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The Marquis de Sod was equally outraged.
Tue Sep 1, 2015 14:50

Her kid? Her kid?

“Obviously,” he sniffed, “I did not intend for my personality to inhabit this body. This form is far too clumsy—not to mention telepathy blind!” He narrowed his eyes and cleared his throat, now a little too hoarse from screaming. “But it is obvious what you have been up to. Flouting child labor restrictions to enlist an illicit, single-digit agent to assist you in the field!”

The agent facing him—he recalled her face from a profile, but her name continued to elude him—emitted a series of incensed and flabbergasted sounds of denial.

“So, you admit it!" crowed the Flower. "I can see my department has its work cut out for it. Regulations clearly state that only PPC personnel and minis are to inhabit agent response centers." He raised a hand, carefully curled four fingers against his palm (I'm really starting to adapt to this! How dreadful.), and gestured toward himself with his thumb. "He is not PPC Personnel, madam. Your helper, intern, minion, indentured servant, or kidnapee—whoever he is—must go. As will I, as soon as I can get these blasted legs to cooperate."

Cautiously, the Marquis de Sod stood up, slipped a little on the floor, righted himself, and began marching away.

  • It took Jenni some time ...Neshomeh, Tue Sep 1 10:34
    ... to process what she was seeing and hearing. Gradually, as the tirade went on, she assured herself that she was in fact awake, not having some bizarre nightmare, and that Henry was actually... more
    • The Marquis de Sod was equally outraged. — Araeph, Tue Sep 1 14:50
      • "Oh no you don't!"Neshomeh, Thu Sep 3 00:49
        Jenni seized not!Henry by the back of his adorable planets-and-rockets pajamas. Whoever was in there—she hadn't had a moment to stop and think about who it might be—they were pissing her... more
        • Not that he would let on in any way. "Yes ma'am." Er, better try that again. "I mean, I temporarily accede to your wishes in the interests of solving this problem." The Marquis attempted to yank... more
          • Jenni considered a moment before replying.Neshomeh, Thu Sep 3 20:47
            Gradually, the haze of terror and anger faded from her mind enough that she was able to process some of what the nameless Flower had said so far. None of it was comforting. "I think," she said... more
            • Failing that, he thought loudly inside his head. Henry. Henry, are you there? Silence. As he expected. The Marquis sighed internally. He didn't really think it would work, anyway. "I'm quite certain... more
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