find out. Since your partner is not in my body, it means this is a larger problem." As for the demonstration of proof, that would be simple. "If they insist on having proof,... more
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